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[Gaia Portal] 2016-07-31: Metrics for foundations of Light are employed

Below is a new Gaia Portal message published this morning.

To me, it seems to be a reminder to us that important scientific breakthrough are happening, and there is a constant flow of soft disclosure to the general public like weather modification.

I would interpret the message as follow:

- Photon, a scientific measure of light, can been seen for the first time in human history [See the links in the references]

- As a result, understanding of quantum mechanics can be improved.

- The extent of weather modification are exposed in the mainstream media.

- Sleeping giants begin to awake.



Weather modification 

Sleeping giants



Metrics for foundations of Light are employed.

Essentials are unveiled.

Climatologists are exposed in the currents.

Stasis Beings arise.

[Benjamin Fulford] 2016-07-31: News flash

A short update from Benjamin Fulford about the indictment of the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak and his possible testimony against the Rothschilds.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak indicted in multi-billion dollar embezzlement scandal, is seeking immunity in exchange for testimony against the Rothschilds

By Benjamin Fulford

July 30, 2016

CIA sources in East Asia alerted us to the fact the US Justice Department has indicted Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak for embezzling over $1 billion from a fund meant to be used for Malaysian economic development.
The indictment is calling for the seizure of all the profits from the Hollywood hit movie The Wolf of Wall Street, because it was financed with embezzled funds. The indictment also mentions Saudi Arabian royals, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Bank Privee Edmond de Rothschild.
The CIA sources source say Najib has asked for immunity and placement for him and his family in the witness protection program in exchange for testifying about the links between the embezzlement scandal, the Rothschild family and missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370. If so, this could be the case that finally brings down the Rothschild dynasty. The Rockefeller/Bush/Clinton branch of the Khazarian mafia is already being brought down in the US so if the Rothschilds are also brought down, this will mean liberation for humanity for the horrors of Babylonian debt slavery.
The indictment can be read here:

More details will be made available in the Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis report due out on Monday, August 1st, 2016.

[Cobra] 2016-07-30: Terms of Surrender Update

Here is an update and clarification from Cobra about the terms of surrender.

Cobra has also mentioned the origin of the Rothschild, Jesuits and Rockefeller and the reason why each of this faction may/may not surrender.

There are some clarifications that need to be made about the terms of surrender.

First, the mass arrest plan is still valid and in full force. The Light forces will not wait for any dark individual or Cabal faction to surrender, they will arrest them as soon as they can do that in a way that is safe for humanity to go through the transition. Those members of the Cabal that surrender before the mass arrests will have more favorable conditions. It is very unlikely that many individual members of the Cabal will surrender before the Event because they fear the revenge from other Cabal members, as they will be perceived as „traitors“.

There is a certain possibility that the Rothschild faction as a whole will surrender and start cooperating before the Event. The Rothschilds are fallen angels from the Rigel star system in the Orion constellation. In the past, many members of the Cabal originating from Rigel have surrendered to the Light when they were shown that Light is stronger than darkness. The Rigelians have a tendency to side with the one that is stronger and many of them, when arrested or faced with strong enough opposition, will actually show signs of relief that finally someone was powerful enough to stop their negative actions. This will be a proof to them that Light is stronger that darkness and will begin to cooperate. The Rigelian race descended from spirit into mater by implantation process, their connection with spirit is still there to a certain extent and many of them will be able to ascend when this duality nightmare is over. 


The Jesuits, the Archons and the Chimera all come from negative races from Andromeda Galaxy. They are all fallen angels, meaning that they have descended from spirit into matter by implantation process, and quite many will be able to ascend when the duality is over.

The Chimera group is not involved in the surrender negotiations because no surface positive faction is strong enough to be able to deal with them. The Resistance is dealing with them directly.

The Rockefeller faction is Draconian by its origin and will never surrender, they will fight back with their false flags until they are removed into the Galactic Central Sun. The Draconian race has evolved from dense matter and the more negative members of that race do not have sufficient contact with the spirit to be redeemed.

Second, the Cabal members that surrender willingly will go through a psychological transition to become part of the Light forces and will be treated fairly. They will all be stardusted so if any of them tries something funny before they fully accept the Light, they will be paralyzed immediately and then removed from the planet. During the reconciliation process they will need to fully disclose their past actions and come face to face with people's anger, but will not be allowed to be treated violently and will not be punished. The biggest punishment for them will be their conscience after they wake up and fully realize what they have done. They will go through a psychological healing process and will live the rest of their lives in service to humanity and Light.

