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[Prepare for Change] 2016-05-06: The Taking Down of the Chimera the Root of All Evil

Below is an excellent summary of the progress that has been made in liberating the Earth from the Dark Forces, written by Therese Zumi.


I would like to make a claim that it is impossible to have an understanding of the bigger picture regarding what is taking place in our liberation process unless you have followed the ongoing updates from Cobra regarding the so called Chimera group. This group is the darkest representation of the core evil anomaly that controls humanity and that has to be and that isbeing eliminated so that this planet can soon be free. Cobra has said on several occasions,” After they have been removed, The Event will be fully activated.”
When it’s all over soon, when our liberation is a fact of reality clear for everyone to see on this now 4th to 5th dimensionally vibrating planet (3D is long gone!) many are going to ponder over “how on earth could this happen”. It’s my hope with this article to try to convey a brief overview of some of the process which has taken place so far to remove the darkness from this planet.
For much longer than can possibly be remembered something has been very wrong on this planet. There have always been many wonderful loving caring souls living on this planet and spending their lives with only a desire to share the living space and beauty and abundance of Gaia with their fellow human beings in harmony. Many of these strong, adaptable and upright men and women, have had, despite their best intentions, their most beautiful plans for abundance and peace and harmony for the many, prevented and stifled time and time again by some dark unknown force. This dark unknown entity/force has continually found a way to interfere and disrupt harmony and divide and conquer the growth of something beautiful. Very few have discovered the real truth about these sad evil beings and how they have continually managed to divide people, create wars and in this way continue to rule from behind the scenes.
Finally, however we have learned who these beings are. Finally, we have been able to gain insight into the complexity of the situation that has existed on this planet for so long. Not only do we now know who they are but we are being assisted by the Galactic Confederation, by the allied Light Forces, by the Co. of Heaven, by the Agarthan Network, by the Resistance Movement freedom fighters mainly below surface, by all of these groups working side by side with the surface Positive Military (on all continents) and various Dragon groups to remove the power of these beings from this planet and this solar system once and for all. Could these groups do this work without cooperation and support of Gaia’s Lightworkers? The answer is simply no – no way.
Many readers of this article will have been following the updates regarding the removal of the Chimera through the messages from the Resistance Movement via Cobra. The aim of this article is to give the newer unfamiliar reader an opportunity to have an overview of who these beings are, how they have controlled us and how the Light Forces are working in tandem to remove them from their place of power. As we have already had such amazing success in this process a detailed article would be way too long so I shall be providing a list of some of the major successes on our way towards Victory of the Light and giving links to further reading.
We have been informed now over several years’ time how various ET groups have been assimilated into the Galactic Confederation. Some of these ET groups have earlier been viewed as enemies of humanity due to their strange and sometimes inconsiderate and misunderstood behavior. There are now no negative ET groups of any kind flying around in ships and visiting this solar system or hiding in any underground bases except for the negative ET’s i.e. the archons (and their hybrid minions the Draconians and Reptilians) that have been running events on this planet for 25,000 years. The incarnated archons in humanoid bodies have only been in small numbers compared to the archons in control of our situation on the etheric and astral planes.
The very first time that Cobra introduced us to this Chimera group was on April 8th 2014; He said There is a very secret negative group, codenamed Chimera, within the Negative Military which has come from Orion and has infiltrated militaries of all major nations during and after the Congo Archon invasion in 1996. This group secretly controls the vast majority of military bases around the world, many of those bases belonging to the US military:” to learn a lot more details about this group and the secret agreements that they have enforced upon leaders of all national militaries worldwide to suppress and erase all traces of benevolent extraterrestrial contact” then you can go to this link:
On July 7th 2014 when Cobra released more facts about the Chimera group he began with the warning Parts of this intel may seem unbelievable for some people, but truth is stranger than fiction. This group includes the leaders of the dark forces from the Andromeda galaxy. They came to Earth in humanoid physical bodies 25,000 years ago and quarantined the planet. They have built a scalar electromagnetic fence around the Earth (the Veil), effectively preventing positive ET contact and thus isolating humanity. Then they constructed a vast network of subterranean cities, using Draconians as slave handlers and Reptilians as slaves and controlled the human population on the surface of the planet from there. 
