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[GaiaPortal] 2020-07-06: Hula of the Stars is telling the stories

Hula of the Stars is telling the stories.

Spirals of Ascension are embraced.

Uplifts come.

Partners are revealed.

Stratospheres collect their pilots.

Saturday, July 04, 2020

[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2020-07-04: Article 230 - Violet Flame Meditation

A call for a violet flame meditatiob by Therese Zumi.


Please Help to make this viral. Please feel free to copy and paste or link to this meditation ~ Namaste TZ




4th July 2020


By Therese Zumi Sumner


A Suggested Violet Flame Meditation


This idea can be adapted by you if you are inspired to use it some other way.

1} Relax and breathe deeply for a few minutes.

2} You can begin by stating that your aim with this meditation is to counteract all dark plans that the cabal might have to create violence or potentially dangerous situations anywhere on the globe at this time.

3} Call upon the Violet Flame from its Source in the name of Archangel Zadkiel and Saint Germain.

4} Visualise a river of this Violet Flame leaving the Cosmic Central Sun and travelling down to the Galactic Central Sun in our Milky Way Galaxy.

5} Now see in your mind how the Violet Flame leaves the Galactic Central Sun and travels through our Galaxy and arrives into this Solar System and via our Moon reaches us here.

6} Firstly imagine this flame engulfing you - encircling you on all sides until, you have an entire 360¤ circumference of the Violet Flame surrounding you protecting you throughout this meditation and removing all negativity from your environment.

7} Now allow the river of the Violet Flame to continue moving out from you in circles wherever you are right now and begin with your area and or town and its surroundings.

8} See how this flame grows and grows and then you can envisage how the Violet Flame rains down onto the Earth from this ever growing circle. It rains down upon every single millimetre of the Earth.

9} When you have seen this for a while declare that this Violet Flame now continues to grow in ever widening circles until it eventually engulfs the entire planet.

10} Then it will Rain down as Violet Flame energy on every millimetre of the Planet’s surface.



Source is suggesting that we do this meditation every day for one week right now and it will work miracles.

Below some details about the Violet Flame from the recent interview with Cobra.

Debra: Can you explain the importance of invoking the Violet Flame as our protection during the meditation for the Age of Aquarius activation?

Cobra: So now that the situation, the energy situation in the solar system is getting better, we are using the Violet Flame.

Violet Flame is actually a vortex of angelic energy that clears all negativity from our energy field.

And at the same time protects us from any negativity that might otherwise enter our energy fields, because people have been attacked during the past meditations and otherwise, and we need to ensure more protection.

And now this protection is more available.

So we can take advantage of that and use the Violet Flame to clear and protect our energy fields before the meditation, during the meditation, and after the meditation.

Namaste Therese Z

[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2020-07-04: Article 229 - The New Normal

Below is a new post from Therese Zumi, another great article about the transition everyone is going through and how to deal with it.


The New Normal


4th JULY 2020


By Therese Zumi Sumner

These are strange days that we are living through now on planet Earth. There is no doubt in my mind as I write these words that you too are experiencing many changes in your world. Some of these experiences might not be so surprising but some of them are very unexpected to say the least.

What I am referring to first and foremost is changes taking place in your relationships at this time. As Lightworkers ~ Lightwarriors we are developing and becoming steadily more in tune ~ in balance with our true selves and this entails living in the truth of who we are. When we live our truth, when we speak our truth, when we refuse to deny and stand up for our truth this can bring situations in relationships to a head, to a standstill, to an impasse.

Some of these relationships are ending. They are ending because we know that there is simply nothing to gain, nothing that brings comfort and joy, in having relationships where truth is not a vital pillar that the relationship stands on. They are ending because it’s becoming very clear that we no longer have very much if anything in common.

BUT this point in time...

We can find ourselves with relationships having problems that are difficult to resolve. This is saddening because we have no desire to end these relationships at all. So what do we do? How can these relationships arrive on a higher ground and become stable again? We would desire to have these bonds continue when we are all existing on a 5D plane very soon.

