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[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2021-02-26: Article 347 - THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS MESSAGE


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Today is the 2nd March 2021 and I have decided that I need to say in very specific and clear words what you are about to read about.

The end results ~ the very reason that you are being provided with mRNA so called vaccines is for no other reason than to turn your body into a virus producing machine. This is how they will continue to spread the virus. Eventually those foreign mRNA substances will multiply in your body along with the continual natural process of new cells being created. One day the foreign mRNA will transform into a foreign corona protein. Suddenly you will be a walking corona virus factory dangerously contagious to everyone you meet.

The Face of the Antichrist is the person known to us as Bill Gates. This person is NOT a human being. This person is an incarnated demon. Demons have no feelings whatsoever. They are just evil. This Antichrist has singlehandedly developed the plans to destroy humanity. Our DNA which is our DIVINITY – the Divine code in our cells that uses messenger RNA {mRNA} to create the human body - is at stake here. This plan - this insidious evil horrific plan to send a foreign mRNA into our bodies is the work of no other than the Devil – the Antichrist. He has succeeded.

You need to stand up and start screaming from the rooftops everywhere that this is the destruction of the human race that is taking place before our very eyes.

Why has there not been anyone on the MSM even questioning what these so called mRNA vaccines are? I for one did not truly understand the whole evil plan until yesterday. Yes, I have written out the warning video transcript about mRNA from Dr Louise Lagendijk in # 333. There we learned that this will cause Auto-Immune responses - the body attacking itself.  But it was yesterday that the pieces finally fell into place. The complete understanding of the evil plan. Now this morning I have been Guided to write what I have just said.

The following is what I began writing to you last night

I have to begin by saying. that I spoke too soon in my Heart to Heart message! # 345. There, I said that we all knew everything about the darkness and more! I was VERY wrong, and I discovered that when I took the time some hours ago to study a short video which was part of a mail update from James Gilliland. The link to that video was posted directly as the # 000 link {top of page} that I provided on Thursday the 25th. Its rather strange that I decided to call the # 000. Zero to me is the Divine number in Numerology. And strangely enough in this short message of 13 minutes the gentleman speaking explains about our DNA in such a beautiful way as being our Divinity – our Godliness and how ‘little Billy Gates’ whose father and grandfathers were both eugenicists, has found a way to interfere in the God Gene and destroy it.

This is what I learned in that video:

The Moderna Vaccine company was founded by Anthony Fauci. It {Moderna Vaccine} like the Pfizer vaccine is an mRNA vaccine. However on the Moderna website it’s not described as a vaccine but as ‘an operating system’ {operating system like the one in your telephone with nanotechnology etc}. For a nano element {silicon} to be fooled into ‘sticking’ to a human cell structure requires a very pure form of human cells thus the use of embryonic foetal human tissue cells in vaccines.

Also to recreate the corona virus one needs 4 proteins. 4 different mRNA substances. These cannot be administered in the ONE vaccine that’s why there are 2 injections. The first injection includes 1 protein in the form of corona mRNA. The second one the other three proteins also in the form of mRNA. A normal vaccine uses spike proteins from whatever substance one desires the immune system to react to. This is NOT A VACCINE! This is genetic wholesale murder and destruction of the human body DNA.

Once these foreign mRNA protein substances are injected into your cells there is NO-WAY BACK. Do you understand?

The sum result of this technology when the mRNA transfers to becoming corona proteins inside your cells = YOUR BODY BECOMES A VIRUS PRODUCING FACTORY NON STOP – IN OTHER WORDS YOU BECOME LIKE A ZOMBIE.

You would be extremely dangerous and contagious to everyone that came close to you. You would be avoided at all costs.

During this video the gentleman relating this info is talking about this subject to a friend via a link. His friend took the time to check out the CDC site thoroughly and low and behold the CDC site has a special ZOMBIE PREPAREDNESS PAGE.

Why would the CDC be providing Zombie Preparedness information? This might sound mad and funny but its far from that. Its very real. The plan behind the mRNA so called vaccines is to produce Zombies. Why? Well you go figure that one out!

Here is the link to the CDC Zombie Preparedness page.

Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse

In case you might not know the CDC is a deep state cabal website - nothing else.

I found the following on the Moderna Company Wikipedia info about the Moderna vaccine

“It is a novel technique, previously abandoned because of the side effects of inserting mRNA into cells.”

In March 2013, Moderna and AstraZeneca signed a five-year exclusive option agreement to discover, develop, and commercialize mRNA for treatments in the therapeutic areas of cardiovascular, metabolic, and renal diseases, and selected targets for cancer.[11][25][26] The agreement included a $240 million upfront payment to Moderna, a payment that was "one of the largest ever initial payments in a pharmaceutical industry licensing deal that does not involve a drug already being tested in clinical trials",[25] and an 8% share in Moderna.[24] As of May 2020, only one candidate has passed Phase I trials, a treatment for myocardial ischemia, labelled AZD8601.[a][28]

In January 2014, Moderna and Alexion Pharmaceuticals entered a $125 million deal for orphan diseases in need of therapies. Alexion paid Moderna $100 million for 10 product options to develop rare-disease treatments, including for Crigler-Najjar syndrome, using Moderna's mRNA therapeutics platform.[29]

By 2016, Bancel told an audience of JPMorgan Chase investors that the work with Alexion would shortly enter human trials. However, by 2017, the program with Alexion had been scrapped as the animal trials showed that Moderna's treatment would never be safe enough for use in humans.[11][13]