Their main strongholds at that time were under Africa, China and Tibet…….
The Chimera group had their own network of underground bases until they were recently (springtime of 2014) cleared out by the Resistance. These bases were connected with a high speed train system. To clarify the situation, until recently there were three underground train systems: the one connecting deep underground military bases of the Negative Military, the one connecting the Chimera bases and the one connecting the Resistance bases. The Resistance train system was the one I have seen back in 1977. The existence of the underground train system of the Negative Military has been leaked to the surface population through this RAND document:
Now only the underground train system of the Resistance is fully operational. The Chimera group is (was) mostly contained in the uppermost underground sections of the surface military bases, closer than 100 feet (30 meters) to the surface.
Their main current strongholds, through which they control the surface of the planet, are:
*Borgo Santo Spirito, Rome, Italy
*Aviano NATO base, Italy
*A certain classified location, Central Europe
*Another classified location, Central Europe
*Ramstein NATO base, Germany
*Fairford RAF base, UK
*Montauk, NY
*Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
*Sandia / Los Alamos, NM
*White Sands / Area 6413, UT
*Nellis AFB / Area 51, NV
*Edwards AFB, CA
Each of those locations has their own strangelet bomb on its territory. Those strangelet bombs are (were) quite dangerous and they are the main reason why the Positive Military is not yet making their move for the Event:

More About the Chimera

If you desire at this point to know a lot more details about this Chimera group then you can visit the following link where you will find details about 1) their connection to Nazi Germany: 2) their creation of a planetary network of plasma scalar devices: 3) How the Black Stone is the center of the primary cosmic anomaly of darkness and is far more dangerous than the strangelet bomb, as top quarks are much heavier than strange quarks: 4) How the Chimera group has hijacked the global financial system from the hands of the central bankers in the last decade: 5) How the Resistance were able to siphon off about 70 trillion dollars away from the black funds of the Cabal. (to be later returned to humanity after The Event) 6) How the Chimera group is (has been) the driving force behind the breakaway civilization, manipulating it to help maintaining the quarantine status of planet Earth. 7) How the Chimera (the force behind the technologically advanced negative military, focused on maintaining the quarantine Earth status) and the Archons (black nobility families behind the Jesuits, focused on keeping humanity as religion-programmed slaves in reincarnation cycle) are still at the top of the food chain. The Rothschild faction (Zionist controllers of the mass media and accountants of the global financial system) and the Illuminazi faction (Paperclip-imported crime syndicate) are their subordinates.
“All this structure will fall apart when the exotic weapons of the Chimera group are removed and therefore their mechanisms of planetary control dissolved.
This is the main condition for the Event to happen.” 
NB: This info related above here is taken from updates from the Autumn of 2014 so that you can have a greater appreciation for the amazing progress on many levels that has taken place since then.

Removal of the Chimera Progress List since August 2014

Cobra has been providing us with regular progress reports about the removal of the Chimera group since Aug/Sep 2014. Each report contains all kinds of updating about cabal activity and the ongoing work to defeat them. I have chosen mainly to provide details here about the Chimera group but other related details of importance pertaining to our liberation are also added in some cases. Each date below has the direct link to the original update with many more details.
8th September 2014
Most of Chimera (12 bases listed above) entry/exit locations have been cleared, with two remaining Chimera strongholds being Long Island and a classified central European location. 
Although the Black Nobility Archons keep losing power daily, their Jesuit minions keep infiltrating the Eastern Alliance and the Dragons, hoping to create a new world war between the East and the West. Their plans will not be successful, as key people within the Eastern Alliance and the Dragon groups are well aware of the infiltration. 
We learn about the banking institution where the central server of the financial system is located and (that) the Reset will be triggered from there.
 16th September 2014
The Chimera have been removed from the European location.
Long Island remains to be their main stronghold, as they need a particle accelerator (RHIC) nearby to maintain their exotic quark weapons machinery.  
The scalar UFO detection grid covers the whole surface of the planet and is being powered from Long Island………this is the real reason why the positive extraterrestrials do not intervene directly and they will not do so until that danger is completely removed.
