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[GaiaPortal] 2020-09-22: Mosaic constructions continue to unite as One


Mosaic constructions continue to unite as One.

Gaia rests in the comfort of her caretakers.

Avians fly toward the East.

Harmonics rise.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

[GaiaPortal] 2020-09-16: Tiffany blues coalesce humanity


Tiffany blues coalesce humanity.

Far-sighteds view the outcomes.

Ascenders climb together.


Tuesday, September 15, 2020

[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2020-09-15: Article 257 - Getting involved 4


Preface to ‘Getting Involved’ 4


Our work will not be over when The Event takes place! In fact for many their real work will truly begin at that point. Here is a quote from the Bubbles of Heaven update # 40 which describes the time immediately after The Event.

"The fourth phase is called Unstable Film Boiling phase. Bubbles of Heaven have connected on the surface of the planet into a stable network (film) which forms the backbone of the new society, whereas the society itself as a whole is unstable, but processing, integrating and stabilizing. Islands of Light are being fully formed with active Contact."

In these past few weeks through deep introspection I have been guided to bring forth an awareness of how and why we need to continue our battle with darkness. The phase that is referred to above, will be a period of about two years’ time, when our vigilance for Heart centred living will require the inclusion of a decidedly clear approach to dealing with darkness in its many forms. It is my hope that these articles will help us to navigate that time period and become the true Warriors of Truth that we know ourselves to be in the depth of our being.


Getting Involved 4

Removing Demons

15th September 2020

By Therese Zumi Sumner

The following simple description of how to get a demon to leave a host is recommended for those that wish to remove demons who have taken possession of someone close to them.

You do not need the permission of the victim to do this simply because they have no awareness of their plight. 

About 20% of victims will have an awareness that ‘something is not right’ but 100% of the time they would not dream of considering this option.

If you are mistaken and possession is not the problem, then saying these words and performing this simple ritual cannot possibly have any negative effect whatsoever.

How Would You Know that Possession by a Demon Has Taken Place?

Here you should thread very very carefully. Let’s return to the subject of ‘inconsistency’ once again. 

* If I was even to consider the idea that someone might have been possessed by a demon, it would be because the person in question was now behaving in a way that was not familiar.

   This is an important tell-tale sign.

There would have been some type of personality change at some level.

Very often the person would be avoiding social interaction.

The demonic presence would be affecting the choices made by the victim.

A demon does not like the light and so it would be affecting the emotional body of the victim.

It would be pressuring the victim to avoid contact with lighter individuals and generally telling the victim via their mind and emotions that there is something ‘wrong’ with those lighter individuals and that they should be avoided.

They ~ demons ~ like enclosed limiting environments and when they take over a victim’s body, they will do everything they can to encourage the host to avoid socializing and especially with good people.

If you were correct and the person has really been possessed there should be some ‘tell-tale’ signs that the person is no longer possessed within approximately 3 days’ time after this ritual is performed.

It is not necessary for you to be in the presence of the person who has been possessed to do this work. You can of course do this work silently within you whilst being in the vicinity of the person but it’s not necessary.

1} Call upon Jesus Christ to join you.

2} Focus your inner mind upon seeing a picture of the victim in front of you. Imagine that you are looking into their eyes.

3} Say, {silently or aloud}

    In the Name of Jesus Christ I command that you - DEMON - leave the body of ... (name of victim) immediately.

4} In the name of Jesus Christ I command that you - DEMON - leave the body of .... immediately.  

Repeating the words twice should suffice but here you should rely upon your intuition.


Yeshua by Akiane Aged 8 years old ~ Press Image to Enlarge

Jesus Christ ~ Our Beloved Brother Yeshua Would Like to Say Something Now



You should always be open to learning new things. Be inquisitive. Desire to understand. Ask and you shall receive. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. 

When new information comes into your awareness it may begin a time of ‘traveling’ through your mind and emotions, a time of attempting to understand certain times and events in your life and seeing them in a new light.

You might suddenly have realisations and understanding on a whole new level, as to why certain unexpected negative events came about in your past or present life situation. 

Trust inherently your gut feelings and knowingness.

You may suddenly see more clearly than ever before, and further investigation carried out calmly and confidently will lead to a greater understanding. Have faith that you will be supported by Me and other members of the Council of Love if there is something in your life and relationships that needs to be carefully repaired.

At first these realisations may feel difficult even unbelievable and hard to digest. Could this really be the case? Has this really happened? Many questions will arise that seem to have no answers. Trust that this time of questioning will lead you to answers that bring exceptional progress.

Accept that you do not need to understand and have answers to all of the questions that arise. It’s fine to be a ‘beginner’ and inexperienced in this area. Know that things will later become much clearer as you gain a greater understanding of the entire subject matter. 

If you reach the conclusion that you can now do something about the new realisation that you have gained, then do not hesitate to follow your heart in this matter.

When you have decidedly taken action to change the situation then all that you need to do is to remain in a calculated state of confident waiting. Remain in a state of calm and trust knowing that the situation will eventually improve. 

Eventually communication will be established, and good fortune will follow. Be wise and loving in your communication. Be in a place of joy knowing that darkness has been defeated. Be very careful not to create a situation where someone is made to feel guilt over their behaviour that might have been negative. They will themselves not have an understanding for their negativity and do not need to be informed of the truth of the matter, especially when the subject in question would be totally alien and frightening. 

Your Brother Yeshua 

PS: For those who may not be familiar with the name Yeshua for Jesus I would like to say that He Himself prefers to use this name nowadays. Also regarding the 2nd picture that I use here, it may also be unfamiliar, and if that is the case then I warmly recommend that you see the video found between #128 {message from Commander Ashtar} and #127 {message from Divine Mother} much lower down this page, where you will get a complete understanding of the origin of this picture.