In February 2016, an op-ed in Nature criticized Moderna for not publishing any peer-reviewed papers on its technology, unlike most other emerging and established biotech companies, and compared its approach to that of the controversially failed Theranos.[30]

In September 2018, Thrillist published an article titled, "Why This Secretive Tech Start-Up Could Be The Next Theranos",[31] criticizing its reputation for secrecy and the absence of scientific validation or independent peer-review of its research, though having the highest valuation of any U.S. private biotech company at more than $5 billion.[11][12]

A former Moderna scientist told Stat: "It's a case of the emperor's new clothes. They're running an investment firm, and then hopefully it also develops a drug that's successful".[11]

Finally a video that was deleted and finally resurfaced about the Antichrist – Bill Gates

[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2021-02-26: Article 346 - The JOY of Community

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Readers who have been following this blog for a few years will know that we were informed approximately 2:5 years ago that Angelic Beings in large numbers had now joined us here around the surface of Gaia.

One year later we were told that Archangelic Beings had also come here to join with the first arriving Angelic’s. I have mentioned this fact time and time again.

Now we have real evidence of this fact.

When we meditated on December 21st, 202,  on the 3rd and final Age of Aquarius Activation, we were surrounded by all of these Angelic’s. Then later Cobra informed us that the result of this Community effort brought about the subsequent beginning of the clearing up of the dark matrix energies.

“Our activation was a huge success; we have reached the critical mass many times over with about 400,000 people participating in the meditation…

From then on, clearing of the primary anomaly on the surface of this planet is taking place.

The Light Forces have also managed to anchor pure Light on the surface of the planet for the first time since 1996.

Many Light Beings and Goddesses were present in their energy bodies around people meditating, and they have managed to take a quite detailed sample of the Matrix structure.

With greater understanding of the quantum structure of the Matrix, they are now removing exotic quantum dark technologies with full speed.”

I wrote these words as an introduction to these two videos below, both are from the clearing of energies in Dublin Ireland where I grew up. The first is about an hour long and shows on the left hand side of the camera view the building called the Four Courts which is the main Dublin courthouse. To the right we see the view down along the river Liffey which runs through Dublin. Those familiar with the city will need to understand that O Connell Street which is the main street in the city is further down the Liffey towards the right.

The second video which I saw first today seems to have zoomed in closer to the view on the right hand side of the longer video. However the advantage here is that you can clearly see the many Angelic beings when the camera zooms in close. Enjoy!!!

PS: I would like to say that some of the comments made in the videos have no basis in reality and serve only to confuse. But remarkable videos!

Also ~ in case you have not seen it # 325 shows this activity in the Hague Holland.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2021-02-24: Article 345 - Heart ♥️ to Heart ♥️


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I want to share with you exactly what’s on my mind and in my heart at present.

For various reasons I have found myself diving very deeply into the matrix structure in recent weeks. Normally I would not have been listening to so many videos of alternative celebrities discussing this that and the other. I discovered many inconsistencies. I was left questioning all kinds of things regarding truth and lies and manipulation. Who is who in the alternative world? Who is real Light and who is false light?

I can now say that I truly believe that I know the answers to those questions. Without having a background where I have followed Cobra’s blog info religiously since April 2012, I don’t imagine that I would have the knowledge to recognize truth from lies on the internet. Of course I have also had to go through a visit to hell and return, a couple of times myself, to gain a much deeper awareness of who might be manipulating who and why at a deeper level. These Jesuits! Yeah ~ they have truly been masters of deception big time.

After the Event the world is going to learn so much truth about how these Jesuit imposters, about how their ‘work’ and fame led humanity astray in one area after another. Wow are they going to be surprised.

You will of course understand that because they are masters of deception, they have in NO WAY forgotten to keep in tune with what the true Light community is revealing. No way! No ~ they know it all!! They always make sure that they are also leading the way into the future. They have so many clever people doing the job of being our saviours one more time in every area imaginable.

This is where I am now in my heart ♥️.

I am so so tired of all of this sharing of information. I really don’t give two hoots any longer about reading about the latest sad stories of how the masks increase the risk of being infected, {truth}, or that the PCR tests are spreading nano technology, {truth} or that an actor is playing Biden’s role {not true ~ he’s doing a good job himself of playing the role of president} etc.

I’m tired ~ so very tired of all of it! X 100.

It will all be over soon so who gives a - - - -. {Choose your own four letter word}.

You have to be able to swear now and again to survive living in the matrix.

Where are you going?

What are your plans for the time beyond the Event?

What bright visions do you have to focus upon daily now because THATS WHERE OUR FOCUS NEEDS TO BE.

Let’s leave the digging for the latest news doing the rounds to those that are newly awakening. We’ve heard IT ALL. We have heard it all and MORE.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2021-02-23: Article 344 - The State of the Matrix

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This photograph of a torn and broken net is a very good reminder of our situation.

The Matrix ~ Web ~ Net ~ Veil ~ or more correctly the electromagnetic fence that has surrounded this planet and kept us at a distance from our Galactic Family and the rest of the Universe for so long is in a sorry state.

Nor can it be mended.


Sunday, February 21, 2021

[GaiaPortal] 2021-02-21: Partners of duality unify

Partners of duality unify.

Melchoir elements sing.

Spatial components delineate the martyrs.

Forgiveness marks the time.