The Event

When this finally takes place.... yes it will.... have no doubt of that... the awakening to the truth will hit everyone hard whether they like it or not. Having relationships on a basis of truth will be much easier. People who do not understand where you are coming from right now, will then gain a new understanding of who you are and why you have seemingly stubbornly held on to ‘strange ideas’ ~ controversial opinions ~ and refused to back down from your truth to be acceptable to another.

Regarding these relationships ~ the ones that you have hopes of continuing with, if at all possible, there is some advantage in correct persistence...even now. …But decisions become it’s best to wait until the situation returns to normal (after 26000 years of abnormal) before you continue in your pursuits...of developing your relationship....normal = after The Event.

You would be wisely advised to negotiate in disputes and attempt to moderate any rigid ideas.... you might admit to things that you too could have done better.

Then you must...

Rely upon your principles and those things that you know to be true about your nature. .... You have absolutely everything that you might need for this mission within you.

Mother will lead the way...*Mother I Trust* say these words to Her every time you doubt or worry...


Balance and Harmony in Our Lives Are Top Priority Now


We have reached a point in time where our balanced state of being is paramount to continuing on the path to existing in a 5D World.

When we chase after the approval of others ~ we will lose our dignity....

We can only trust our inner mind and the demands of our convictions.

When our heart and mind and soul is focused upon ~ continually in tune with ~ in cooperation with Source ~ our resources are increased a thousand fold and more...there are no limitations...

These are the requirements for Ascension....yet they do not necessitate any theological ‘know how’ or degrees of any kind.... naive trusting Love is KEY

We Have No Obligations to Others!

If I had seen the wording above earlier in some context my reactions would surely have been “but of course we have obligations” “everyone has obligations” or something of that kind.

All of my life due to deep programming I have felt a very strong obligation to be there for others, support others, take care of others needs without consideration for my own needs. This behaviour has brought me to hell and back at least twice.

It is only very recently and due to decades of ongoing deprogramming in various ways through my own hard work, that I have finally come to a place where this behaviour has ended.

I will never ever, ever, again put others needs before my own.

Now my aim is utter trust in Mother ~ going with the flow ~ BEing true to myself at all times ~ BEing ready for 5D Earth and the Ascension process. I now make a point of using only my most basic values of conduct in my moving forward each day.

I am no longer obliged to anyone else in my endeavours ~ this is all so thoroughly wonderfully new and real and yet I am in amazement at even writing these words ... is this really the truth finally ~ did I finally get there ~ yes I did ... and it was certainly not easy... and it was one step forward and two back for many decades but I got there in the end.

Life is becoming more magical every day ... and the magic is that it is so simple... I simply feel at each moment what is the next most important thing for me to do this day to be in harmony and balance...and I do that and the magic happens ...and this is only the beginning ...and I am SO appreciative ~ SO thankful ~ eternally grateful to finally have an idea of what 5D living and being entails.

Off course there will be challenges ahead but I will be ready and prepared when they come because...

I will be in tune with what I myself and Mother ~ we are One ~ decides.  Which movement ahead is the most in tune and IN harmony with the cosmos...the answer is within me.

Believe me WE ARE NEVER ALONE, and I can SEE very clearly how I am guided and supported by the Co of Heaven at all times.... They CAN interfere in ANY ANY time...anywhere...and THEY DO!

So when this trust develops, we cannot go wrong .... we are literally always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing ~ its pure magic.

Yesterday I was sitting at my computer planning to do some work....problems turned up on the PC... they irritated me first...and I thought ‘Ok this is obviously not the right time to be doing this work...let’s see what I ought to do instead.’

I decided to get dressed for a walk and set off within ten minutes. As soon as I am only 20 meters from home, I run into a neighbour who is totally devastated. She is at her wits end. Her husband had been taken by ambulance to the hospital in the next town after suddenly becoming very ill. He had been gone for 2:5 hours. She had no idea what the situation was for him and was too distressed to find a way of contacting the hospital. So I managed to find the number for the hospital and rang them to find out what I could. He was due to be brought to X ray and they asked her to call back three hours later.