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[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2020-09-13: Article 256 - Getting Involved 3


Preface to ‘Getting Involved’ 3


Our work will not be over when The Event takes place! In fact for many their real work will truly begin at that point. Here is a quote from the Bubbles of Heaven update # 40 which describes the time immediately after The Event.

"The fourth phase is called Unstable Film Boiling phase. Bubbles of Heaven have connected on the surface of the planet into a stable network (film) which forms the backbone of the new society, whereas the society itself as a whole is unstable, but processing, integrating and stabilizing. Islands of Light are being fully formed with active Contact."

In these past few weeks through deep introspection I have been guided to bring forth an awareness of how and why we need to continue our battle with darkness. The phase that is referred to above, will be a period of about two years’ time, when our vigilance for Heart centred living will require the inclusion of a decidedly clear approach to dealing with darkness in its many forms. It is my hope that these articles will help us to navigate that time period and become the true Warriors of Truth that we know ourselves to be in the depth of our being.


Press Image to Enlarge

Getting Involved 3

Demonic Behaviour


13th September 2020


By Therese Zumi Sumner


When a demon has TOTAL control one can find evidence of some of the following taking place.

Self-serving behaviour above the rights of others.

Disrespectful of other people’s attempts to understand their behaviour.

Authoritarian energy.

A lack of regard for the moral or legal standards of the local culture.

Conning for pleasure or profit, repeated lying or the use of aliases.

Impulsive behaviour and failure to plan ahead and see consequences of actions.

They play a part so they can get what they want.

There is a shallow range of emotions and a lack of guilt.

There is habitual lying.

Whatever the problem it’s always someone else’s fault.

They are remorselessly vindictive when thwarted or exposed.

Genuine religious, moral, or other values play no part in their lives. 

Psychopathic and Sociopathic behaviour is quite simply demonic in nature.

Here is an article on the details of this behaviour which has been documented anonymously by someone in 2003 because they could not find any equivalent synopsis at that time.


Schizophrenic behaviour can be a sign of demonic possession BUT not always. At least 55% of those exhibiting schizophrenic symptoms are suffering from trauma of some kind.

Incarnated Demons or Demonic Possession ~ An Important Distinction

The following assumptions are my own beliefs and conclusions after studying this matter. They are also based upon personal experiences in this area.

My Guidance is confirming these assumptions and therefore I am sharing them with you here.

It is my utter belief that demons can and do incarnate as humans.

I am Guided to say, that of all demonic possession 10% of the time we are dealing with incarnated demons.

Someone who is merely possessed (temporarily for as little as some months and up to possession for decades) by a demon, will NOT display the depth of darkness as described in the above link. In part two #255 I took up the ’inconsistencies’ and other type of behavior that might better describe possession. When demonic possession takes place the human host is still present, and the victims have no awareness of this awful usurpation of their body.

I have personally met an incarnated demon. In all honesty I was one of many that this demon managed to dupe! Luckily I was not directly involved with this 'person'. This was someone possessing the sociopathic/ psychopathic behavior as described in the above link. This behaviour was well hidden. I have seen how lives have been ruined completely through people having shared their lives unknowingly with this demon. I know of 8 lives thoroughly destroyed by this demon. This devil is still roaming the planet and continuing to destroy new lives because they know how to cover their tracks, steal and hide their victim’s money and evade the law in every way possible.

Myths and Untruths about Demonic Possession through Religious Indoctrination

My recent research into this subject has brought to my attention just how much ‘bullshit’ the various religious institutions make claim to be of truth regarding this subject. Here are some things that are definitely NOT TRUE.

It would seem that official Catholic exorcists make claim that demons do not usually take possession of a person without their permission. They mean that if involuntary possession takes place the person has done something to encourage the demons.

THIS IS NOT THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER... people never ...  People NEVER give voluntary permission to submit themselves to demonic possession. 

The type of demonic possession and subsequent exorcism that is portrayed in Hollywood etc. has very little to do with reality. 

A Well Known Person of Authority Lived A Double Life for Decades

This person held the position of Headmaster at the Police University for 8 years and then he was a County Chief Constable for 9 years. He was a well-known driving force in expressing his opinions, regarding problems within the police force connected to sexual inequality, sexual harassment and violence towards women. He was an often requested lecturer in the subject area of equality and feminism.

However, his private life had no reflection of this image. He was arrested and found guilty of violent rape, rape, purchase of sexual services, assault, procuration of sexual services for others, one case of preparation for violent rape of a child and sadistic sexual violence creating physical damage. He subsequently served two-thirds of his punishment of 6 years imprisonment.

My Guides say that this person was not an incarnated demon but someone who was possessed by a demon for many decades.

Demonic Force at Work in High Places

Recently, through the great work of some Swedish lightworkers I have become familiar with a case of a paedophile.

Through following several updates and interviews with various people I have learned a lot about this case.

The deduction that ANYONE following this narrative will make, is that there are demonic forces at work protecting paedophiles, within the highest levels of the Swedish Court system and even on our Public Service Official SVT TV Channel.

The paedophile father has even succeeded in creating a documentary {available on Swedish Public Service TV} in two, hour long parts, to display his innocence and show up his ex-wife and those helping her to be stupid, ridiculous people, living in a fantasy world.

All this despite the fact that several doctors and psychologists have provided evidence of the child’s physical damage and bruising on his body and also definite evidence of fear on behalf of the small child.