[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2021-02-17: Article 343 - NESARA ~ GESARA

[Original article can be found here:]

Thérèse Z here; In these exciting final days prior to the greatest ever change imaginable taking place, I see that there will be much truth brought to the surface and the subject of NESARA GESARA will be widely discussed. So I have decided to repost several of the many articles that I have written about this subject over the years. I wrote the following article in August of 2019. I have decided to create a page on the website for this subject matter. So after this introduction below you can read the full article on the new NESARA ~ GESARA page linked here.

The Event ~ NESARA ~ GESARA ~ The Reval ~ The Reset ~ The New Financial System ~ Saint Germain

The term NESARA has been familiar to many of you for many years. This term was the only one used originally but as this term explains the return of money to the people and concerns the USA the term GESARA was introduced ~ G for global. Many are continually upset about the old financial system still being in place, believing some of the regular reports from people speculating that there will be some announcement soon from someone like Trump or the head of the international Monetary Fund to say that the old system will now be replaced by the new!! For the very last time I write what I have written for the past 7 years in so many articles. The old financial system will be shut down completely at the time of The Event and replaced within a time period of approximately one week by the New Financial System.


I must add that not all info available about the Re-set of the financial system is completely reliable.  Some have placed a lot of focus on ‘things-papers etc.’ that need to be organised in readiness to receive what we are due when the day has come. This information concerns the USA and things like Constitutional Law, elections, banking laws etc.  When I have browsed these articles I have reflected over the fact that this seems to only concern the USA which of course is far from the truth and the changes in banking, government, law etc. will occur worldwide and plans for this have been in place for 40 years at least.

To Continue reading;

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2021-02-16: Article 342 - An Idea Came to Me

  [Original article can be found here:]

Thérèse Z here; There is a humongous cleansing taking place right now all over our planet. Before I say any more about this cleansing process a short reminder of how the deep state controllers simultaneously continue to expand the removal of our freedom.

This removal of freedom is very clear in some countries now for quite a while. Here you can see a visual map with animation that shows the development of lockdowns worldwide for over one year from January 24th, 2020 up to February 2nd, 2021. Take a look at this animation map!

A good friend reminded me this morning what the actual exact translation of the letters COVID really means Certificate Of Vaccine ID. She went on to write the following...

A short list of the rights that we still had one year ago but no longer have.

The right to travel

The right to gather

The right to pray

Right to education

Right to work

Right to a healthy private life

She points out that if we don’t get these rights back soon, we might lose them altogether.

So you and I are well aware of the fact, that the goal for our controllers is that we are all provided with a COVID a certificate of vaccine ID, that will essentially control our every move, what we can or cannot buy, if we are allowed to visit restaurants, cinemas, food stores, yeah... the list is endless. A pure dystopian society is the plan where currency currently in use will be replaced by a digital system that they control. That is to say THEIR IDEA OF A GLOBAL FINANCIAL RESET.

Do you not find that some of the current ongoing discussions in the alternative media are way too much focused upon a period of time ahead of us, when things are likely to get much worse? Some people are discussing the eventual return of President Trump {still the officially recognized POTUS}. They mention in those discussions how a likely 3rd political centrist type party will emerge and come back in the 2022 elections.

As far as I’m concerned, and from what I can clearly see taking place ~ the NWO ~ New World Order plans are about to go down the drain!

They are not going to succeed in creating a dystopian society and continue to remove all of our freedom.

They will NEVER be allowed to either take down the current financial system and bring in their version!

I have just decided that it might be a good time to give a reminder about the connection between the GCR = Global Currency Rest and The Event. So I will do a repost of that information tomorrow for those newer readers that may not be fully aware of the details here. 


There is a very special group of people who have knowledge beyond that known to mankind.

This group is working on OUR SIDE.

This group will eventually present themselves to mankind after the Transition.

For now they must remain anonymous.

All of those dark dark bases around the planet. All of the locations both above and below surface where humans have been held in captivity for so many nefarious reasons... the Resistance Movement began clearing some of them away about two years ago {you might recall those 2 huge ocean liners that Donald Trump referred to anonymously ~ one parked off the west coast and one near Washington DC ~ used in rescue operations} rescuing and bringing children and adolescents to safety and beginning their long journey towards healing. This process has been ongoing at the quickest possible and safest rate. This process I am told is now almost complete.

Besides toplet bombs I would imagine that the safety of these hostages has also been an integral part of deciding when the Transition can take place. If it took place too early there was a risk that the ‘demons’ might sacrifice these souls in retaliation knowing that the end was near.

An Idea

You know the post I made recently #  336  below about how we can declare, decree and command that evil is removed from this or that place, buildings and so forth.

Well some days ago I felt inspired to begin to decree the entire removal of all evil and darkness on every timeline and dimension past present and future from the entire planet.

What does that mean. That means I am decreeing that it’s time for The Event that it’s time for Compression Breakthrough.

Would you like to join with me in doing the same?

Goodness me how wonderful if there were hundreds of us maybe even thousands commanding the arrival of The Event.

I think that it is truly high time for that now.

The preparations for the Transition are now taking place at high speed everywhere on this planet.

Hope that you will join me in this final Mission Ignition.


