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[The Event Reference] 2016-05-07: Invoking the “I AM” presence of ‘Popeye the Sailor Man’

Please see below a message from Nova Biscotti, which asks for any donations to help lightworkers and their projects to make the Event happens more quickly.

Please email him at newagebiscuit@gmail.com with “Event Reference Donations” in the Subject.


Like the cartoon character ‘Popeye’, I am a benevolent curmudgeon.  Interestingly, I was unaware of his “spinach-drive” spaceship when I started writing this post (tachyon-based propulsion vs. spinach… hmmm), but could not find any references other than a sentence in the link below:
Despite being animated (or so we’re led to believe! smiley face text insert), he represents the perfect icon for this post.  While most of the cartoon episodes are comfortably G-rated, one can easily imagine him reeling off a string of curse words while somehow defying the known laws of physics to once again save the day.
Strength is Popeye’s least interesting quality: he’s short, awkward-looking, uncouth, simultaneously exhibits a ‘take-no-prisoners’ sensibility with a bizarre sense of altruistic chivalry, and (arguably) presents a subtly deep self-awareness with his famous saying…
“I AM what I AM and that’s all that I AM.”
…or one can attribute it to him just being lazy regarding introspection.  Take your pick! Grumpy Cat No
(Can we just get to the point already?  We got things to do… and stuff.)
I like to juxtapose my oddball sense-of-humor with serious or uncomfortable subjects.  Well, the real subject matter of this article represents both of those qualities, and the notoriously surly “Popeye” serves as a great intro…
I hate almost everything about money in the ‘3D’ sense.  Foremost, I don’t like how people behave in regards to it.  I also don’t like the fact that so many good-natured hard-working people barely have enough to live comfortably.  This last statement just covers people in Europe & North America whom I have been working with for the last two years.  Elsewhere in the world… I simply don’t have the words to adequately describe my distaste for the inequity created by the modern economic system, and the words that do come to mind would embarrass the saltiest of sailors.
A major reason for my infuriation – indeed why I myself am working to make the EVENT happen more quickly – is because I am very passionate about trying to help people who would be best categorized as ‘lightworkers’ and ‘lightwarriors’.  This (com)passion quickly and often leads into frustration which – let’s just say more problems get created than solved when good intentions are presented with a bad attitude.
Bosco %22Bad Attitude%22 Baracus
There are many hard-working individuals who deserve better – people who could do so much more good for the world if they simply had access to greater monetary resources and didn’t have to spend as much time working a job to support themselves or others.
I’ve spent a lot of my own money trying to help these people over the past years – well over 100% of my ‘disposable’ income, which means I’m borrowing to help others.  I think it’s worth it.  I don’t save for retirement because I see the current financial system as a Ponzi Scheme about to collapse.  I don’t like the idea of my retirement savings being confiscated to prop up this dying system or to be replaced ‘sleight-of-hand’ with worthless Federal Reserve Notes.  Given the choice, I’ve made “The EVENT” my retirement strategy, and I believe in it strongly enough that I am willing to borrow money (my ‘short position’ in investment-speak) so I can invest it in the people who are truly laying the groundwork for the coming “Golden Age” (my ‘long position’).
Admittedly, there is only so much one individual can borrow before creating huge personal problems within the context of our INCREDIBLY F$%#ED UP global financial system of indentured servitude.  I’ve managed to squeeze just about every dollar possible from my credit lines to help lightworkers, to support gridwork missions, to help with various cintamani-related projects… but there is still so much more that needs to be done, and until the EVENT happens none of us will have access to funds from the Saint Germaine Trust.
God pressing reset button on Earth
For this reason, I’m solemnly asking people to pitch in what they can afford to assist with supporting various projects and the persons doing them.  The “Event Reference” website has the capability to accept donations via Credit Card, PayPal & BitCoin (see the right sidebar).  Depending on who ultimately gets the money, we ‘may’ be able to share whom and what the money went toward.  People have the right of privacy regarding their respective missions – and sometimes that is necessary for safety & security until a mission is completed.
It is impossible for me to overemphasize how much I truly and utterly despise asking people for money.  But I do promise is that none of this money comes back to me.  Zip.  It all goes to people working hard to prepare for the EVENT.
I find it to be the bitterest of ironies that those working hardest toward the EVENT so badly need money in the present… all so we can ultimately have the future of a moneyless society. That’s the reality within which we currently live – but the time is coming when that will no longer be an obstacle toward making the world a better place.
Hopefully my words can persuade “You the Readers” to help monetarily.  I know many people who would be appreciative of these efforts – not just me.  If you wish to email me at newagebiscuit@gmail.com (put “Event Reference Donations” in the Subject), I can answer more specific questions about where any donations would go… as long as they are respectful of various individuals’ privacy.  I can also have others vouch for my integrity and honesty on this matter if absolutely necessary.  Though I would prefer to not to go that route since it is time-consuming, I am being 100% sincere about it all being used to help lightworkers and their projects and will go to reasonable lengths to demonstrate the legitimacy of my claims.
We are very, very close to the EVENT.  I feel a genuine resurgence of interest and enthusiasm in the online community – it’s not quite where it was in 2012, but what is different this time is that there is unwavering determination on the part of many individuals to not give up until we finally get the reality we all need and deserve.  Those individuals – unlike Popeye – are real-life heroes. These are women and men who sacrifice their own financial security daily for the sole purpose of bringing that reality closer to manifesting.
Do You Want to Save Planet Earth?
Give what you can, and I promise to do the best job I possibly can in getting this money to the right people and projects so the EVENT can happen quickly and peacefully.
I may represent the archetype of a ‘salty sailor’, but others tell me that my heart is in the right place.  I hope enough of you agree to join me in helping those who deserve it.

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