Without the dedicated work of several fantastic lightworkers this information might never have surfaced. One Lightworker who I will call ‘Joseph’ is such an inspiration to me and many others. He has earlier (two decades) worked within the Swedish police force and his headmaster during his studies, was no other than the man I told you about previously. ‘Joseph’ is, among much much more, on a crusade to reveal demonic forces within the judicial and police authorities.

He was one of the ‘ridiculous’ strange people supporting the mother of this child who was being abused by his father. The amount of money / resources that have been used by the court and police authorities in support of this paedophile are astounding. The mother, because of her ill treatment by social service authorities, after having sought help to remove the child from the father, was on the run, hiding for four months. She felt that she had no other choice to save her child and was prosecuted in her absence. She eventually spent a month in custody when she was found. 

An interview between 2 Lightworkers was recorded in the main Stockholm Courthouse after the mother was released from custody after hearings. In this video the two Lightworkers discussed the then happy outcome at that time, and the photographer doing the filming of this interview took an opportunity while filming to show us the surroundings in the corridors and nearby cafe area of the courthouse. Low and behold what do we see? Statue upon statue placed here and there in the surroundings ~ statues of Demons!!

As usual in these cases the video in question has now been taken down.

I am deducting with the help of my Guides that there are several incarnated demons and several people possessed by demons in places of high authority within the Swedish Judicial Court system and within the official Swedish TV mass media.

Some Truth about Demonic Possession 

In the New Testament there are several incidents related about people being possessed by demons.

In all of these incidents we learn that demons respond and submit to the authority of Jesus Christ.

To be continued...

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[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2020-09-09: Article 255 - Getting Involved 2


Preface to ‘Getting Involved’ 2


Our work will not be over when The Event takes place! In fact for many their real work will truly begin at that point. Here is a quote from the Bubbles of Heaven update # 40 which describes the time immediately after The Event.

"The fourth phase is called Unstable Film Boiling phase. Bubbles of Heaven have connected on the surface of the planet into a stable network (film) which forms the backbone of the new society, whereas the society itself as a whole is unstable, but processing, integrating and stabilizing. Islands of Light are being fully formed with active Contact."

In these past few weeks through deep introspection I have been guided to bring forth an awareness of how and why we need to continue our battle with darkness. The phase that is referred to above, will be a period of about two years’ time, when our vigilance for Heart centred living will require the inclusion of a decidedly clear approach to dealing with darkness in its many forms. It is my hope that these articles will help us to navigate that time period and become the true Warriors of Truth that we know ourselves to be in the depth of our being.


Getting Involved 2

As Lightworkers We Need a Greater Awareness of and Knowledge about Demonic Possession


9th September 2020

by Therese Zumi Sumner 


This subject may very well surprise many of my readers. Finally, I have been made aware all too clearly, about the absolute necessity of awareness and knowledge coming to the forefront regarding this subject now.

I am not aware of any Lightworker blogs having taken up this subject? It feels a bit like “if we just pretend that these entities do not exist then they will disappear.” 

Breaking Contracts

We have learned as Lightworkers that to keep ourselves free from darkness we must clearly state that we desire to break all contracts with dark beings. I am informed by my Guides that approximately 14% of Lightworkers have broken these contracts.

We have all had contracts with dark beings whether we like it or not, because otherwise we would not have been able to gain access to this matrix world that has been controlled by archons - the fallen angels. For example if we chose to come here to this planet from other places in this galaxy, or in the sister Andromeda galaxy, to help to support the removal of darkness and liberate humanity, we had no choice but to make agreements with the archons to be allowed to incarnate on Earth. The archons have had their Draconian Reptilians and other parasitical beings under their control to control humanity.


Demons do not follow any laws. Demons do not make deals or contracts. Demons for their survival are dependent upon the existence of negative emotional energy. They seek environments where they can consume negativity in some form.

People who are basically good human beings and who have an interest in doing good things for humanity can still be usurped by demons due to a lack of awareness. 

Knowledge is Power

I haven’t necessarily decided to avoid delving into this subject earlier. However, for whatever reasons I was not ready to do so until now. Now that I have begun investigating this subject, I realize that knowledge in this area is key to our ability to be able to see the whole truth of the matter in dealing with darkness. 

I see clearly now, that in not having a basic understanding of this subject, we are left open to being continually deceived in various circumstances. When the awareness of the darkness is not there it can continue to exist and manipulate and take away power from the many.

This loss of power comes about, simply because, when difficulties arise in our lives, that we do not how to deal with, that we do not understand, we do not even consider this subject as an eventual source of the problem.


When there are seeming inconsistencies in a person’s behaviour that puzzle us, when someone very surprisingly acts out of conduct, having a knowledge and awareness of this subject matter might very well be of importance in solving the situation.

Why Do Demons Choose Certain Individuals? 

Demons do not seek permission to enter a host body. Demons do what they like to do. They choose a victim and move in.

Are they attracted to certain individuals for greater gratification? i.e. for greater success in taking over some aspects of a person’s life.

There are no humans who seek being a host to a demonic being. However, some belief systems held by humans would certainly be a more attractive host for a demon. Darkness is always an attraction. Darkness can be lack of awareness.  

Let’s take some examples.

If someone has a tendency to go through life telling lies.

If someone has very strong anti-religious belief systems i.e. does not believe in God or the supernatural world.

If someone has an alcohol addiction.

Someone who has antisocial behaviour and has a tendency to avoid interacting with others.

Someone whose life is controlled and restrained in some way.

If someone is attracted to a knowledge of the ‘dark arts.’