……………You need to know that Jesuits were infiltrating China since the 16th century and they have a vast network there. Regardless, the top people within the Dragons and the Eastern Alliance are fully aware of the Jesuit manipulations and will NOT allow their positive plans to be misused. 
7th October 2014
Clearing of the Chimera group continues. Their Long Island fortress cannot be removed so easily because it is tied to the plasma scalar network which forms the backbone of the Veil, extending to the altitude of up to 8.6 miles above the surface. This is precisely the point where the Chimera and the Archons are joining forces to defend their quarantine Earth.
To really explain what is going on, we will have to deal with very deep occult knowledge that might be beyond science fiction for some people. ………(see link)

…………The Islamic State, a Jesuit creation, is having a lot of attention in the mass media. One purpose of the Archons and their Jesuit puppets in their occult war against the people is to associate the name of Goddess Isis with their dark creation in the minds of the masses. Therefore, I would suggest all alternative media stop using the name ISIS for the Islamic State, but rater use ISIL or Islamic State instead.
2nd November 2014
We are using the Violet Flame to clear Long Island
 You can also participate in a meditation to clear Long Island, taking place at 3 am, 11 am and 7 pm GMT daily, whenever it is convenient for you (the link only works if you are signed into your facebook account):
If you prefer not to use facebook, you can simply visualize violet flame purifying Long Island:
December 23, 2014
Few days before the activation, (of the opening of the IS:IS portal) the Light forces have managed to remove vast proportions of the Chimera scalar plasma grid. This is a very significant achievement, since this is the very first time since the 1996 Archon invasion that any kind of victory over plasma scalar technologies on the surface of this planet has been achieved. The scalar energy attacks on us are now expected to slowly wane out.
This means that we are now entering the Breakthrough phase. We are no longer resisting the status quo; we are making push for the final victory. The Light forces have communicated that it is very important for everyone to start visualizing our lives after the Event as our visualization and intent speeds its manifestation. They have also communicated that it is time to start practicing unconditional forgiveness towards ourselves and others. There is no more time to dwell on the past, it is time to create the future and live in the Now…….
Various factions of the Cabal are beginning to realize that the end is near. Due to the increasing power of the Light forces, the Jesuits and the Rothschilds have been forced to sacrifice the Illuminazi faction to ensure their own survival. This is the reason they are throwing the Illuminazi under the bus in Rothschild-controlled mass media:
Therefore we might see arrests of the main Illuminazi leaders such as Cheney, Rumsfeld, the Bushes, the Rockefellers and Kissinger very soon, even before the Event:  The Rothschilds and the Jesuits are planning to allow that to happen, present themselves to the masses as the good guys, manipulate the Eastern Alliance networks and their financial institutions from behind the scenes, hijack the financial reset and to remain the globalist controllers of humanity. Their plan will not be successful as the Light forces are aware of it and will never allow its fruition, as they have their own plans to counteract that, with mass arrests of the Rothschilds and the Jesuits at the Event.    The Breakthrough is near!
Posted by 
Cobra at 9:33 AM
16th January 2015
Since the initialization of the Breakthrough phase after the opening of the IS:IS portal in December, the Eastern Alliance is speeding up their plans to build an alternative financial structure to the petrodollar system which was the principal life support system for Chimera group to maintain the quarantine status of planet Earth, utilizing Negative Military as their main operating tool………….
the Alliance is rapidly building the new financial infrastructure to be ready when the Event comes:
January 29, 2015
During the conference (Taiwan Cobra conf.), we took important physical and energetic steps towards the financial Reset and a new fair and balanced financial system.  
During the same weekend, ALL physical strangelet and toplet bombs of the Chimera group have been cleared. Only plasma strangelet and toplet bombs are now remaining. Plasma plane remains the main strong area of the Chimera group and this needs to be taken care of before the Event happens. We will deal with the plasma situation in detail in one of near future blog posts. 
As a result of the cleared physical bombs, there was great relief among the Light forces and a lot of intel that was previously classified has now become safe to be released.

No Way of Escape Beyond This Solar System for the Chimera

There is a fleet of motherships of the Galactic Confederation positioned just outside of our solar system and this fleet presents a barrier through which no space vehicle of the Chimera group can escape. The unholy four were secretly hoping that Chimera would provide them with the escape route beyond this solar system towards Barnard’s Star just before the mass arrests, as this was the promise the Chimera gave to those top cabalists.