Monday, February 15, 2021



  [Original article can be found here:]

At the beginning of this video James G says about Mel K ”I follow the questioning that she does and its like were on the same wavelength“ ~ which is exactly my feeling with this girl. {no clue what age she is but I feel girl ~ young woman} I posted a video where she was questioned about many subjects on Latest Additions page # 41. I discovered 5 days ago on Feb 9th that its been taken down! I was wondering about what might have been said there that prompted ‘them’ to remove it. Then I recalled that she literally read the text of the end of Trumps speech on January 6th where he asked the people to walk peacefully over to the Capitol etc. His venue was one mile away from the Capitol and was as you already know, in no way connected with what took place. In fact he was still speaking for 25 minutes beyond the storming of the Capitol not aware of what was taking place. So I believe that those words from Trumps speech that Mel quoted was what had that video removed. And on that note ... this will most likely be taken down too. So I suggest that you listen now!

Mel K - As You Wish Talk Radio - EPIC Mel K Truth Bombs!

[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2021-02-14: Article 340 - Horrific Darkness in Washington DC

 [Original article can be found here:]

A couple of hours ago a letter / update was brought to my attention. It concerns the reasons why we have seen fencing around the White House and construction going on inside the fenced area. Very soon this information will be spreading all around the Internet. That is why I have decided to investigate the details in this message with My Guides from the Council of Love. I am being advised to provide some comments on this information as to what is true and what is mere speculation at this point.

What is true!

It is true that tunnels situated below the White House have revealed horrific unbelievable darkness.

They have found the bodies of thousands of children. Most of them were dead bodies and some were still alive. My Guides say that approximately 10% were discovered to be alive.

I have decided not to write any details here as to how these humans had been treated.

It would seem to be the truth that these tunnels were built by George HW Bush. I will add here that he is one of the 4 beings known as the ‘unholy four’ by the Resistance Movement. The other three beings are Heinz Kissinger, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. They were the only four beings from the surface of the planet to actually come into contact with the Chimera group.

It would seem that many have noticed busses, vans, cars etc. going in and out of the White House area recently.

What is NOT true!

According to this update the perpetrators of these horrific crimes have already been arrested, given tribunals, executed or imprisoned for life! NO TRUTH HERE!

In fact the rest of this letter/update is pure fiction and speculation.

This type of blogger would do anything to be the first person telling all of the details and wrapping up the whole story way into the future when in fact they know nothing at all!

No doubt we will soon hear all of the ‘experts’ who know nothing but claim to know everything speculating wildly about this information. They will be naming every suspect that they can figure out might have been involved and declare these people to be guilty without real knowledge of the facts. There will be the usual scapegoating big time.

What I would like to kindly ask my readers here is to please take any speculative type of information about these discoveries with a large piece of salt.

I have been guided to say that we will NOT KNOW the real truth behind this horrific information until after The Event.

Once again, I have to sound like that woodpecker who keeps repeating his message.

Here are Cobra’s own words;  

Both mainstream and alternative media are almost completely taken over by disinfo, and blindly following outside sources can only lead to disappointment.

Friday, February 12, 2021

[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2021-02-11: WHOLESALE MURDER


 [Original article can be found here:]

TZ here; The people who have received these mRNA vaccines are all going to die. The evidence is clear in this discussion. Sweden will be using 6 different vaccines

2 of these are being created in Sweden. Here is the link to the Swedish site with information about these six vaccines.

The one called Novavax is due to be used from March, it includes a spike protein in the form of nano particles and also includes an ingredient call Matrix M which I think says it all. Maybe the M stands for murder / massacre / manslaughter take your pick! They are murdering people wholesale!

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Explains How the Depopulation COVID Vaccines Will Start Working in 3-6 Months

This is the last information that I will be providing about these deadly weapons and I will leave it top of this page so that it doesn’t get lost in the thread.



[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2021-02-08: Article 337 - Cobra Update ~ 8th February 2021

 [Original article can be found here:]


Translation of this message is;

"The Rise of Red Dragon" or "Raise the Red Dragon"

I am Guided to say that the first interpretation on the left is the most appropriate translation TZ


[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2021-02-11: Article 339 - The Net Must Come Down

[Original article can be found here:]

TZ here; I wrote this article below exactly six years ago last week on Feb 5th. I had no idea then just how long this process of taking down the Veil would take. Thank Goodness for that! The strides that we have made in the past year to this end despite the ENDTIME MADNESS of the scamdemic taking place simultaneously, have been nothing short of magnificent. If you would like more evidence of the strides forward in recent times, I can direct you to read # 263 from 1st October 2020 ‘One Final Synopsis of Our Liberation Story’ further down this main blog page which gives many such details. Besides those details there is total information silence right now from the Resistance Movement and this can be no other way for the safety of everyone and the realisation of the Master Plan!

Before I let you read this six year old repost, I will remind you that you can find the link to the original place here on Veritas from where this article is found just below this article. There on that page you can find a list top right to a host of other fascinating articles that you might not have read earlier and that you may find to be of special interest.

See Info about this picture below this article


At a certain point, energies of the Galactic Central Sun will burn through all obstacles of the Matrix on the astral and etheric planes and all negative entities will be removed. They will be replaced with angels and spiritual guides as one prophecy beautifully states. 

“The Net Must Come Down, It Ends, Light Enters.

The final step is simply taking down the net. This has to be done and events will then quickly follow.

The One will put forth all that energy to destroy the net itself and events will kick in almost immediately.

The programs will have no place to hide, no portals, no equipment, nothing. They will be led off and weather pattern of luminosity will begin.”