I knew then that that was one reason why I was meant to leave the PC. There ARE NO COINCIDENCES.

How do we reach this state of being?

Use your most basic values of Conduct in advancing towards your aims.

Do not become obligated to others in your endeavours. Simplicity in your behaviour will prevent mistakes and allow you to progress.

We should always remain impartial in our behaviour

When we handle our affairs with propriety, WE WILL ALWAYS BE SUPPORTED in our endeavours......

Whenever you are in doubt as to what to do just stop...breathe deeply...relax... what is needed right now...allow the needs and the truth to rise up within you because it’s always there...even your body knows before you do...we must listen to the body’s needs.

What will bring the greatest harmony into my life RIGHT NOW and then you do that ~ simple ~ ingeniously simple...

Keep regular contact with Source in whatever way is appropriate for you...with Their help we can become Masters of existence.

The Goal Is Always HARMONISATION...

When we have learned to develop a relationship with Spirit, with Source, with our Favourite Guides we always have an advantage. With an acceptance ~ A KNOWING ~ that we have that support and with taking the time daily, with as little as 10 minutes of our day, if that is all that we can find, we will find ourselves emerging as Masters.

Repair of our Planetary Light Grid is Progressing

Gaia’s beautiful New Light Grid which is connected up all around the planet has now been strengthened and repaired. This is partly due to the support given by humanity in the bringing in of Light by everyone taking part in this Age of Aquarius activation / meditation.

Pure and Loving Light Souls with knowledge of how to repair damaged vortexes have also been involved in healing grid work not in least in Versailles outside Paris.

Here is Cobras appeal for support on June 23rd ....

“Light Forces have communicated that at the moment of our activation, double Paris/Versailles Goddess vortex needs to be reactivated after more than 200 years of dormancy.

We would need a person with purity of heart and strong leadership qualities from Paris who would be able to organize reactivation of that vortex and then to hold regular weekly physical Sisterhood of the Rose meetings in Paris. If you are such a person and if you feel so guided, you can contact for further instructions as soon as possible, as everything needs to be organized in the next few days.”

These loving individuals will now continue with the work of holding these important vortexes in perfect harmony.

The repairs that have now taken place will assist in the groundwork development of the New Atlantis ~ the 3rd Atlantis. To read more about this there is now a page devoted to this subject here on Veritas.

Regarding The Event and its arrival at the perfect moment in time…

We the Lightworkers and Warriors are ready in a whole other way than we imagined 12 months ago. Yes, we believed that we were ready then…but I think that you will agree that we now know that our readiness is on a whole other level…

Finally remember, that every single small victory for everyone is a victory for the Truth and the Light as a whole.

Namaste Therese Z  .....

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

[GaiaPortal] 2020-07-01: Startling nights lead to the daybreak within

Startling nights lead to the daybreak within.

Sedentaries are awakened in fullness.

Gaia rejoices with Heart-pink Life.

Scurrilous natures are released.

[Victory Now] 2020-06-30: Make this Viral, Highest Good Intent for all of Humanity

Below is an important message from Victory Now, a website by the Dragon Group,


We are in the midst of a new Timeline Shift where the most Optimal and Highest Good Intent for all of Life on Planet Earth is Highly recommended.

Please make this viral and spread it on your blogs, websites and with friends and family. 

A monumental phase in history is taking place right now as past, present and future combines in an unprecedented shift for all of Humanity to take a leap forward into a more positive way of living and being as we can now collectively hold our conscious Intent, for the best possible outcome for all, on a Multi dimensional level, Universal Level and in all planes and realms of existence. 

Now is the moment for all of Humanity to Manifest dreams and desires to be made reality. 

Peace, Prosperity, Freedom, Abundance, Joy, Love in all forms, Grace, Good Health and Divine Wisdom is possible now.