Third, the bounty for the capture of the Cabal members will most likely not work because the other side has put even bigger bounty on some Lightwarriors on the surface of the planet. This reflects a centuries old treaty with the Chimera that says „we will not touch your leaders and you will not touch ours.“ It is expected that this deadlock will continue until the Event when finally the breakthrough will happen and the Chimera will be check-mated.

Victory of the Light!

Friday, July 29, 2016

[The Event Reference] Glarus Ascension Conference Notes 4/16-4/17 (Links To All 5 Parts – Various Translations)

Below are the links to various translations of the Glarus Ascension Conference Notes collected by Nova Biscotti.

Please contact him at if you would like to add another language of this notes.

Also, please make donations with the link below to financially support missions for gridwork if possible.

Event Reference – PayPal Donations For Gridwork Missions

Nova Biscotti – I’ve created this post for ease of use in finding various translations of the material from the April Ascension Conference in Glarus, Switzerland.  If I’ve missed something, please email me at

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 The cintamani stones are playing a huge role in helping humanity to wake up… they dissolve the implants which are key to maintaining control over the asleep masses.

Event Reference – PayPal Donations For Gridwork Missions

See Links Below (Note – more will be added until I feel satisfied that all unique translation links are included below – only the first pingbacks in a given language will be referenced below, i.e. one for English, one for German, etc.):

Glarus Ascension Conference Note Pt 1 – Cobra, Saturday, April 16
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Glarus Ascension Conference Note Pt 4 – Cobra, Sunday, April 17
Glarus Ascension Conference Note Pt 5 – Isis, Sunday, April 17

German (Deutsche) – Transinformation (Information zum Wandel) (Cobra 16.April; Pt 1) (Cobra 16.April; Pt 2) (Isis 16.April; Pt 3) (Cobra 17.April; Pt 4) (Isis 17.April; Pt 5)

Portuguese (Português) – Senhora de Sirius (Cobra16 de abril; Pt 1) (Cobra 16 de abril; Pt 2) (Isis 16 de abril; Pt 3) (Cobra 17 de abril; Pt 4)
Link to be added when available (link do site para ser adicionado quando disponível) … (Isis 16 de abril; Pt 5)

Dutch (Nederlands) – (Cobra 16.April; Pt 1) (Cobra 16.April; Pt 2) (Isis 16.April; Pt 3) (Cobra 17.April; Pt 4) (Isis 17.April; Pt 5)

Hungarian (Magyar) – (Cobra 16 április, Pt 1) (Cobra 16 április, Pt 2) (Isis április 16., Pt 3) (Cobra 17 április, Pt 4) (Isis április 17., Pt 5)

French (Francais) – various websites (divers site web)
Link to be added when available (lien de site Web pour être ajouté lorsque disponible) … (Cobra 16 Avril Pt 1) (Cobra 16 Avril Pt 2) (Isis 16 Avril Pt 3) (Cobra 17 Avril Pt 4)
Link to be added when available (lien de site Web pour être ajouté lorsque disponible) … (Isis 17 Avril Pt 5)

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[Gaia Portal] 2016-07-28: Parsephonial allotments continue to expand

Below is a very positive message from Gaia Portal this morning. It may also be related to the special message from Ben Fulford two days ago.

I would interpret the message as follow:

- In the first sentence, the word "Parsephonial" seems to be referring to "Parsephone" who was abducted by Hades according to the Greek Methodology. In this case, I would say the phase "Parsephonial allotments" is referring to the joint action of different positive forces to arrest different factions of the Cabal, and an increasing number of positive forces are participating in this.

- The messages of fear from the Cabal are no longer being taken seriously by the general population.

- On the contrary, they can now hear a lot of messages about the upcoming planetary changes.

- The Galactic Light Forces are now in the position and ready to remove the Dark Forces.

P.S. Parsephone is also the queen of the underworld and the Goddess of springtime, flowers, vegetation.




Parsephonial allotments continue to expand.

Heretical voices are dimmed.

Abundant messages can now be heard by the hu-being.

Stars are now aligned to remove the non-benevolents.

[The World of Truth] 2016-07-25: Timelines Convergence

Below is a very interesting post from Ibrahim Hassan about the convergence of timelines.

He also states that a new phase and the final phase began on 21st July, which is similar to what Cobra has said in the latest post as well.

I also agree with his suggestions on what we should do to during this period.