It is true that Chimera controls a few fragments of the once powerful physical Draconian and Reptilian fleet, scattered and hiding on some minor asteroids in the main asteroid belt and in the Kuiper belt. This information was top secret until now because the Reptilians were threatening to retaliate to a relatively small number of human hostages that they still hold captured on those asteroids. This weekend, the Light forces of the Ashtar Command, the Pleiadian Fleet, the Sirian Fleet and the Resistance Movement have begun an operation to clear the entire solar system completely.   
Until recently there were also fragments of the Draco/Reptilian fleet, hiding in asteroid belts of Barnard’s Star and star named Wolf 359. All those fleet fragments have already been cleared out completely. 
It is also true that Chimera controls a system of subterranean strongholds, with Long Island being their only major access point to the surface. These subterranean strongholds of the Chimera are totally unrelated to DUMBs (deep underground military bases). All DUMBs have been cleared already and Negative Military and the Cabal has no access to Chimera strongholds, so they are stranded on the surface.  
You need to understand that people involved in the secret space program / breakaway civilization did not have access to the Chimera locations inside our solar system and under the surface of our planet and were mostly even not aware of their existence. 
This intel was classified until now as Chimera still has human hostages in those underground places and scattered on some locations in our solar system (NOT Moon and Mars) and liberation of those hostages must be carried out with utmost care.  
Those locations are the places where the scalar plasma grid technology is operated from. 
More intel will follow when it will be safe to release it. 
Posted by Cobra at 3:21 PM Jan 29th 2015
31st March 2015
Extract from The Alliance Fleet
After the successful removal of all physical strangelet and toplet bombs in late January this year, an operation for the final liberation of our Solar System (codenamed MOSS) has been initialized”
After the successful opening of the IS:IS portal on December 15th last year, which has completed the triangulation of darkness for the Local cluster of galaxies, the Central Civilization has positioned larger spherical midway stations (some of them up to 30,000 miles in diameter) at the heliopause and repositioned many smaller, Moon sized ones inside the Solar System.
Origins Different Races
Planet Earth is still the focus of the proxy war between many extraterrestrial races. Representatives of many races have entered the quarantine many lifetimes ago and they kept fighting. On the Light side, most of the Lightworkers have come from Pleiades and Sirius. Many Lightwarriors originate from Antares and Arcturus. Most representatives of the Dragon families originate from the positive faction of the Draconian race. Many members of the Resistance Movement and Positive Military have Andromedan origin. On the dark side, the Rothschilds come from Orion. The Rockefeller/Bush/Illuminazi faction comes from the negative faction of the Draconian race. Islamic State and Blackwater/Xe/Academi mercenaries have Reptilian origin. The Jesuits and Black Nobility families come from the negative Andromedan faction.
All ships of the Light forces inside of our Solar System……..
The smaller ships belong to the Ashtar Command, the Jupiter Command and Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan, Arcturian and Resistance fleets. The larger spheric biosatellites belong to the Central Civilization. 
CH Sphere
The Central Civilization is an ancient race…….
There is a special division of the Galactic Confederation which is called the Ashtar Command. The purpose of the Ashtar Command is the liberation of this planet. Another important division is called the Jupiter Command……
As we are now in the Breakthrough phase, the purpose of the Alliance (another word for the allied Light forces) is to continue with the final offensive to completely liberate Sector 3. Sector 3 is the deep intel codename for the Solar System.
The Alliance extraterrestrial forces are the master force behind the BRICS/Eastern Alliance on the surface of this planet.  
After the completion of MOSS (Multidimensional Operations Solar System) and subsequent Sublunar Operations, the Event will follow. 
There is no doubt that I should encourage you to read this entire fascinating update as only small sections have been provided here to wet your appetite:


2nd June 2015
The most critical part of the Breakthrough operations for our Solar System was taking place between May 28th and June 2nd and is now complete.
implant stations on Iapetus, Enceladus and Mimas, have now been removed
implant stations on Iapetus, Enceladus and Mimas, have now been removed
The vast majority of Chimera bases and implant stations, including implant stations on Iapetus, Enceladus and Mimas {photograph}, have now been removed. All hostages from those colonies have been set free. The only Chimera bases and implant stations in our Solar System now remaining are mostly located on selected asteroids (many of them Near Earth Objects – NEOs), and they are those directly controlling planet Earth and its population. They will be dealt with at a later stage of MOSS.