Please add what you wish to experience that will bring forth the best Life for yourself and all around you, for the planet and the entire Solar System. In Unity, good Faith and Trust we can accomplish miracles. 

The Universe Will Respond to the Sacred Intent that is held by all who read this .

All will manifest much faster now. 

Blessings to all

Reported from the Dragon Group

Monday, June 29, 2020

[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2020-06-27: PEOPLE LETS DO THIS!

Here is another new update from Therese Zumi about the upcoming Age of Aquarius Activation Part 2 in less than 18 hours.

Victory of the Light!



TZ here; Without the Peace Meditation on April 4th we would be in a much worse state of being than we find ourselves in now!

The Coronavirus pandemic would be devastatingly worse without that activation......

“Also, coronavirus pandemic has been contained to a great degree. On the graph below you can see that the spread of the pandemic peaked exactly on April 4th and then its speed receded for at least a month and a half.

Blue line on the graph shows the most probable spread of the pandemic without our meditation, indicating that we would have tens of millions confirmed cases by now:”

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2020-06-18: A Midsummer Message from Sweden

Below is the latest message from Therese Zumi. A great message about the June Solstice.


Bumblebees should not be able to fly BUT THEY DO!
Bumblebees should not be able to fly BUT THEY DO!

About 500 years ago 300 Beings came to an agreement to become united in purpose and goals.

These non-human beings’ goal was the continued control of humanity by all and every means. They reincarnated time after time and when they did so it was always into one of the controlling so called ‘Black Nobility Families’. They were guided to their ‘new roles’ after each become top Politicians, Royalty, Business Directors, Religious Leaders etc.

The majority of these beings were archons, and some were draconian reptilian.

Through their minions within associated Freemason and other societies they controlled everything in our world.

When humans made strides in many areas of knowledge, art and beauty, science etc. they then came in with their control of that knowledge to make sure that the humans did not get too far ahead of the game.

They did this easily and successfully because they had this secret goal uniting them with one other. They were totally aligned and in agreement with their vision. Yes of course there was infighting between many of these family groups about power of various kinds, yet they knew that to remain in control they had to back one another in the end.

They have had their tentacles in every area of human life.

Every single good plan by good people to unite for good causes for humanity were infiltrated and taken over by them.

That is why there is not one single completely healthy society or organisation on this planet.


Corruption has been and is everywhere.

UNTIL NOW........

If you would like to understand exactly what I mean, then I suggest that you read the following article, and all will become clear.

We Are Heading Full Speed Ahead into The Liberation of Planet Earth + A Historic Overview of the Past 22 Months

I published the article on May 16th both on my Facebook blog and Veritas Galactic Sweden ~ this website as Article # 211.

Then something occurred that I had never seen before.

Normally after I post something new on FB the numbers gradually increase over a number of days and culminate after about 5 days.

This article had 2300 views in 90 minutes! It amazed me and I was trying to figure out why?

I thought ‘wow - Fb have lifted censorship suddenly’.

19 hours after the article was published it had been viewed by 22500 people!?

Now ~ yes ~ now I get it! In that article I had shown clearly how the power of our 5 biggest meditations over the past 22 months had brought us to where we are now ~ quickly on the way towards Victory of the Light!

2 days later my Fb blog was blocked for me to post on. Later they blocked me from comments there and later still Messenger.

You see WE HAVE WON!

Archangel Michael Painting the Sky ~ Scouts Honour! Press to Enlarge

We are a worldwide group of devoted lightworkers who desire change and are willing to work idealistically to bring change about. They cannot infiltrate us any longer. Because we are everywhere!!!

Our goals and visions are much more than a thousand times stronger than theirs now.

They have lost their control and their time is up. Oh yes, they’re still around playing their game, but they know that their hours are reckoned.

That’s the truth of it ~ their hours are reckoned.


I will be sitting in place to begin the meditation at 0840 am Swedish time on Sunday 21st June. See # 221[]

“We will use the energy of this Solar eclipse to meditate and visualize reaching the critical mass of over 144,000 people participating in our main meditation for the Age of Aquarius activation on June 29th /30th.