Someone who goes through life unconsciously and does not take responsibility for their actions.

How Prevalent is Demonic Possession?

With 100% certainty you have either known / know of someone in your life that was/is possessed by a demon. This I am sure will amaze my readers and many will not believe this statement. That’s fine. I am not in any way suggesting that people start searching out or singling out people who might be possessed in their environment.

My aim with this series of articles {there will be a part 3 and 4} is to bring forth an awareness of this subject matter because with knowledge we can do so much more to correct this sad situation than when we are in the dark about this matter.

Different Types of Demons 

I came across a very interesting and enlightening article by someone in central Europe where I found a list of demonic entities. This person has from childhood been able to clearly see different dimensions and has a wealth of first-hand knowledge about the subject of demons. I will provide the names of some of the entities that my Guides have confirmed.

She discusses 1) Demons 2) Diabolic Beings {Ghosts of very evil deceased humans} 3 Hungry Ghosts {stuck lost human souls}.

This blogger has the following opinion and I feel that it is a point of view worthy of discussing. She says;

“I do not believe in ‘fighting’ darkness because we need both worlds... when people have unresolved issues and pain and are avoiding dealing with these problems... darkness (demons) hooking onto this can bring it into the limelight to be resolved” 

She believes that “this is the functionality of darkness... the cause of the entrance of darkness in the first place”. 

I have to say very decidedly that I cannot agree with either of these statements. Sadly to say this type of opinion regarding darkness is very prevalent in our world.

I will now attempt to explain why I do not agree with these ideas. 

We now know quite a lot of information about the origins of darkness on this beautiful planet. If you are interested and are not yet familiar with the information from the Resistance Movement via Cobra, then you can go to the webpage on my website that is entirely devoted to this subject matter. Here is the link to that page.


Also, I would like to say something here as a reminder that all of this darkness will end! When I say end, I mean END. Forget anything that you might believe to know about a 1000 years of peace and then the ‘devil’ being allowed to return for another while etc. NOT TRUTH. 

We are the very last planet in darkness to be liberated! 

When The Event is a fact that will be the time of the real beginning of the end of the reign of darkness {I have to say at this point that we have made HUGE STRIDES forward already and that SO MUCH darkness is already in the past.}  Darkness will not be making a return visit here. I recall an interview about 6 years ago with Drunvalo Melchizidek. He was asked this very question and he replied something in the fashion of “this fall into darkness will never be allowed to take place again. WE (he said) will not allow it!” I realised that the ‘we’ included me! I will never ever allow this to take place again! My inner voice ~ the little devil voice that’s comes from lives of programming ~ says “who do you think you are ~ making such a statement ~ the queen of Sheba”. Well we are all ONE: I do not believe for one fraction of a second that Divine Mother ~ Goddess wishes for more suffering on the part of humanity. When I say 1 and We I mean the entire Co. of Heaven ~ the entire Council of Love ~ and the entire Galactic Confederation ~ and all of us together will never allow these ‘mistakes’ to take place again. We will create a sort of ‘reset button’ to be used so that no-one can ever get lost again!


To be continued;

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[GaiaPortal] 2020-09-07: Premium ideas are recognized by humanity.


Premium ideas are recognized by humanity.

Stellar contacts promote themselves.

Highest alignments are encouraged.

Freedom comes.



[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2020-09-07: Article 254 - Getting Involved

 Preface to ‘Getting Involved’


Our work will not be over when The Event takes place! In fact for many their real work will truly begin at that point. Here is a quote from the Bubbles of Heaven update # 40 which describes the time immediately after The Event.

"The fourth phase is called Unstable Film Boiling phase. Bubbles of Heaven have connected on the surface of the planet into a stable network (film) which forms the backbone of the new society, whereas the society itself as a whole is unstable, but processing, integrating and stabilizing. Islands of Light are being fully formed with active Contact."

In these past few weeks through deep introspection I have been guided to bring forth an awareness of how and why we need to continue our battle with darkness. The phase that is referred to above, will be a period of about two years’ time, when our vigilance for Heart centred living will require the inclusion of a decidedly clear approach to dealing with darkness in its many forms. It is my hope that these articles will help us to navigate that time period and become the true Warriors of Truth that we know ourselves to be in the depth of our being.


Getting Involved! 1


6th September 2020 

Therese Zumi Sumner


When Darkness is Allowed to Win


I would like to begin by telling a short true story to give an example of how fear can hinder our true expression. A dear friend of mine found herself in an unhappy position. She was visiting an ancient tourist attraction with a female relative and her co-habitor. They had just had some coffee in a garden cafe. While walking through the garden on the way back to the car, my friend noticed a small child about 5-6 years old who had climbed to the top of a very tall tree about 6-7 meters high. My friend wanted to return to the cafe area and ask people there if anyone was missing a five year old boy. However upon suggesting this she was immediately prevented from taking this action by her relatives’ male partner, who said decidedly “Don’t get involved”. Because she was a guest of the couple, she did not return to the cafe but felt very sad and concerned that she had gone against her own natural reaction of concern for the child.

This is a good example of how we can allow darkness to take control of a situation.

Speaking our truth ~ expressing who we truly are ~ being who we truly are is the way forward that we all must go. If we call ourselves light-workers, if we stand for truth, if we want to show the way and be examples of truth, then we need to work hard now at being our true selves through correct action in the world.

Can you always be your true self?

Can you stand up for who you are even when no one else around you is backing you up?

Darkness is prevalent everywhere. It has power in families. It has power in all of our workplaces. We all know what power it has in our societies.

So how do we take this power back from darkness?