We all have to realise the power we own as Creators being as we are One with Source. We each and every one of us has free will. When you decide upon something that you wish to manifest you must first make a decision {here a good thing to do is write down that decision on some paper and make three copies of this which you keep somewhere.} Next phase is to focus on that goal whatever it might be ~ envisioning ~ feeling ~ how that goal will be when it’s a part of your reality. The third phase is actually doing something physically to move in the direction of that goal.

I’m explaining this so that you will be reminded that your decision to have this Net/Veil/Web/Matrix removed once and for all ~ that the electromagnetic scalar fence around this planet which is controlling our existence totally is finally destroyed completely very shortly.

Let The One now know of your desire to actually ‘feel’ ‘experience’ this happening soon. That will be immediately followed by The Event. Let Source know your decision about this ~ write it down three times ~ focus on the amazing astoundingly beautiful pristine clean Gaia which we will immediately start to bring into being after The Event ~ and then do ANYTHING that you can imagine that will bring this into reality as soon as possible. Every single action that every single person does, whether it be the spreading of information, or taking part in the weekly liberation meditation as that Pillar of Light that you are ~ FEEL that creative power that you own as the spiritual Being that you are, or doing some grid work, or whatever you can think of, the more the merrier and the quicker we will be there.

Love and Light Therese Zumi ~ Lets do this now!!


The image used here is the photograph taken by Cobra when he was given the opportunity to travel beyond the Veil about a year ago. You can see the passenger plane flying below. Travelling beyond the veil into outer space will be a luxury that many will enjoy after the Event. There will of course not be any veil our skies will look different.  


Monday, February 08, 2021

[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2021-02-08: Article 336 - Calling All Lightworkers It’s High Time Friends to Speed up This Event ~ Lets Do IT!

[Original article can be found here:]

Therese Z here; I recently came across these declarations here below that I used about 6 years ago when doing some energy work at that time.

It occurred to me that now was the perfect time to share this information with all true Lightworkers who may wish to play their part in the final pre~Event cleansing on Gaia. As you have heard the Angelic’s and Goddesses are very busy doing energetic work on the Matrix structure at this time. See # 335 Therefore you can assist by calling Them to particular places that you might be aware of needing extra cleaning now in the localities in the vicinity of where you live on the planet.

I {insert your name here} call upon my own I AM Presence – Source – the  Galactic  Confederation – Our Planetary Archangel Gaia – the Angelic Kingdom – The Archangelic Kingdom – All Ascended Beings and Goddesses of Light and in Our Name I now declare and decree and command that all evil and imbalanced energies be removed – cancelled – driven away – transformed and healed from

{here you can place the name of any building – village – town – city – corporation etc. that you would choose to have cleansed in readiness for the Event}

This same declaration can be used to heal all Goddess vortexes – churches – temples etc. wherever you choose.

You then ask – declare the following;

I now declare and decree and command that all dark energies be removed in {the area / place of your choice} and all the surrounding areas and that this is now accomplished on all timelines, past - present and future and on all dimensions and on all planes fully and completely into eternity.

This is the will of Source and therefore it is law and SO IT IS - X 3


Sweden is waking up way too slowly compared to the rest of Europe where we see people demonstrating against restrictions. I have explained the ‘lagom’ way of doing things by the powers that be in Sweden just so that we don’t wake up in # 331.

Please translate and spread this information on your facebook blogs (mine is cancelled since last May 2020). Namaste Therese Z

[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2021-02-08: Article 335 - Some Positive Signs


[Original article can be found here:]

Some years ago we were informed by the Resistance Movement that the Chimera group worshipped the Black Sun which is their name for the Galactic Central Sun. Other satanic and luciferian groups also worship the Black Sun. Yesterday I viewed a video recording made by Gina Maria the South African lady who has made people aware of the Plasma Beings now being discovered on these web cameras around the world.

What we have been seeing are Angelic Beings working {see details of their work below} upon the deconstruction of the structure of the Veil ~ the Matrix in places like The Hague Holland, Stockholm, Dublin etc. Indeed and of course worldwide.

Here is a quote from an update from The Portal that Cobra gave on December 28th, 2020 approximately five weeks ago.

Monday, December 28, 2020

Age of Aquarius Activation Report

“Our activation was a huge success; we have reached the critical mass many times over with about 400,000 people participating in the meditation.

…Many people meditating have felt this pulse, and it has brought instantaneous emotional and spiritual, and sometimes even physical healing to some people. Many traumatic events were erased from the energy fields of certain Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, and huge healing of the heart took place.

From then on, clearing of the primary anomaly on the surface of this planet is taking place.

The Light Forces have also managed to anchor pure Light on the surface of the planet for the first time since 1996. Many Light beings and goddesses were present in their energy bodies around people meditating, and they have managed to take a quite detailed sample of the Matrix structure. With greater understanding of the quantum structure of the Matrix, they are now removing exotic quantum dark technologies with full speed. They have also begun with gradual clearing of the implants of the surface humanity, and you can help them in this process with implant removal techniques mentioned here:

And here:"

TZ again; The latest recording that I saw yesterday is from a web camera in Russia recorded on February 4th. It shows a Black Sun moving across the sky simultaneously with our sun’s movements in the late afternoon.

So what is this? What’s happening? This is what I believe, and my Guides are suggesting is very close to the truth.