Since 21st of July 2016 , the timelines' convergence is started..
What does that mean?
-  We have reached the ending of the last circle, and we began the new one...
-  The beginning of the end to all the obstacles resulting from the old circle
-  The ending of the Major Negative Side Effects for the new timeline
-  The convergence between the timelines of the inner planes..
-  The green light for the final phase (The applying & The Actin phase)..

What is the effect of this Convergence on us?
- Hard cleansing for the old pattern like:  (Anger, Ego, individuality, Negative emotion, 
- The beginning of the awakening on the madness world in which we live, which cause 
   nervous and anger to people..
- For those who have strong awakening, they will start sense an unconditional love
  moments, visions, some Bi-Located, little flashing memories,
- A desire to end this game and get out of it..
- Longing to return to the origin world..
-  Physical symptoms that were not there before like electricity light hits in some parts of 
   the body and conflicts of dreams with reality..
- Strong calling from the higher self and the inner realm for the advanced spiritual 

Please note: What we mentioned above already started happening few months ago for the advanced spiritual people,,  but now this will be wider on a large scale..

What do we have to do?
- Expedite to get rid of the negative emotion through using the higher perspective..
- Get rid of the Ego through spreading more love...
- Don’t deal with things logically, because logical thinking will show all the existing 
  obstacles in your life...
- Use containment method (handling) rather than logic...
- Be align with your heart chakra through meditation...
- committed to patience and wisdom...
Finally; This is the time that you’ve been waiting for a long time ago.. Let this last phase go smooth and pass peacefully...
  • Try not to lose any credit from your spiritual account...
  • Don’t allow your personal image that you played in this incarnation to judge and decide your truth (whom you really are ) ..
  • Seek for the wisdom within you to find your truth...
  • Please don’t ask me  [ How , When ,, I cannot see ,, I don’t feel …etc.. ] because this situation is different from one person to another… in time , how ..etc ..!!
  • this is the final phase …it works on more than one level and more than one perspective..

[Benjamin Fulford] 2016-07-26: Special message from Benjamin Fulford

Below is a special message from Benjamin Fulford on 26th July regarding the negotiation between White Dragon Society and The Rothschilds.

The Rothschilds, hiding in Switzerland, have failed to meet the July 25th, 2016 deadline set to them by the White Dragon Society and its allies. The light is green.

[The World of Truth] Interview with EM Ibrahim Hassan on 16th of July 2016 by B.Solara

Below is a recent interview with Ibrahim Hassan by B Solara, which gives us an alternative view of what is happening with the planetary liberation and how we can prepare for The Event.

The French translation of this interview can also be found on this link.



The major points that we will focus on through this interview are as follows
 [The collective consciousness / The plasma plane / The blue pulse & the galactic super wave / The event ]

B. Solara:   We’ve been away from the internet for the last few months; could you please explain to our brothers and sisters what we have been working on the ground until now?

EM. Ibrahim :  we are living now in a critical period and things are accelerating , because of that.. we increased our actions to be align with that accelerating, so we focused our activities to be more on the ground, and this is why people think as if we are a way from the situation in general, and not following up with the current situation, while the real truth is that in the last few months, we worked more depth on the current situation, but we focused more on the ground away from the internet, and because of our preoccupation on the ground; we did not have enough time to post reports on the Internet… and we needed to focus on one side…
 Why on the ground? What are we doing on the ground?
  • To strengthen the unity among people on the physical level.
  • To interact with people face to face, in order to support them in many levels mental  , psychological and emotional …
  • To support them to change their believe system on a daily basis, through interacting with them stage by stage...
  • To cleanse them at many energetic levels and strengthen their energetic system to enjoy their healthy auras..
  • Help them to interact with each other..
  • On the other hand, it is for us to work on many levels from the ground like:
    Ley-Line Network , collective consciousness , open portals .. etc
    and here the most important point for us was to build light pillars in different places ,  in order to be a strengthen point for people to gather themselves, and for them to become a healthy society;; this is from one side, and from the other side :  for those light pillars to be the connecting points between the galactic community and this healthy society..
  • And finally,  to prepare and align people with the One “ the source” through oneness teachings,  for the people to be ready at the time of the event ..
The collective consciousness
B. Solara :  We will start with the [collective consciousness]..  what is the situation of the collective consciousness at this time? What is the percentage of the collective consciousness now?
EM. Ibrahim : the percentage of the collective consciousness for the human being on planet earth now is 44.3%
Few months ago, we mentioned that this percentage was 24%...
B. Solara:  the question here is: what is the reason behind the increasing of this percentage in the last few months, while in the past it has been rising slowly?