The main negative plasma meridian in our Solar System (the Saturn-Earth tunnel of Set) has been disintegrated.
Recent removal of Chimera implant stations at L4 and L5 Lagrange points of the Earth / Moon systems is a big victory. Proposal to build a space colony at the Lagrange points is decades old:
To read more from this exciting full packed update go here:

The Galactic Confederation MOSS OPS continue and today the 14th of July 2015 SUBLUNAR OPERATIONS BEGIN – CLOSER AND CLOSER to Victory we move!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015
……Sublunar space was always a region of intense Chimera activity, as it is the last line of defense before the planetary surface.There are many man-made satellites orbiting the Earth, and some of them double as Chimera plasma strangelet bomb implant stations:………….
Sublunar operations will remove all Chimera presence, their implant stations and all plasma strangelet and toplet bombs from sublunar space. All parts of man-made satellites, directly related to Chimera operations (such as ion-plasma chambers, some high definition spy cameras, etc.) will soon become dysfunctional. To continue….
Thursday, August 6 2015 ~ 2015 Sublunar Operations
Sublunar operations continue. Most of the plasma generators and plasma strangelet bombs on man-made satellites have been disabled, including those on the thirteen NROL-39 »octopus« satellites:
To continue reading;
Planetary Situation Update
Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The majority of sublunar operations have been completed, the focus is now clearing the Chimera group and their plasma exotic technologies from the surface of the planet. 
One of those technologies are miniature plasma chambers, put into most of cell phones, personal computers and wi-fi routers since a few years ago. The function of those plasma chambers is to reinforce the Veil and they will be removed soon….To continue;
September 13th 2015
Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Chimera still has a very small number of key Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans and representatives of other Light star races held as hostages deep inside their strongholds at implant stations throughout the Solar System. This hostage mechanism is a very effective tool to hold back the aforementioned star races in their progress towards the liberation of this planet.
Many of those hostages have been liberated during the operations of the Light forces in the last few weeks and the remainder is expected to be liberated very soon………
………. Archons are still attempting to suppress the Samarra goddess vortex in Syria/Iraq area by using Islamic State mercenaries to destroy Palmyra, a beautiful Roman city in Syria:
Many of those mercenaries are now being infiltrated into Europe hidden inside waves of refugees and are actually reptilians in cloned humanoid bodies who came on Earth during Archon invasion in 1996. The plan of the Archons is to repeat what was happening with Roman empire in the 4th century with waves of invaders destroying Roman civilization:
Their plan will NOT be successful this time. To Continue:
November 30, 2015  ~  Event Meditation Report
Our Event Meditation was a huge success and we were very close to reaching the critical mass.
Dragon sources have communicated that positive timeline has been deeply stabilized and the Resistance has communicated that one huge layer of strangelet and toplet bombs has been removed.
Since the meditation, there are intense negotiations taking place behind the scenes for full Disclosure and for complete and unconditional surrender of all Cabal factions, including the Chimera……To continue
The next news we received created some concern – so many chimera bases in the ‘kuiper belt’ – but hardly two weeks later we learned that these bases are already taken over by the light forces. First on Dec 13th 2015 we learn the following;
Dec 13th 2015   ~  Solar System / Planetary Situation Update
Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The main problem remaining are implants of theCabal members, connected with Tunnels of Set to Yaldabaoth plasma accretion vortex which extends throughout the Solar system, tied to plasma strangelet and toplet bombs. Implants of the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors are connected to the implants of the Cabal members with Tunnels of Set and this hinders their spiritual progress, but at the same time accelerates the clearing of the Cabal’s implants and disintegration of the Yaldabaoth octopus plasma accretion vortex.
Many people are aware of the Chimera stations on moons and asteroids inside our Solar System. Here we need to understand that there are only a few hundred moons and a few million asteroids that are suitable to establish physical bases and only a fraction of those actually have Chimera bases present.