Press Image to Enlarge

About 20 years ago several huge motherships (15 I’m told) placed themselves into position close to our sun with the intention of protecting us from the strong activity of our sun at this time. Without the presence of these ships we would all of us have been fried to cinders long ago. I believe that one of these motherships has now ‘presented’ itself as a Black Sun by using black coloured shielding that makes it appear as a Black Sun. Sometime last summer I took several photographs of the sun with my telephone and low and behold I had managed to capture three of these enormous motherships on camera too. Here is one of those photographs!

So why is the Galactic Confederation doing this now? There will be much speculation. For one the subject of Nibiru returns {old fables die hard}. There is no such thing as Nibiru {a mathematical miscalculation by Zecharia Sitchin} and NOTHING is about to crash into earth. No doubt there will be other speculation of a kind that make claim that this is something that our dark controllers have created! No way!

They no longer have the capabilities to create anything of this kind!

So I am going to suggest that the most feasible reason for this Black Sun to be revealed right now is to send a message to the ‘controllers’ that their time is up.

On February 2019 – exactly 2 years ago we were informed the following on the ‘Bubbles of Heaven’ part two update.

“The purpose of this update is to provide clarifications of the Bubbles of Heaven article to the surface population.

First, the six phases of a phase transition will be explained in more detail. Each of those phases is a complete stage of a planetary Ascension process and is estimated to last somewhere between a few months to a few years. This is as close as you will ever get to an answer to your question “when will the Event happen?”, on this blog.”

TZ again; I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the fact that we are in the so called nucleation phase or phase three of the Bubbles of Heaven development of the Return of the Light to earth. This is the phase as you all know that culminates in The Event. We entered into this phase in January 2019.

The third phase of phase transition is called Bubble Elevation phase. This phase sees the thermal flux from the Galactic Central Sun rising exponentially, with more and more Bubbles of Heaven actively forming and matrix society actively collapsing, until the thermal flux peaks at the moment of the Event.

The moment of the Event is the moment of critical thermal flux, the matrix society collapses, the Contact is made, the entropic elements of the old society are swiftly removed, and we enter into the fourth phase.”

TZ again; We are moving very swiftly towards this peaking of the thermal flux now.

Other Interesting Phenomena Right Now

Construction at White House

There is some kind of construction taking place in close proximity to the White House. Here speculation runs wild too. I have seen a comment suggesting that this construction might be a place for executions!! It seems to be in the shape of some kind of podium like those built outdoors for rock concerts. I don’t think that they are planning on holding any rock concerts there in the near future. ;-). My guess is that it might be used at some point for some kind of information deliverance.

Trump on Air Force One

I saw an image the other day of Trump about to descend the steps of the Airforce One Jet upon arrival in Florida. One could clearly see the ‘President of the United States’ signum on the side. Biden continues to travel around on a private jet. I believe that this photograph of Trump was taken on January 31st and that it’s the real deal. This has to be a very clear indication of the truth of the situation.

A Dear Swedish Friends Discovery

Some days ago my friend was lying down relaxing after a long day’s work. She suddenly felt a strong indication that she should open an app to one of the major daily newspapers here in Sweden. Directly she notices an article giving an in depth report about the extensive work achieved by Donald Trump to rid the USA of paedophiles. She was interrupted and had to leave her study of this article after only seeing 50%. Later when she had the opportunity, she reopened the app and the article had been removed. It was not retriable! So some brave Swedish journalist attempted to bring forth some truth! No doubt he/she has been thoroughly warned!

PS: Please feel free to spread this information far and wide TZ.

Please provide a link to this page and the # 335 

Sunday, February 07, 2021

[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2021-02-07: Article 334 - Something More to Ponder Over

[Original article can be found here:]

Thérèse Z Sumner

As you are all aware, we are in the midst of a war on this planet. Many years ago we were informed by the Resistance Movement that in the final days of the war the various deep state ~ worldwide cabal groups ~ like the Black Nobility Family Illuminati or the Rothschilds or the Rockefeller’s etc. would be “throwing one another under the bus” so to speak. I am writing this article based upon my own observations, my own research and my own feelings. I was watching a recent video where Sasha Stone interviews someone called Charlie Freak. I had never heard of the guy but quite frankly there are a great many ‘famous’ internet bloggers that I am not familiar with due to lack of time.

When I listened to this interview I was saddened and sickened once again, to among other things, hear the deeply defamatory comments about B Obama. Cobra always warned us right from the start that there would be no French Revolution allowed by the Light Alliance this time. Marie Antoinette was familiar with the Goddess mysteries and befriended by no other than Saint Germain who was visiting her as the Count of Saint Germain shortly before she was executed in front of the mob. At that time the Jesuits used the French court as scapegoats to be able to continue controlling humanity in every way under the sun which they have managed to do extremely well for 500 years plus.

There have always been scapegoats. If the mob were allowed to publicly hang people today who do you think they might gather together to spit upon and hang publicly. Think about it?

Many worldwide players have been lured into satanic beliefs and practices until they then ended up hopelessly lost in that world. If you are a lost player in such a world and there is someone there who is also like you completely controlled ~ another deep state puppet ~ but one who refuses to become involved in these sick practices, and that someone knows the truth about what you have been up to, might not you consider blackening that ‘holier’ persons character and name to save yourself in anger because he / she doesnt back down and agree to totally immense themselves in the mire? You might have them take the fall and be the scapegoat?

What I am going to say and it’s not for the first time, is that I believe that Barack Obama is one such a scapegoat. I am aware that possibly as many as 80% of my readers will be disappointed in me for these ideas. The claims that I am making in this article will be both confusing and even crazy to many. Frankly I’m not concerned whether or not you find truth in what I am saying. Make up your own mind.

