Monday, December 20, 2021

[Veritas Galactic Sweden] Lets Do This ~ Lets Show Our Galactic Family and Source that We Are United in Our Desire for Divine Intervention

Dear Friends. I have listened to the Cobra interview conducted by Debra of the Sisterhood of the Rose and would warmly recommend that you take the time to listen to it. It's long ~ so maybe divide the listening to two sessions. Or you might prefer to read it and its available in numerous languages. It's jam packed with so much information and answers to numerous questions.

Cobra reminds us that there are hundreds of millions or even close to a billion people beginning an awakening process right now due to the circumstances / restrictions etc, worldwide.

Here is a link to We Love Mass Meditations where you can find so many important links along with the above mentioned interview gathered. The Guided Audio for the meditation can be found furthest down this page, now in 23 languages. A suggestion, if we listen to / read the meditation details now ~  in the next few days, a couple of times, then we will be better prepared for the 21st and can do it with better focus then.

Cobra says "Doing the meditation earlier or later, or doing it in a significantly different way will NOT help us reaching the critical mass, as we are living on a physical plane that is subject to laws of space and time and if we wish to influence the physical plane, we need to do this with laserlike precision, especially timewise and with unified and focused intent."

"It is extremely important that we speak out aloud three times both decrees, as specified in meditation instructions (step number 5 in meditation instructions):"

These lines are taken from Cobra's latest update ~ link here ~ where you can also find links to another interview by the Asian team that has transcripts in 11 languages available

Cobra also mentioned in that interview {with Debra} that if it wasn't for all of the amazing meditations we have done over the years we simply would not exist here right now. So many wars have been prevented. The power that we have together ~ synchronised timewise ~ is stronger than anything else. Let's prepare the ground for our liberation process. Lets unite on the 21st December.

In Love and Light Therese.


Sunday, December 12, 2021

[Victory Now] Urgent Message from Dragon Sources to the Public

Below is an urgent message from Dragon Sources to the Public.

The original post can be found here:


If you find yourself in a world where beings are controlled by “demonic principalities in high places” whom have placed themselves in authoritative positions, simply do not consent, in silent protest and meditation, and let them know.

In this way if people on a mass scale throughout the planet do not consent and show this message, divine individual sovereignty is achieved and all whom participate simply do not accept their satanic unlawful reality and so create a bridge to a higher resonance reality, where no one is enslaved.


This way all evil plays out and is eradicated from the reality of those recognizing their freedom and their individual divine rights. For all those who have a hard time dealing with the current authoritarian groups running rampant, remember the following…

Urgent message from dragon sources to the public: 

This is needed because in societies where people are being forced, we need to take action and since we are dealing with parasites "demonic principalities in high places". 

Here is how to take action in the “satanic 7 fold protection” they hide behind (which is avoiding the law of Karma and preventing benevolent intervention) :  

“Do what thou wilt” is the whole of their law, so to counter it, never oppose them since they have Authority, but say “you can do what you want (to respect the whole of their law) but I do not consent.” 

This forces them to use up the “7 fold protection” they have (activate the law of karma against them). This will make their authoritative systems fall and bring about Intervention sooner.

We may as well not make it easy for them. 

Just say, You can do whatever you want I do not consent this sin is on your head (soul) and you will receive instant karma for your actions. 

That should be on protest posters everywhere where people sit down peacefully and meditate so they can easily identify violent provocateurs. Let them know as a collective that no one is willing to be enslaved.

Humanity is receiving an upgraded genetic code which the parasites fear and fight to suppress. Humanity’s Collective consciousness is the key and our empathic and psychic powers are on the rise.

That is why it is crucial to keep at the centre of our attention, that we are more powerful than all demons / parasites. They fear the power we possess through our connection with the Source. We are the technology they fear. That’s why they go through all this trouble and expense to disempower humanity. 

Fear is the mind killer.

Courage is one of the greatest manifestations of faith. ✨🙏✨

This is where the word “faith” is crucial. It is not “religious faith” but a deep connection and trust in the power of the greater Divine Source intelligence within us.

Humans are a trinity: mind (intellect), heart(emotions) and spirit (intuition). Most people function with the first 2 and are easily controlled lacking one third of their being which is intentionally being suppressed by the controllers . We must activate all 3 parts to overcome and reach sovereignty.

Please see the following instructions here and share worldwide:

Victory Now!