Light Forces are asking as many people as possible to do this preparatory booster meditation at the exact moment of the Solar eclipse, which will come on June 21st at 06:40 UTC, which you can convert to your timezone here:”

Nothing can stop us now.

When you know this .... you can release all thoughts of how things will be solved now for your personal life and for humanity......release all concern......put whatever concerns you might have into taking part in our LIGHT VISION.


Midsummer In Sweden

Midsummer is probably along with Christmas the most important time for celebration here in Sweden. Midsummer is celebrated on the weekend closest to the 21st June which will be the 19th to the 21st this year. Normally people gather with friends or family to eat together and celebrate outdoors preferably ~ weather permitting. This year the weather looks very promising, in fact best ever for such gatherings, but although travel restrictions within Sweden were lifted recently many people have cancelled plans this year.

It’s the lightest time of the year and it’s dark ~ dusk ~ a mere 3 hours a day right now. I live about halfway up the country. Further north you can see the midnight sun now.

The Light not only seems lighter than usual but is Lighter. The Light grows stronger now at such a rate that I imagine everyone must notice it but of course not everyone does....

Walking early morning or late in the evening is magical now. The beauty in nature is astounding as are the perfumes of the flowers.

An old tradition at midsummer is that young girls pick 7 wildflowers and then put them under their pillow in hopes of dreaming about their true love.

Sometimes it feels right now as if time is standing still. I find that I also have difficulty knowing what day it is. Last Thursday I was convinced it was Sunday? It felt like Sunday!

Cobra recently reminded us that we don’t have to fight them just raise the Light and the Light will take care of everything.

Do you understand now that that’s the truth?

It has always been the truth, but we haven’t always understood it.

Now that we had over one million people taking part in our last big meditation there is absolutely no way that things could go wrong.


We found out the secret! We found out that when we unite in heart ~ soul and mind and visualise what we desire through meditation that we can change everything. We can change absolutely everything and create exactly what we want and that’s what we are doing.

Let us once again unite all over the world and experience the enormous power of Oneness ~ the joy of knowing that we are sitting simultaneously worldwide with the exact same focus and the knowingness that this is truly how change takes place.

Victory of the Light

Namaste Therese Z

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Sunday, June 07, 2020

[GaiaPortal] 2020-06-06: Frugals call upon the Higher Aware, and are rebuked

Frugals call upon the Higher Aware, and are rebuked.

Gaia Portals open fully with the Marches of Time.

Stores of Illumination open.

Spores of Illumination enter.

Heavens are viewed within.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Message from Therese Zumi Sumner: No News Is Good News ....

Here is a new article from Therese Zumi Sumner


By Therese Zumi Sumner


Friday May 29th, 2020


These are strange quiet days. Where are we on our journey towards the Ascension Portal? What is Ascension?


Lightworkers ~ many of them ~ are expressing a need to avoid the media where it is almost impossible to know who is who. Who are really working for the Ascension process and liberation for humanity? More and more people are seeing through the manipulation of certain factions / groups whose real goal is to support the arrival of the NWO by seeming to be on the ‘right’ side. They have managed to dupe many of us including yours truly until quite recently.


We know where we are going ~ up and up and up ~ with the rising energies and who needs ongoing confusing reports about the elite players and their manipulative games which they will go on playing until they are arrested.


Ascension is......when your heart and mind is connected to the creator…. you are at one and in harmony with all life.


When we focus on this goal it will bring us closer to liberation quicker than anything else.


In 2014 - 15 I wrote a number of articles giving, overviews from information that Cobra provided about the ongoing war between the Allied Light Forces and the Chimera / Archons / Draconians fleets in our Solar System. Yes, this war was ongoing in the entire solar system beyond our moons orbit.


Now we learned a week ago that…


“The Solar System beyond lunar orbit is being actively activated into a multidimensional Ascension portal with many positive cosmic races being present within the Solar System with their Living Light motherships. The last remnants of the dark Draco fleet there are being chased down.”