EM. Ibrahim: in 2013, we’ve worked hard spiritually to merge the most powerful collective conscious beings on planet earth as one group, whom we called the Natural Ascension Group, and this group had completed in August 2013 … and one of the important reason to build this group is to use it to increase the percentage of the collective consciousness when it needed…
In the last few months , and after we’ve seen the slaw rising of the collective consciousness, and in order to keep the liberation process in the exit door ( between 2012-2017 ) ,, here  the supreme conscious being who called the Avatara “ the embodiment of the  ultimate free will of the One “ with his group decided to use their collective consciousness to support the collective consciousness of people of earth ,,, such as { inventories reserve } … of course this happened under the law of universe….

The cosmic law states that it is not allowed for any supreme being to support the collective consciousness in any planet more than 20%  ,, regardless of the powerful of his consciousness , and he should live within layers of  the mental , astral , ethereal of that planet, like any being related to the  consciousness in that planet… and this means that this being should be a citizen and part of this collective consciousness in order to support them…
This is how the collective consciousness has reached this percentage!!!
The Plasma Plane
B. Solara:  Why the work on the plasma plane and the result of that work takes all that time?

EM. Ibrahim:

First: it is because of the weakness of the collective consciousness of the people of planet earth… when the collective consciousness is high, here the galactic community and the supreme beings can work on the agenda of the timelines and the manifestation law.. this is to attract and evoke some of sub-timelines that include a good future and solution for all problems that we are facing here..

B. Solara :  I see , because of that this supreme conscious being & his group have used their consciousness to increase the percentage of the collective conscious of the human beings on earth in order to obtain better choices in the future, and get rid of all the sub-timelines that contain big risks and big bad side effect..
EM. Ibrahim : Yes exactly..
Second : because of the difficulty of removing the plasma technology in that layer,, even it is difficult on the galactic community , and this difficulty came from the sensitivity of { not to trigger any toplet bombs} , because if this happens and the bomb become active, it will affect the planet earth and its timeline hardly..
B. Solara:   could you explain how hard it is? Please give us an example...
EM. Ibrahim: if this happens, the planet earth might lose 700 million years of his achievements so far..

B. Solara:  you mean, as if we will go back in history 700 million years?

EM. Ibrahim:  not exactly, the time will stay the same, but the planet earth will lose big part of his line of evolution as planet..
Planet earth is a precious planet for the galactic community, it entered into many timelines, intergalactic immigrations and teleportation…, it is carrying values as a result of its development which has helped to solve and understand a lot of problems & barriers in the galactic community..

This planet in the galactic community considered as one of the primary planets from the date of our galaxy formation (the central planet) ..and the meaning of losing 700 million years , , this planet will lose big part of its value,  even if the bomb were to contain by the galactic community, and they win the war, and they modify and recover the situation on planet earth..
And this is why the situation is very sensitive..

The blue pulse & the galactic super wave...
B. Solara : What is the effect of the galactic super wave on the people of earth?

EM. Ibrahim: this super wave is a light code to awaken and rebirth and unplug our DNA.. which means; it is responsible to raise the human beings from this level of evolution to the next level {higher level} , and this will cause basic changes on our planes [ mental, astral, ethereal and physical ] , the way of our thinking , the way we feel, how to deal with our emotion, the way of dealing with our psychological pattern … all of that will start changing ..
Of course this will not happen at one time,, It would not be the same rate for everyone, because a lot of us carries different believe systems, and this will  affect the way of receiving the super wave, and the extent of our acceptance for that changing..

The result will be as follows:

The First Part of the people will accept this changing , and will go through the process of ascension to the next level of evolution..
For the second part of people, the situation will be difficult on them, and they need big support from the galactic community, and will go through transition period (which we called the 4 dimension )  to reach the final result which is ascension..
The third part of people, the cells of their consciousness will not accept this changing to go to the next level, because they feel themselves are not ready yet to transcend their thoughts,, and this part of people will go through the circle of life & death in another planet to continue their evolution..
And again as I explained before in the previous webinars, this doesn’t mean that any person who die now is from the 3rd category,, because many people didn’t have physical capabilities to continue with physical ascension , and they go through a non-physical ascension…

B. Solara : as we know there is a differences between the Galactic Wave that came from the Central Sun & the Blue Pulse … the blue pulse is a unique pulse that will come from the central sun and carries the pure feminine energies of galactic goddess ,, while the super wave carries the masculine energies … .. we know that in the middle and the end of all our galaxy’s circles (which represent a galactic day of our galaxy 26,000 year) the kind of energy that flows was masculine energies with little of Feminine Goddess energies, but this time the pulse will be the Galactic Feminine Goddess energies,, and this is rare to happen since the beginning of the creation of our galaxy,, which we call the Blue Pulse..
So now ; What is the first impact of the blue pulse on the people ?