CH 4
The Kuiper belt, on the other hand, is huge and has billions of potential bodies that are suitable to host a base and actually the vast majority of physical Chimera bases are positioned inside the Kuiper belt and form the so-called Kuiper Ring, the outer line of defense which protects the Chimera-controlled territories inside this Solar System against the liberation forces of the Galactic Confederation and the Ashtar Command.
The Kuiper belt is situated mainly in the ecliptic plane just outside Neptune’s orbit. You can see a picture of officially discovered Kuiper belt objects, seen from above. The yellow dot represents the Sun, four red dots gaseous planets of our Solar System and the white and blue dots represent officially known Kuiper belt objects:
If we superimpose a map of the Chimera bases (the Kuiper Ring) on our picture of the Kuiper belt, we get this animation:
To continue reading this update go to this link:
Then on December 20th 2015 we received this update;
Secret Space Program Mars fleet
Solar System Situation Update
Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light Forces have started to clear the Chimera bases of the Kuiper Ring and are thus beginning to disintegrate the main defense line of the Chimera which previously prevented the Light forces from taking full control of the outer Solar System.
SSPMars Fleet
There will be drastic changes in the outer Solar System from now on until early January next year. It is not a coincidence that astrologically speaking, this will be a time frame of great progress:
to continue reading this update go here;
On Sunday, January 3, 2016 we received the following update showing clearly that we had no need for concern 2 weeks earlier regarding the news of the bases in the Kuiper Belt:
3rd January  2016  ~  Situation Update
Clearing of the Chimera group continues. Kuiper Ring, the network of physical Chimera bases in the outer Solar System, has been almost completely removed. Last remnants of the Chimera fleet are in disarray, scattered throughout the Solar System and hiding near the position of plasmatic nodes with the highest concentration of plasma strangelet and toplet bombs, using those bombs as a shielding mechanism.
When the physical Chimera network throughout the Solar system is disintegrating fast, the plasma accretion vortex with its strangelet and toplet bombs remains a far greater challenge at least for now.
As the power of Chimera decreases, there will be more exchange of intel between the top people of various positive factions without fear that this intel will be intercepted by the Chimera and without threat that Chimera will retaliate if top people of various positive factions talk too freely. Therefore the Resistance will soon release substantial intel to Eastern Agarthan network and to various Secret Space Program factions and some of that intel will then precipitate to the surface population. Most SSP factions were seriously mind-programmed against the Pleiadians and against other positive ET races and soon the Resistance will present them with solid proof of Pleiadian benevolence………
January 10, 2016 ~ Short Situation Update
Clearing of the Chimera group continues. Much progress is being made, but not much can be said about that now. I am waiting for the right circumstances to release massive intel that will broaden the horizons of the surface population about many things.
To continue reading go here:
We have all been awaiting a new Cobra update – I for one have been patiently waiting knowing that “no news is good news” because he explained approx. a month ago that “I am waiting for the right circumstances to release massive intel that will broaden the horizons of the surface population about many things.”Now that good news has arrived and it has been well worth the wait too! Finally, a solution to the removal of the strangelet/toplet bombs is on the way soon and we all know what that means namely the final hinder to The Event taking place has been removed! Other information here in this important update is that the Resistance Movement is busy in many ways making sure that there will be no less than 100% disclosure and that the cabal will NOT be able to prevent this! Enjoy!
 February 18, 2016  ~ Important Situation Update
Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light forces have made important breakthroughs lately and will be able to remove all plasma strangelet bombs very soon. What will be remaining are plasma toplet bombs, but the Light forces expect the mechanism for their removal to be similar to one for removal of the strangelet bombs and are hoping soon to deal with the strangelet/toplet problem once and for all…….
The dark were quite bold in their actions lately and therefore the Resistance took some action on the physical plane.
First, they have put intel packages about Disclosure, secret space programs and criminal evidence against the Cabal into the computers of some major newspaper agencies around the world and into the computers of some selected private individuals worldwide. If the Cabal crosses a certain line, these intel packages will be remotely activated by the Resistance and will simultaneously appear as pop-ups on countless computer screens worldwide. This action is also to insure against any attempt to twist or suppress the Disclosure process. ONLY full and complete 100% disclosure will be allowed, and limited disclosure is NOT an option.