We start with ourselves.

We start where we are now.

We start in our own lives.

We become Pillars of Truth.

We dare to speak up and say how we see things. 

Darkness grows stronger while we remain silent!

‘Speak the truth and shame the devil’ is something that I heard growing up in Catholic Ireland.

Ireland in the 50, s and 60, s wasn’t an easy place to tell the truth as you saw it, because gossiping was a big pastime in society then. Gossiping is still a big pastime. Darkness loves gossip. Somebody who is seen as a threat - somebody who stands up to authority and goes their own way - needs to be ostracized by spreading gossip. This still happens everywhere on the planet in workplaces, families and neighbourhoods.

It demands strength to stand up to gossip. It demands strength to go your own way. One would imagine that speaking the truth is easy for a lightworker. I mean a lightworker is someone who fights for the truth - someone who wants the truth to be spread - that must mean that lightworkers are great at always being in their truth?

Not so,

Generally speaking I believe that I can safely say that the average lightworker has had to battle their way through life one way or another. Many of us have been silenced in different ways and had to learn through many challenges and therapies of various kinds how to regain our voices and live our truth.

We have all had to pay the price for this in one way or another. 

It’s High Time to Perfect Living Our Truth

Being in our truth at all times does not in any way mean that we speak our truth unkindly. It does not in any way give us the right to create guilt in other people unnecessarily. Truth if used indiscriminately can hurt and delay a person’s development.

We need to be aware at all times that truth can be expressed in a way that is not confrontational. 

Some bad examples of truth speaking.

“You are a bully.” “You like to bully others.” “You don’t care about other people’s feelings.” “You have zero leadership abilities.” “You treat staff unequally.” 

Examples of how one might express these feelings.

"Why does it seem to me that some people are excluded?"  "Why is that person being excluded or being treated a certain way?"  "Have you considered that ‘Mary’ now feels excluded?"  "Some of the staff feel ‘less than’ because certain people are treated preferentially."

"The group cannot work as a team when people are treated differently."

Selling Ourselves Short and Allowing Darkness to Win 

We need to develop our antennae even more and not turn a blind eye when we can see darkness taking over in everyday situations around us. Here I am referring specially to allowing dark individuals free reign and not shedding light on this in some way.

When we see darkness and know that it exists in some situation ~ when we turn our backs on it because it creates a sense of fear or anxiety within us to speak up in some way ~ then we are allowing darkness to have its way.

I am particularly referring to the darkness close to us in our everyday environment. This is where the ‘foot soldiers’ of truth need to be taking back control over our societies. We all need to truly begin telling the truth and shaming the devil. 

When we Transit ~ when we experience Compression Breakthrough ~ when The Event has taken place, it will not mean in any way shape or form that our work is done. Due to the arrests of millions a lot of darkness will be removed but that does not mean that we are rid of darkness.

I am being told that for darkness to ‘give up’ we will need to bring it to light in every way possible through enlightened leadership. This enlightened leadership means you and me calling out darkness for what it is and thus stifling its existence. When we shed light upon darkness it cannot continue. 

If we sell ourselves short and turn our backs on the darkness it remains powerful and we lose our power.

Are you on board in the Light Brigade?

To be continued; 

Monday, August 31, 2020

[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2020-08-30: Article 253 - Huge Numbers ~ Millions ~ Demonstrated Yesterday in Berlin for Freedom

I wrote the main part of this article yesterday evening after viewing multiple videos showing the people moving into the main demonstration square from ALL roads leading into Berlin. At the main meeting point there is a stage where speakers are addressing the crowds which are huge. On August 1st there was also a huge demonstration in Berlin and the media all over Europe are telling us that 20,000 people were demonstrating then, when the facts show that there were closer to one million 1,000,000 people.

Yesterday the expectations were even higher with several million people planning to come to Berlin. As I write this now it is Sunday morning and we do not have exact details of numbers but definitely there were even more people gathered than the 1 million on August 1st. My guess is that there were at least 1.5 million people demonstrating in Berlin yesterday!

Robert F Kennedy is in Berlin to be part of this and I am providing the best video here of him speaking yesterday! A MUST see of 12 minutes.


Written yesterday evening…

It will be very interesting to see if the media in Europe tell us anything at all this evening about these demonstrations. There might be up to 2 MILLION PEOPLE demonstrating in Berlin today! I have a strong feeling that the cabal also have their plans and will be using this situation to their benefit in some way.

It’s as if the whole world is erupting in demonstrations right now. The importance of our ongoing meditation and visualization of the Flower of Life and Pink Loving energy flooding the surface of the planet is truly necessary to prevent over violent reactions at this time.

I have to say that while watching the videos of the German people gathering and walking to these demonstrations it all seems to be perfectly calm and people seem to be generally in a good mood and enjoying the feeling of uniting in this way... I have not seen a single angry looking person on the footage that I have seen.

Here first a video showing people on the way towards the demonstration ~ some of the signs on the placards read like “RKI is the institute for the corona laws, and paid by Gates foundation” … “They can’t count!” … “Do they call this Freedom” …  “Let the masks fall” …  “Where your freedom ends” … “We ae the 2. Wave” … This first video is only a minute long


This next one which is over an hour clearly lets you see that there are huge numbers of people everywhere in the streets that this girl Carolin Matthie is showing us on her walk all over the city…

*Ein historischer Tag in Berlin?!// Wir sind dabei! Großdemonstration für unser aller Freiheit! 🍀’


Yet another hour long video here, showing how the demonstrators are calm, collected, relaxed and unified in this peaceful demonstration.


