Sunday, May 22, 2016

[Gaia Portal] 2016-05-22: Master unveilings crowd the aethers, as Gaia releases

Here is another very encouraging message from Gaia Portal this morning.

The word 'aethers' have the meaning of 'the upper regions of the atmosphere; clear sky or heaven' in ancient Greek. Here I would say it means the spaceships of the positive forces around the Earth which are cloaked previously.

The third sentence of the message seems to be talking about the Congo Vortex Liberation being carried out by a number of Lightworkers.

I will use this opportunity to ask people to participate in our daily meditation and help with the Congo mission.

My interpretation of the message is that:

- As the Earth is about to be liberated, the spaceships of the positive forces will be revealed to the public.

- Revolution can be seen in the Inner Earth and the surface population.

- A number of people come into help as the Lightworkers doing the Congo Vortex Liberation are hitting obstacles.

- Different benevolent ET races are gathering around the Earth to observe the final breakthrough.


Master unveilings crowd the aethers, as Gaia releases.

Fomentings are observed within and without.

Zambics come in the rescue mode, as the living Light is curled.

Friends of the planet are gathered for the show.

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