Second, certain armed Resistance agents are now on the surface and will interfere in many cases when innocent civilians are attacked, preventing violence and abuse.
Third, Resistance agents are infiltrated into the security personnel of the major Cabal players, all US presidential candidates and many key politicians worldwide that can influence the planetary situation
…….To continue;
A new update from Cobra on March 25th 2016 provides us with a stronger ground for belief that things can shortly change dramatically for the better. Strangelet bombs are mostly dealt with! Ongoing disarming of the toplet bombs is also in place using same technique as for strangelet. There are so many signs now that provide evidence that when there is progress on one plane we see the resulting forthcoming of truth seeping out into the mainstream media on many levels. We also learn now about the 3rd option for escape that the cabal are trying to arrange for themselves to avoid arrest. There will ultimately be no escape for them, the day of the arrests will arrive when they least expect it.
Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The vast majority of plasma strangelet bombs have been removed and now the Light forces are focusing on removal of plasma toplet bombs, successfully using the same approach.This has triggered a strong reaction of the Chimera group and they have ordered the Archons to turn up the volume of their technologies to attack and suppress the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors because the Lightworkers / Lightwarriors are the key to the Shift of the Ages. They use infrasound and plasma scalar waves:
The removal of plasma strangelet and toplet bombs is easing the tension inside our Solar System, opening up Quarantine Earth and speeding up Disclosure process for the surface population……To continue reading;
As you probably know, the Cabal is sabotaging the Full Disclosure petition:
This will not stop us. Sources close to Putin have communicated that in the last few years, Russia is supporting Disclosure by allowing Russian press full freedom in releasing intel about Disclosure. The only problem is that most of this is published in Russian and when Russian journalists try to approach Western media with the English translation of their articles, they are turned down.
State-sponsored Russian institutes are researching and investigating UFO phenomena and are actively searching for working overunity technologies, but are stating that only about 5% of intel about free energy from Western sources is usable. Putin had a deep spiritual contact experience with the Pleiadians years ago that transformed him and this is the occult reason behind his steadfast fight against the Cabal.
The Illuminazi faction of the Cabal is beginning to realize that the game is over and that they will not be able to escape deeply underground or into the Solar System. Their plan is to avoid mass arrests at the time of the Event by leaving their strongholds in Texas, crossing the Mexican border, flying from Mexico to Argentina and from there go with submarines to Antarctica into shallow underground bases, using old connections from the time when Nazis did the same thing in 1945:
Their plans are leaking all over the intelligence community, as the latest Fulford’s report shows clearly:
To continue with this hugely informative update go here:
 These are truly exciting days now! With each update that comes from Cobra the power of the Chimera diminishes at an outstanding rate. In this new update – see below – we learn that the Light Forces are now busy in the outermost region of our solar system. This is where up until now the Chimera have had a fleet of motherships connected to plasma toplet bombs that have been their outermost line of defense for their protecting of the Veil – Web – Matrix – Net.
April 13, 2016 ~ A Short Situation Update
Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light forces have begun to dismantle the so-called Chimera barrier. Chimera barrier location coincides with the termination shock of the heliosphere in the outer edge of our Solar System:
Chimera barrier is the outer defense line of the Chimera group and consists of a fleet of motherships, connected to plasma toplet bombs. Its purpose is to prevent positive interstellar and galactic energies penetrating our Solar System…….
Dismantling of the Chimera barrier has begun opening our Solar system and consequently also the consciousness of humanity to positive energies of the interstellar space…….
Strange UFO filmed by Norwegian expedition in Antarctica – January 2016 !!! The Pleiadians are visiting Antarctica as well:
Communication Opening Up Big Time Now that Control of Intel Flow is Removed
May 1st 2016  ~  Situation Update
Clearing of the Chimera group continues. Until now, the Chimera was controlling the flow of intel and communication between various factions inside our Solar System,threatening to activate strangelet and toplet bomb if information blockade would not be respected by all factions. This is how intel was compartmentalized.
Now this information barrier is slowly dissolving, various factions are beginning to communicate. The Pleiadians and other races belonging to Galactic Confederation are beginning to contact personnel in Chimera-controlled secret space programs (SSP) factions.