Unless you have been following our liberation process for at least 4-5 years via The Portal you will not understand just how huge / all-encompassing this process of liberation from dark forces has been. If you have not been following Cobra’s information from the RM the real Resistance Movement, you simply will not have had a clue about what has been going on. That is one very strong statement......but it is the truth.


Each and Every One of Us Can Strengthen Gaia’s Light Grid


In this last update Cobra asked for support from Light Nobility families to activate the Goddess vortex in Paris. I have no doubt that these families will do their utmost.

What can we do?

We also sadly learned in this update how some few people using negativity can do great damage to the Ascension timeline…

“Their actions have managed to negatively influence the flow of Ascension timeline in the beginning of 2020 to some degree… They are an example of key people who can greatly influence the planetary situation, for better or for worse.”


Please remember that we are all powerful when we enlist the support from the Council of Love members…….


An Idea


……some thoughts on how we might use our time to lift the energies on this planet beyond the active meditations that we can partake of via ‘We Love Mass Meditations’.


I have become aware of some deep darkness here in Sweden within the judicial system. There are situations coming to light that show that paedophile networks are being protected by Judges, Lawyers, Social services etc. One video I watched with a discussion between two lightworkers {one lawyer and one ex-policeman} whilst sitting on a bench in the Stockholm District Court was extremely enlightening. On that video the cameraman took the opportunity during the interview to do a swing around the corridors and cafeteria area showing the many statues of …….demons……yes that’s all you could see in the way of ‘cultural’ decoration….statues of demons……very telling.

I am sure that you too, if you investigated some local institutions, would find similar signs of darkness and depravity and very low energy.

I am thinking that we might each of us in our own way at a local level infiltrate these institutions with Light.

We can call in the entire arsenal of Light. Archangel Metatron and the White Fire of An….Archangel Michael and His Blue Flame…..Saint Germain and the Violet Flame…..and either alone or with some trusted lightworker friends send these cleansing energies to these dark places so that they affect every person visiting these places.


Recently I listened to an interview between a great Swedish lightworker and a man who earlier worked in the police force. This man found Jesus some years ago and it changed his life. He mentioned that in the New testament of the bible the Words that Jesus has repeated more times than any other words are “do not be afraid” …….

This police officer has many times dealt with demonic entities that have taken over some person – very often in connection with alcohol and drugs. Once a man was attacking him and looking like a powerful crazy reptilian screaming in his face….however in the split second that he looked quickly at his colleague and nodded to him “lets take him”…..this demonic entity disappeared and the man who was ‘possessed’ fell to the ground on his knees and begged for mercy.

The entity could not dare to remain in the face of DECISIVE – INTUITIVE – TRUTHFUL action.  

I am telling you this to show you that when facing great Light darkness cannot prevail. Just silently saying the name of Jesus can scare a demon away.

You know that the greatest weapon of the dark is to instill fear in people……just look what they have managed to do to billions of people with this fake pandemic…….

Let us do all that we can to add to the Light quotient here. We do that when we are TRUE TO OURSELVES – that is - truthfully being ourselves in all kinds of situations. Standing up for truth. Keeping all our relations as truthful as possible or leaving them behind. No more games of manipulation in any relations because that is pure 3D.

There is always work that can be done as a Lightwarrior so lets just keep on being those Lightwarriors until its all over and this planet is liberated.

Finally remaining only on a positive note…. because we cannot gain a single thing by focusing upon anything else….

“On the surface of the planet, the Positive Military and the Red and Blue Dragons are conducting operations behind the scenes to prepare for the Event…

As the number of negative etheric and astral entities on the surface of the planet decreases in the coming months, more and more Light will be present and more people will have a tendency to exhibit a more positive behaviour.”


Victory of the Light!


PS: This is my situation right now. I now have the server on my website in working order. I am spending time every day updating the site in various ways to make its content easier to find and adding new interesting articles and items of interest.