This 4 hour old video {8 mins long} already viewed by close to 250,000 people show clearly that the numbers gathering are enormous!


It seems that the mainstream media is saying that the demonstration is over but that makes no sense when the livestream is viewed {and there are many live stream videos}.

The police have been blocking some movement of people using cars and trucks.  The government has said that this is not allowed, because it seems that the highest court has allowed this demonstration.

So, the police are breaking the law.


Here are some of the reasons that the German people are gathering in Berlin.

1} The reasons are many and that’s why so many people are united. Different groups ~ the majority of people ~ are demonstrating for the following;

The Consequences of the Virus Restrictions, Lockdowns, Loss of work, Economy, Stupid Laws about the wearing of masks etc. like Children wearing masks in schools, 

2} Then there are groups demonstrating in front of the US and Russian Embassies ~ they were already demonstrating there on Friday 28th August.

They demonstrate there to demand that Trump and Putin finally give Germany peace after WW2.

It would seem that the Peace Contract that was promised then is still missing!!

3} Also I am informed that there have been NO VALID LAWS since 1871.

This is because there has never been an official Peace Contract and thus Germany is not a state but an enterprise and the gov is the CEO BRD Gmbh, which is listed in a Luxembourg register!!! 

This means that everything in Germany is a lie, no court, Justice, has the right to decide, rule, or speak about rights.

The consequences of this mean that paying tax is not allowed, but if you do not pay tax the government will take you down! 

Another consequence of this is that the entire German government and administration are workers in an enterprise, and all of this must end now!

4} Yet again others are demonstrating because Merkel has installed a dictatorship… just like it was in the old DDR – Eastern Germany.

It would seem that this is also true regarding the EU and many politicians are paid by the Soros foundation! 

Besides all of the above, Ministries and people are paid by the Gates foundation.

People in the demonstration have been seen carrying placards demanding the arrest of these guilty people.

The Truth and The Lies that MSM Report about this Demonstration

It’s 6:30 pm {Sat} and I’m watching a livestream sending by RT of the demonstration, where the people have gathered to listen to various speakers and the place is absolutely jam packed although people are moving in and out all the time. Every age group is represented in this demonstration. It’s Completely peaceful and wonderfully inspiring to see that the German people have truly united in saying exactly what they think about the corona restrictions and are desiring real change in their society.

Berlin 29th August 2020 ~ Press Image to Enlarge

Swedish 7pm News

I will shortly watch the 7pm Tv 4 Swedish channel news to see if this demonstration is taken up. Remember that Germany is one of Sweden’s next door neighbours.

This is what TV 4 reported.

“This is what it looked like on Saturday {a short video view from one street} when about 18,000 people demonstrated in Berlin against corona restrictions. The placards read “stop corona lies” and “freedom and health”. The demonstrators were a mixture of “extremists” from both right and left sides + vaccine opponents + conspiracy theorists!!!

The demonstration was allowed if people kept a 1:5 meter distance from one another. When this was not followed the police demanded that people put on masks and when people did not listen the police had to break up the demonstration at 1pm. However pictures from Brandenburger Square later this afternoon show that large numbers of people are still there.”

{OK they just HAD to tell about this demonstration having taken place. So the official German Msm report is what Sweden is telling us. NOT THE TRUTH - No surprise!!!}

7:30 pm Public Service Swedish Official channel.

This is what our official news channel reported. One sentence!

“About 20,000 people demonstrated in Berlin today against corona restrictions, but the police had to break up the demonstration because the people were not following restrictions of wearing masks etc.”

So there you have it that’s European EU Mainstream Media for you... all lies, lies and more lies...

The German people have not had an easy time in the aftermath of WW2. I have memories from the seventies of Swedish people traveling on sun holidays in Southern Europe and hearing complaints about the German tourists going down to the beach early morning and placing out their belongings, to get good places to sunbath, claiming large areas of the beach. My feelings at that time was that these were attempts made to keep their distance from others. They had to ‘take the blame’ for the holocaust for at least 5 decades. The majority of people in the rest of Europe couldn’t understand how the Germans had allowed themselves to be duped by Hitler. Hitler managed to control the German people through fear tactics.

The whole world has now been duped by fear tactics.

The German people are the most awake in Europe ~ indeed maybe the most awake in the world. They are not going to be fooled by Nazi fear tactics one more time.

Mainstream Media Control of Information Worldwide


When I this morning August 30th, 2020 seek images from yesterday’s demonstration in Berlin ...I see images from Belarus, Hong Kong, China, Catalonia etc...

Here are the numbers of demonstrators given by various MSM sources today August 30th

BBC News says... 38,000 and a lot more lies and propaganda

New York Times... “Thousands” gather to protest in Berlin about corona restrictions, but police shut down demonstration after one hour”

Washington Post... far right extremists try to storm German parliament.

Reuter’s... US News... In berlin the police arrested 300 and disbanded a protest... the number of 38,000 people is mentioned in the article with other propaganda.


Please share this information with anyone that might be awakened by it! Please make it viral on your blogs and websites… Namaste

Saturday, August 29, 2020

[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2020-08-27: Article 252 - There is Nothing ~ Absolutely Nothing ~ More Important than Love (Part Two of Three)

27th August 2020

By Therese Zumi Sumner

Importance of Keeping Dreams Alive

Never Give Up Your Dream

We should not allow anything to hold us back any longer from doing what we need to do to lay the ground for the realisation of our dreams.

The more time that we spend actually fine tuning the vision of how things will be when our dream is a reality, the quicker that we are bringing ourselves and everyone else into the reality we desire to see.