Are you aware of the fact that the satanic black nobility family groups despise true love? They fear true love relationships. True love from the heart is of great danger to their practices. The core Jesuit group have done everything in their power to damage true loving relationships on this planet. Using among other weapons like the Roman Catholic Church rules and regulations with its sins, and shame and guilt ‘mea culpa’, which it suddenly occurs to me they have translated into the children’s film the minions {who love to be the slaves of others}, Hollywood programming, pornography, etc. {The other day on Swedish tv a young man was interviewed about his investigations into the ‘expectations’ of young men today when involved in a sexual relationship. He claimed that one of the more fashionable methods of seduction and excitement widely spoken about was the strangulation method of exciting someone sexually... which I think says it all!!!} Indeed the methods that have been used to remove the chances of true love developing on this planet are way too many to mention and will eventually become known to mankind.

In my mind I believe that Michelle and Barack Obama have a deep and abiding love and respect for one another that has carried them through the darkness that is continually pressing in upon them from all sides. It is my hope that they will not have to wait too much longer to have their names cleared.

REVISED 9th February ***

Here are some of the extremely defaming character destroying false accusations used to describe Barack Obama word for word from this video...

He is described as being “so depraved beyond description and there’s no hope for his resurrection”.

Before I continue, I’m wondering if Charlie Freak has been designated by God as the representative of Divine Justice and Truth because his followers who see him as a guru seem to believe that he has that ability?

{False Accusation} He was passed around as a sex toy – a sodomised sexual toy - in this sick group of the ruling cabal

{My Truth} I have been assured by the Council of Love that this is false information – there is no truth to these allegations.

{False Accusation} "He’s married to a guy... Michael {referring to Michelle} is a man."

{My Truth} Michelle Obama is a female from birth, has carried and given birth to both of her daughters and has also had a miscarriage}

{False Accusation} " the Baphomet {The Devil} is in the White House and he’s the first homosexual president"

{My Truth} there is no truth whatsoever in this statement above.

{False Accusation} "and he was throwing ‘pizza’ parties in the Oval Office ..."

{My Truth} Yes, Barack Obama just like many modern parents, did throw real ordinary pizza parties for his two daughters and their friends many times at the White House. Revision Ended ***

In the same video discussion there is another person who has his character thoroughly defamed. CF is discussing people who have ‘flipped’. With this term he is referring to people who have flipped over to becoming vampires through the practice of taking the adrenochrome extracted from innocents through torture. One of the people that he claims has ‘flipped’ is Elon Musk.

Elon Musk is one of the very few human beings who have been (is) succeeding in bringing humanity into the space age beyond the control of the cabal. This ‘sin’ that he has committed has no doubt made him an absolute target for the dark ones.

I do not believe that Elon Musk has now become a vampire. In fact he recently informed (3 months ago) us on social media how he had taken 4 tests for COVID on the same day, at the same clinic, by the same nurse and that 2 tests showed positive and two showed negative! Does that sound like someone who is protecting the deep state scamdemic plans? Once again, I believe that he is among the scapegoats used by the deep state.

If you would like to read some more thoughts on why I believe that Barack Obama is being scapegoated, then you can go to the following link and read ‘In Defence of Barack Obama’ which I wrote on May 10th 2020. When you open the following link you need to role down the page to this # New Post # 4 ~ In Defence of Barack Obama ~ Putting Together Some Pieces of A Deep Puzzle

I would like to end this article on a much more positive note. To that end I am going to share a video conversation that I listened to yesterday. It’s between Charlie Ward and Michelle Fielding. I do not believe that either of these two people are knowledgeable about the full details of what The Event is. Yet I feel that this beautiful lady is in fact being Guided to describe it during this conversation. The video brought tears to my eyes several times and that to me is clear evidence that truth resides in what is being said!

Here is that video which I highly recommend to everyone.

PS: A reminder of what Cobra said to us on January 28th 10 days ago.

"No intel can be released now for several reasons.

Both mainstream and alternative media are almost completely taken over by disinfo, and blindly following outside sources can only lead to disappointment.

Since the collapse of the Alpha timeline in January 2018, details of the planetary liberation plan can not, and will not be published anywhere on internet. I can only repeat that planetary liberation does NOT depend on who is the president of the United States. 

It is the highest purpose for people to decrease polarization, detach from daily politics and start connecting with the Light.

Full situation update will be posted only when clearance is given."

PS: It's about two hours now since I posted this article when I happened upon this interview recorded just a few days ago with Elon Musk. I just thought it might be a bit of fun to show you what a 'newly flipped vampire' looks like! ;-) Anyone with an engineering type of background will just love this interview. My dad would have loved it. He was a senior engineer working for Aer Lingus at Dublin airport. Just like Elon knows every single screw and bolt in the Tesla cars dad knew every single screw and bolt in the Jumbo jets etc. at Dublin airport. Enjoy!

[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2021-02-05: Article 331 - Something for You to Ponder Over


[Original article can be found here:]

Thérèse Z here;


Some Lightworkers have been expressing some very strong feelings regarding our situation right now. I have heard words to the effect of saying that you cannot be redeemed ~ saved ~ unless you are saying ‘No’ right now to the total imprisonment that is on the way into a dystopian dysfunctional society.