I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks and ‘you are very welcome’ to the continual flow of new readers liking / following the FB blog. I can view these incoming messages on my phone or iPad. However I am blocked from answering comments on FB.


So there will no longer be a Facebook blog and sadly that means that I cannot keep in close contact with readers like I have been able to do these past 8 years. Sadly my site has no such a tool.

I can tell you now that my website will continue as earlier to provide updates and articles etc. coming regularly. Most likely they will arrive about every 3-4 days. So you are very welcome to my website from June 6th. Of course you can visit it now, it’s available but with nothing new until 6th June.


Namaste and Love and VOTL TZ




[GaiaPortal] 2020-05-29: Startles of Higher Awareness enspark Hue-manity

Startles of Higher Awareness enspark Hue-manity.

Fortifications and fortifiers crumble before the Higher Lights.

Flagrant envelopes are passed.

Missions are accomplished.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Message from Therese Zumi Sumner + Watch Out for Imposters ~ Con Artists ~ Manipulators

 Please see below an important message from Therese Zumi Sumner.


Dear readers, Hoshino of The Event Hub has kindly offered to help me to get a message out to my readers about the current situation with my website Veritas Galactic Sweden and my Facebook Page blog.

On Tuesday May 19th I was about to make a post on my FB blog. I couldn’t. I subsequently made two other attempts using just a picture without text and could not post. So I am blocked from posting on my own Facebook page.

Well I thought, they can’t affect my website which has been running for 8 years without a problem. But my website server went down as I attempted to post there.

The last extensive article on my website blog {Introduction page of Veritas Galactic Sweden} was about the amazing progress that we have made in the past 22 months with the help of 5 major meditations. This article moved so quickly on Facebook....quicker than any article so far and within 12 hours had reached about 22,000 people.

I thought then ‘wow censorship is gone down on FB’....... not so apparently.

Hoshino who owns this blog is also the founder of the amazing site ‘We Love Mass Meditations’ and works alongside the Resistance Movement and Cobra.

War on Information

 At this point in time there is an information war taking place. Please be aware of this when you are introduced to new videos, interviews etc. The dark is so beguiling and manipulative, and they are strongly present among those people that many believe to be a part of the Lightworker community.


We are in the midst of a war between Light and dark forces on this planet. Always keep that in mind.

Imposters ~ Con Artists ~ Manipulators

I would like to explain that I might seem to be writing in riddles when I continue here. There are things that I would like you to think about and figure out and so I will not ~ nor am I able ~ to say things exactly as I see them. Even if you upon reading this, begin to realise that you too might suddenly have an idea about who the unmentioned names are, I must ask you to refrain from sending me questions like “are you referring to so and so” because I simply cannot tell you right now.


Cobra gave us an image some time ago with a text about how the Jesuits and their Archon Masters have kept us under control. They wait UNTIL WE FIGURE SOMETHING OUT ….and then they USURP that new information and MAKE IT THEIR OWN ……you need to understand this to be truly discerning. This is what the Jesuits have always done successfully for 500 years and continue to do to the bitter end. Take any subject under the sun and they will be there among the experts. They are ALWAYS AMONG THE EXPERTS. They are to be found worldwide in every walk of life. They are to be found among the rich and the poor. They are most certainly to be found in the ‘lightworker’ community or to be specific the ‘false lightworker’ community.


Whenever something was about to change in society - whenever a new trend in any area showed its face on the horizon = you can be completely sure that the Jesuit’s will be there in the front rows seeming to lead the way. They are there in bringing forth some new technology, some new ‘religion’, new trends in every area. Not in least they too will be forerunners in the truth movement.


This has been happening time and time again on this planet for at least 500 years via the Jesuits. Their schools and universities and learning institutions are everywhere on all 5 continents. They have their tentacles everywhere. Time and time again they have been on both sides in all wars. They rise again like the Phoenix from the ashes to regain control over humanity.



What are the trends of the time now?


People want change and specifically they want to hear the truth from new leaders in society.