Exactly one year ago from now the RM reminded us that we could push forward into our new existence on Nova Gaia by BEING THERE in our THOUGHTS, MIND AND EMOTIONS through taking a short while regularly to DAYDREAM about the most important goals that we wished to attain.

This is key and do not forget it.

Do not let any circumstances hold you back from keeping your dream alive.

Some Dreams Died?

This process has taken such a long time that many Lightworkers did not reach their dreams before the cabal interfered in their lives and ended them prematurely. So, what happens to those dreams that were not realised? We know that death as such does not exist. There is no end... dreams will somehow be realised eventually - even if we do not have a clue as to how that will take place. Believe me for the Mother there is no such thing as the impossible.

The Necessary Exchange of Sacred Love for a Planets Survival

On Nova Gaia many people will once again become acquainted with the knowledge, of just how important... no ~ how necessary... loving sexual intercourse between a man and a woman is ~ as the key to literally bringing Heaven to Earth.

How do you destroy the power for peace and balance and harmony? How do you destroy the most powerful force in the universe... namely the power of Divine Love being present on a planet? You need to know about and understand the answer to this question.

This is what you do...

The archons and their minions the draconian reptilians along with the Jesuits and the black nobility families have focused 80% of their energetic efforts in controlling humanity by creating every possible hinder imaginable that could prevent the success of loving sexual relationships on this planet.

If you would like to understand the depths that they have gone to... things that are not visible to the naked eye, then go to Dark Cabal Rulers and see in the ‘Archon’ information articles what types of invisible methods they have used.


There are many more interesting facts to be found about this subject that have also been provided to us via Cobra. You can find a lot of this information on the page The New Atlantis. A large part of this information can be found in the articles gathered below the New Atlantis video which is clearly visible when you roll down the page.


Besides these unseen forces being used to destroy loving relationships between soulmates and twin souls, there is so much that has been visibly, purposefully created to make human love relationships as difficult as possible.

1} Approximately 65% of Hollywood films have been purposefully created to have a negative effect on people’s beliefs and opinions about relationships in general

2} At least 30% of these films have created character pictures of women aimed at making men suspicious of women in general.

3} Religions were created for this very purpose!!! Here I am referring mainly to the Roman Catholic Church. If you were raised a Catholic like I was in the Republic of Ireland, you would have an understanding for the hypocrisies created by the church in this area of relationships.

4} You have all heard the appeal ‘make love not war’. Well just look at this planet. Just look at our entertainment business. If I for example take a look at the 16 channels that are available in my apartment block then a quick look at the programs available show clearly that violence, war, terror and fear compose a huge part of what’s available.

5} The pornographic industry. The evidence is overwhelming that regular consumption of pornography most definitely harms relationships. This article provides facts from research in this area.


After The Event

Societies values will change dramatically and quickly. Clear evidence will be provided to show how the ideal of loving relationships has been purposely attacked in every possible way.

Maybe your mission in the future might be connected to bringing a much greater balance and harmony to young people’s understanding of the importance of love and respect between the sexes which will be a very necessary part of the basis for our New Renaissance Society ~ a basis for The New Atlantis.

To read Part One of this aricle go to Article # 249 below.

[GaiaPortal] 2020-08-29: Pessimistics dissolve


Pessimistics dissolve.

Higher Energies come in to the midst.

Petrifications are crumbled.

Awakenings accelerate.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2020-08-25: Article 251 - We Could Never Be Ready for The Event


25th August 2020

by Therese Zumi Sumner

Soon, in an utterly unexpected fashion the signal will go out from Source and the many unknown factors of what The Event entails will begin. The omnipotent effect of the final Flash from Source will travel to our shores at the speed of Love i.e. in no time at all, and the last remnants of the Net-Veil-Matrix will be dissolved. This will come as an absolute surprise to everyone with very little if any warning.

Cobra agreed to take on the role of preparing us for these moments in time. As you are no doubt aware if you have been following his work, there are no other blogs that provide the type of information that he does.

Many other amazing lightworkers have worked tirelessly for decades to awaken the many from the sleeping state that our world has existed in. Millions have been awakened to a greater understanding about the various factions controlling us from behind the scenes. Yet the truth of the matter is, that there is only one blog that has provided us with the entire picture of the truth in all of its myriad details and that blog is The Portal.

But I ask you, how many people actually know about the information provided on The Portal? This website here has aimed to support Cobra’s work and provide an overview of that information to help provide a bigger picture that is easily accessible. There are a number of other websites that have provided their readers with every update from Cobra. But how many people have been ready and able to assimilate this huge amount of information? In the greater scheme of things ~ not many at all.

When The Event Has Taken Place

How many people do you believe will literally wake up from their sleep when the first steps of The Event have taken place and actually know for a fact what has happened?

The number of people who will wake up and have a complete understanding of the fact that “we have just been liberated from thousands of years of imprisonment”, will be very few and far between. I am informed that the number here would be approximately 350,000 people. The rest of the 7:8 billion will not have a clue as to what is taking place.

Traveling in a Different World

We might try to consider how things could feel. Different is a word that we can guarantee. Let’s make a comparison.

Let’s imagine that someone you trust takes you on a surprise trip to another part of the world that you know absolutely nothing about. Everything seems different. The people act differently. These people seem to have lost all sense of boundaries regarding expressing their true feelings. People everywhere are openly discussing their concerns about something big that has taken place. People are supporting one another both practically and emotionally.

Time Will Standstill

This pandemic situation has in fact been a really good time of preparation for a time when nothing will be ‘business as usual’ on our planet.

People all over the globe have been faced with changes to their normal lives one way or another.