The Galactic Codex has been recently introduced to SSP factions in our Solar System and to many Earth subterranean factions as well. Galactic Codex is known and accepted quite universally among most of the positive races throughout the Galaxy. SSP factions are being educated right now but there is much resistance. 
This is why the petition to sign the Galactic Codex has been created……
…….According to Dragon sources, communication between various factions below the surface of the planet has been initialized and healing of the split has begun……To continue go here:
Great Synchronicity
I doubt greatly that I am the only person on this planet who has been able to see that the reported information from the RM via Cobra has been synchronistic with reports of other truths in the alternative and even mainstream media over these past four years. After some particular update from Cobra re the cabal and their activities we have then had this information confirmed in reality both by authors such as Benjamin Fulford and even in articles in the mainstream press at times. I have seen this synchronicity time after time showing me that Cobra’s information has been reliable.
Update after update he has led us forward on this difficult journey towards our liberation. However, he could not have done this work without the cooperation and the taking on of responsibility by so many other people on so many levels, not in least those Lightworkers who have tirelessly focused on anchoring the energy of the Galactic Wave of Love by using the Goddess Spiral and other similar types of meditations regularly. This is a quote from a recent article I wrote entitled ‘The New Kingdom of the Goddess Has Arrived’ (link below) “In March of 2013 we learned about the ultimate technology of the Light Forces that would finally dissolve the Matrix on the astral and etheric planes around our planet…….We learned that the Goddess Vortex is an Angelic Presence that goes through our bodies and anchors into the physical plane and how we could learn to feel that Goddess Vortex in our bodies and become instruments for anchoring the return of Goddess energy to Gaia.”
Any action that you might decide to take that in any way moves this liberation process forward is so welcome. Many of you reading this will be the ‘pillars of light’ supporting a calm transition at the time of The Event. Our focus on balance in our lives now is paramount!
Sadly, it has to be said, that many alternative media websites that might seem to be part of this process of working towards our liberation, are in fact tools used by the Jesuits to mislead many and to create divide and conquer situations between true Lightworkers. Cobra knows exactly who these people are. I myself having earlier been fooled by some of them now feel that I am also aware of who some of these actors are. They are not so easy to discern. The cabal is and has been totally focused on being everywhere that change is taking place. You can be sure that they are to be found in the ‘thick of it’. They can act like ‘warriors of liberation’ in the hopes that they can still keep control and then be in all of those ‘right’ places where they can continue to control and fool people with a partial disclosure and with some kind of NWO designed version of the new Gaia. The Jesuits have always been ahead of the game and have been experts at manipulation with ‘knowledge’. THEY WILL NOT SUCCEED.
We must always strive to follow our heart at all times and act independently.
We must not forget who we really are. Our physical bodies are merely a very small part of the Light being that we are in truth. Now that there are so many of us awake the end is near. Earths Light Grid is strong and rebuilt and getting stronger by the minute. Many tens of thousands, indeed approximately 100,000 Lightworkers function as pillars of Light on this beautiful grid anchoring the Light of Source between Heaven and Gaia. The groundwork for The Event has truly been laid. Right now as I write these words I feel that Cobra knows so much about what is/has been taking place recently but that cannot be revealed as yet at this sensitive time. On April 23rd he said “Although it appears nothing is happening, there is much activity behind the scenes. This activity will become more pronounced and visible in May.” It’s now May 4th as I sit and write these words and God only knows what is about to happen in the coming weeks and months.
When we insist on staying in that center of peace within, when we follow our innermost calling at each moment then we know that we are in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. We can know that ‘Divine right action is always taking place in our lives’. Right here and now divine right action for you might be a walk in nature, a cup of coffee, a refreshing bath, a visit to a friend or listening to some inspiring music/meditation. Just like on a plane or a ship we learn that we should first put on our own lifejacket before helping others. We need to put our own needs first to then be able to give in balance to whatever/ whoever. Don’t forget joy. We need to put more focus on joy! We’ll make it!
Victory of the Light – Liberation and Breakthrough Soon!
Therese Zumi
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First Posted on Prepare for Change 6th May 2016 at 1033 AM CET

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