People want the evil in society to be exposed and dealt with.


They want to hear people speaking out and expressing truths about what has been wrong in society.


Let me take an example.


Let’s say that a whistleblower comes forward. Say that this new whistleblower has been working in the corporate business world. They have come across some information in this area that implicates many well-known people as being totally corrupt and manipulative and standing to earn millions at the expense of others lives.


There are many journalists who desire to be among the first to speak personally with this whistleblower and get the information out all over the internet.


Suddenly this whistleblower is being interviewed left right and centre. The truth that this whistleblower brings forth is astounding and will radically change the way the general public thinks and believes.


The truth coming forth is so big that society will have to change for people to be able to accept any authority figures.


Think about it. Think deeper. You see that if the Jesuits {who come in every way shape and form} are to continue running the show on earth in the future like they have done for the past 500 years then they will HAVE TO BE AMONG THE FORERUNNERS ~ or should I say that they will have to appear to be the forerunners so that they can continue to exist and control.


This means that they will be among those people who are condemning evil in all forms. They will be among those people who have great knowledge and great connections.


If there are now some questions rising up within you, regarding the trustworthiness of some person or persons in the truth movement then maybe you should attempt to take a deeper look at who they are?


Do they surround themselves with any type of symbology (you can be sure that the core manipulative Jesuits will make sure that the symbols around them are fool proof i.e. seem to be universally good in some way) that is suspicious in any way?

You know that the dark ones have a rule whereby they must reveal the truth to you somehow in plain sight .... but it takes a trained eye to notice the small revealing details.


There are always signs. I recall years ago that a very popular ‘lightworker’ used some strange expressions when he spoke about the evil in the Vatican. It felt archaic and there was something ‘fishy’ about it. Also the way this person expressed himself was as if to say, ‘I have been called upon to reveal the evil in the Vatican’ and one got the impression that it was he and only he who could do this job. What I am saying here is that there was a lack of humility. A truly spiritual person will always show more signs of humility and less signs of ego.


I wrote to Cobra explaining my questioning of this persons use of words and wondering if he could comment. He didn’t reply. He couldn’t reply. Because we must make these discoveries for ourselves. Sometime later I was provided with ‘signs’ that showed me clearly that there was a certain lop-sidedness ~ an unbalanced scales where this person was getting way too much credit for his work from me. Eventually more and more signs appeared, and it became clear to me that this person, who to this day is revered for his work by many, was in fact a core Jesuit.


Over the years my list of ‘suspicious’ ‘lightworkers’ has grown. I can now see more clearly that the suspicious ones are in fact core Jesuits ~ the ones that will allow the Jesuits to lead the way forward (they believe) into the future. So when the controlling cabal structures of religion, bankers, politicians, royalty etc. falls apart like a house of cards they will be able to pick up the pieces and continue to control society in their new roles as modern awake truthers.


One of the greatest fears among people when they encounter new ideas and ideals and communities, is that they will end up being controlled once again, by someone new who appears at first to be their saviour.


The fear is certainly a healthy one. We need to be of a suspicious nature as true Light workers, to use discernment always. Most of you will have heard the expression ‘there is no smoke without fire’. My own motto is ‘when in doubt leave it out’.


Veritas Galactic Sweden


I do not know when I can have my website up and running again so I can continue my work there?


I will not be returning to facebook.



Please Make This Message Viral


Dear friends I am asking of you that you repost this message from me on your blogs and websites. We who are working in unity towards liberation on this planet need to join forces. I would especially ask for support from those websites that have joined the Gaia Confederation website to please repost this message from me.


We have recently had a new update from Cobra with a lot of information. The only comment that I would like to make about this update is this we need to listen carefully to the following request from the Light Forces.


“The main message of the Light Forces for the surface population now is that people need to connect to their Soul,


release their dependency from digital media,


be honest and sincere with themselves,


connect to what is beautiful, pure and true,


develop nobility of character and release judgement and denial.”


Namaste Therese Z