So despite the evil plans behind this **pandemic  and despite the worldwide restrictions put in place through the united power of the worldwide Cabal, we have had the opportunity to become more prepared for a change, that indeed cannot be described in words until it is a fact.

**The pandemic has been effective to a degree of 5% from what was planned.

The restrictions that they have succeeded in placing on people are based upon much higher figures of infected and casualties. The figures we are informed about are all tampered with. Proof of this tampering with figures has been seen worldwide.

This past week one county {Östergötland} in Sweden did a complete check on the numbers of deaths in that county that were recorded as being due to COVID-19. The conclusion that they reached was that 85% !!! of the elderly people {the death count in Sweden includes the deaths among elderly in geriatric homes, unlike many other countries} had NOT died from corona as reported!... but because of their age - over 88 years - and other bodily weaknesses and diseases that they would have soon died from anyway... with the sudden effects from the slightest little cold or infection.

This is the truth about this pandemic in Sweden and everywhere else on this planet.


If we were restricted during this pandemic the situation after The Event will also include restrictions... at least to begin with.

Why restrictions? Well they will not be put into place by some authoritarian group but arise due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control.

So many things in our society that we take for granted will simply not be functioning because the people needed to make these facilities work will be in varying states of chock.

Let’s take a few examples. Transport. Selling of all kinds of commodities. Schools. Day-care. Hospitals. Industry...

Let’s take a look at powerful organisations that would normally be involved during states of emergency. The first one that comes to mind is the United Nations. This huge organization has many very corrupt individuals in powerful positions. As high a number as 15% of these people at the top of this organisation will be among the first to be arrested. So, let’s just say that we will not be relying upon information coming from the UN at this time.

Next ~ let us take a look at major politicians currently in power around the globe. On average we can expect the arrests of 20% of our politicians. The other 80% will be in such states of chock that they could not be relied upon to lead anyone.

Press Image to Enlarge

2 Worlds Collide

What does the average person or family on this planet spend their time doing?

They work... they have some kind of job to earn money so that they can pay their rent, electricity, heating, food etc. A very lucky 7% of them truly love their work too.

They save money if possible so that they can have better homes, holidays and enjoy some activities beyond work and school.

More than 50% of people believe in an existence of some kind after death.

15% of people... about 1 out of 6 people... have an interest in the existence of life on other planets.

6% of people believe in the existence of galactic beings.

You Are An Odd Ball Just So You Know It!

If you believe all of the stuff that is written on this site, then you are most definitely definable as an odd ball by 75% = by 3 out of every 4 people.

If it were not for the oddballs, then nothing would change. So one could say that it is our fault that things are changing. But In fact it is not us who are leading the way towards change ~ it is being called upon from Source. Divine Mother ~ Goddess wants a return to peace everywhere and we are answering Her Call.

She has chosen you to be a part of bringing about this much needed change.

So why am I writing these facts? I am hoping that it will help you to understand just what a huge chock it will be for your friends and families to wake up.

I have a complete and deep first-hand knowledge, understanding and experience of what I am speaking about.

A total collision of worlds is soon to take place.

A total collision of world views is about to take place very shortly.

    ~     ~     ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~

We Need To Be Examples of Truth


You are now being called upon to be a living example of truth and integrity.

People around you will be in great need of stable and loving humans around them that have an understanding about what is taking place when their whole world is swinging – erupting - falling apart.

If you have been following this type of information for at least 18 months you know enough to be a balancing factor when the truth of our imprisonment here by dark beings becomes common knowledge.

You will not need to memorize facts and be an entire library of information about whose who, or what happened and when.

The facts that need to be made known to humanity will be heard by everyone.

They will be delivered in a balanced way at a pace that makes them as easily digestible as possible by the many.

We cannot in any way affect the level of shock which will be very individual, but we can be the ‘rock’ that stands still and balanced and can comfort and ease the awakening process.

Your poise and balance and harmony will have a hugely positive effect upon people around you and on the road that they must inevitably follow towards an acceptance of the new reality.

Never before has it ever been as important a time for you to be in your most balanced calm and harmonious state.

Therefore - it is paramount that you are fully accepting of yourself now.

Love yourself and all else will follow.

A Time of Repair

Humanity as a whole will now have to begin a process of repairing the way that they exist. Their thoughts about reality will have to be completely and utterly revised.

From the very moment of The Event we as a planet will now exist in a very very different set of ‘rules of existence’.

We as the human race are entitled to have everything that we need to exist on this planet free of charge, simply because we exist here.

The new laws that will be introduced will only be for our benefit and for the prevention of unnecessary harm to others.

It’s going to take some time for people to adjust to being free beings on a free planet.

寒山拾得 Hanshan and Shide ~ Press Image to Enlarge

The Secret to Our Success Now ~ Relax and Laugh and Trust


This is a picture from the Illustrated I Ching book {my greatest treasure } of a monk and his friend a poet in a state of calculated waiting, chuckling with each other while expecting a turn of events...which promise to be positive.

The viewer is recommended to ‘quit worrying, relax and try to be happy because the divination is one of good fortune in spite of how things might seem at the moment.’

This is the state of mind that I have now decided to remain in at present.

We know without a shadow of a doubt that ‘a positive end result is secured’!


These visualisations ~ like for example seeing a pink light energy covering the entire surface of Gaia and seeing the Flower of Life pattern {see image just below this article # 250} like a beautiful Golden Cage encompassing the planet are SO SIMPLE to do... anytime ~ anywhere ~ and KNOW that this lowers the risk for violent reactions during these end days.

Sending each of you much Light and Love TZ