Some lightworkers believe that people need to suffer even more {someone in Sweden in this case} to be able to wake up. This idea may very well be truthful at least where Sweden is concerned. Some things I believe my readers around the globe might not know about Sweden. We have a word that is used frequently here that is not that easily translated and certainly not with one word. The word is ‘Lagom’ and literally means ‘not too much and not too little’, in fact this word could describe the Swedish mentality. When I came to Sweden, I couldn’t get over the fact that they had no problems. This was in the early seventies. Everyone had everything in the way of homes, modern and fully equipped, money to pay their necessities, clean environment (you would not find a sweet paper on the street), people made use of the forest and picked berries and mushrooms etc and everyone knew what the Swedish law ‘general right of way for everyone’ {Allemansrätten} to move about everywhere in nature meant, no one would leave paper after a picnic or light fires in the wrong places etc. It was pure Heaven. The social welfare was there to support those with problems. There was no such thing as homelessness. Didn’t exist. Ok you get the general idea! That experience of Sweden was pretty much the picture until the facade started to crack around 1988.

So whoever is really deciding how Sweden should approach this pandemic, has taken the Swedish sense of freedom of movement etc into account and they have done this in a ‘lagom’ way. My friend said the other day that people keep comparing their situation here to how bad it is in other countries and so they think ‘oh we’re so well off... look how bad things are there’ and so they comply perfectly to all of the new rules and restrictions that grow more restricted every week {every day at this point} and yet nobody complains. They know exactly how to imprison the Swedes at a ‘lagom’ pace so that they don’t quite notice what’s happening. You can be sure that our ‘controllers’ have worked out perfectly how each culture should be treated for best effect.

A lady wrote to me today (she is beginning to awaken) and said Thérèse have you seen the news today? One would imagine that we were in a world war situation. Vaccination passports, military at the Norwegian border etc. Where on Earth are we going?

One Lightworker describes a situation where a change takes place soon {within a couple of months} and where some people are in a more enlightened place but that the rest of the world is still in a semi dystopian type of civilization. They claim that there is no way out of the Matrix unless you decide to remove yourself from it and become an enlightened being.

I see some seeming enlightened individuals making statements that do not concur with my idea of how things will change when we go through The Event.

My understanding of what I have written about on this website for more than 8 years now is that when The Event ~ Compression Breakthrough is upon us nothing will ever be the same again... and that means for everyone on the planet... not just the awakened population.

How can there be some parts of Gaia where some of us live in harmony {yes ~ possibly some of us will live in a greater state of harmony, if we take into consideration those areas and cities of Light that will develop}... and others are still trapped in a matrix??

This line of thinking makes no sense to me!

I am now going to say something rather controversial! I ask myself the following, how come it seems to be the fact that some of these seeming amazingly enlightened Lightworkers that are doing a tremendous amount of work awakening people ~ how come they have NO CLUE what is meant by The Event? Have they even heard about it? Maybe I’m thinking it’s not ‘fashionable’ to speak about it?

Although some of these Lightworkers are among some of the most well-known lightworkers on the planet and are more than fully educated on a great variety of subjects there are some things that they never talk about?

When the subject of extraterrestrial beings come into the discussion the titles of ‘Pleiadians’ ‘Greys’ ‘Reptilians’ etc. are discussed in such a manner as to portray a feeling to the listener that these various types of extraterrestrial races are part of the same ‘package’ so to speak.

I have never ever heard one of these ‘enlightened’ lightworkers mentioning the fact that A) the reason there is nothing to fear regarding nuclear bombs is simply because the Galactic CONfederation ships have been shutting off the ignition capability of all nuclear warheads for the last two decades. B) I have never heard any of them mention the fact that the Alliance spaceships prevented a huge catastrophe in Russia when they broke up that meteorite before it reached the surface. At one point in time there was a marvellous video available taken from a car that clearly showed the three ships involved in this mission and how one overtook the meteor and turned back to hit it straight on so that it broke up. This amazing video was removed of course. C) I have never heard any of these enlightened individuals speaking about the Ashtar Command. D) Right now one does not need to visit James Gilliland’s wonderful ranch up in Washington state to see the Galactic Confederation ships. They are literally EVERYWHERE. We never hear anything about this fact in those many enlightened discussions.

I will end here at least for the moment. There are surely other questions that can be reflected upon regarding this subject.

Until next time... much love ️ to everyone!

PS: An excerpt from The Event page 1


There are numerous Divine Ascended Masters and Arch-Angels involved with these changes and supporting humanity through all of this. See bottom of this page. But right here I would like to mention One of them. Commander Ashtar is His name. His last incarnation on Earth was 25000 years ago. His main project is the Ascension of Humanity. Another of Ashtar’s projects is First Contact {with our Galactic Family} which I will also write about in the coming weeks. Another of His projects is training in telepathic communication. At 'The Event' He can take over the media. All the TV programs will be broadcasting the message.

At a certain point, energies of the Galactic Central Sun will burn through all obstacles of the Matrix on the astral and etheric planes and all negative entities will be removed. They will be replaced with angels and spiritual guides as one prophecy beautifully states. 

“The Net Must Come Down, It Ends, Light Enters.

The final step is simply taking down the net. This has to be done and events will then quickly follow.

The One will put forth all that energy to destroy the net itself and events will kick in almost immediately.

The programs will have no place to hide, no portals, no equipment, nothing. They will be led off and weather pattern of luminosity will begin.”


[Veritas Galactic Sweden] A number of short posts about COVID-19 vaccines

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