EM. Ibrahim :
Great explanation for the definition of the blue pulse .. and here the difference between the feminine goddess & the galactic feminine goddess ..usually the collective consciousness on the planet earth determines what the  Central sun will send to planet earth.. if more masculine or more feminine .. ..
The equation states the following:
Whenever the collective consciousness is weak and the people are separated (more dark) , here the galactic wave will be more masculine and little feminine..
And whenever the collective consciousness is high and strong, and the people are united ( more oneness and light) , here the galactic wave will be more  feminine  less masculine
And this time , all the parties inside the planet earth , and within the galactic community are working hard to let the transition period be smooth with more feminine energies ,,  and not only this , but this time there will be a blue pulse from the galactic feminine goddess and this is needed for the reset and to begin a new chapter of the creation ,, and remove all the old mistakes that happened before ….

B. Solara:  could you explain furthermore what is the meaning of the Galactic feminine goddess energies?

EM. Ibrahim:

The galactic feminine goddess is the basic element in the configuration of our galaxy, it handles the reset key of any creation to return it to the first equation of its creation .. Usually this element is not used, except in some cases that will affect the structure of the universe, like what happened in our universe.. and it is time to use this element ( this key) .. As bring back what first created..
And even this time, the ONE will use not just the galactic feminine energy but the mother of the galactic feminine energy which is the Blue Pulse..
And by the way, there is a huge portion of this blue pulse already ready to be launched, and this pulse charges in many central areas in this part of our galaxy, and in the mother light spaceship of the galactic community.. All are waiting for the permission of the Primer to launch...

B. Solara: thank you so much for your further explanation and my question again is: What is the first impact of the blue pulse on the people?
EM. Ibrahim
First:  reconnecting the heart chakra with the ONE “the source” is the first impact of the blue pulse on people… and of course this impact will be different and uneven on the 3 parts of people that we mentioned above:
  • The first part: strong connection
  • The second part: middle connection
  • The third part: no connection
Second: cleansing the old pattern of thoughts
Third: MPR “magnetic pole reversal “for their auras
Fourth: open memory
Fifth: activating the DNA
Sixth: Receiving abilities and increasing their capacity of their brains..
Seventh: ascension “the completion of the Light body “
All the above are of course different and uneven [between the 3 parts of people]..

B. Solara : What we will see in the sky at the time of the pulse?

EM. Ibrahim : I will answer this question in points:
  • You feel as if the sky is opened..
  • You will never feel yourself alone..
  • You feel the scene of the universe as if it moves two steps forward close to you..
  • You don’t need NASA anymore to tell you what is going on there,, because you will see with your naked eyes..
  • Before the pulse the sky is usually blue,, after the pulse the sky will be colorful like the aurora ..
  • At the first moment of the pulse, you will feel as if a small blue star did a supernova in front of the scene of the sky, and of course this will not harm your planet,, but it will cleanse it..
  • That day through what I can see now while I am talking , all the people’s heads will be directed towards the sky,,,
  • That moment will not be just physical event, but will be cosmic and multi-dimensional event , seeing people for this event depends on their level of  consciousness , some of them will see through their naked eyes, some will see plus through their [Third Eye] and some of them will see through their [fourth eye] which is the inner sight, when his whole beings become just an eye , when every cells within your being can see ..

The event
B. Solara :  What do people expect from the event? And what they supposed to expect from the event?

EM. Ibrahim: most of them expect to have a better life & abundance, while they should expect the changing in many levels mental, emotional, psychological and physical..
  • The event is a quantum leap, it will not come to give us just a better life, but it will come to explain why all that happened to us!
  • The event is an awakening,, it is an open eye , the eye of the heart, the eye of the inner , the eye of the understanding!
  • The event is the eye of witnessing for what happened and what is going to happen!
  • The event is the point that we need on the line to inform us “in which point of our evolution we are now!
  • The event is not just a physical event, but cosmic event!

B. Solara : Why we hear that the event is a cosmic event and not just an earth event?

EM. Ibrahim : because what is happening now on the ground and  need for the event to find a solution to it ,, it didn’t begin here ..  First we should know that all what is happening here is moved to earth and not started here ..
{ the meaning of it is a cosmic event } that what is happening here on planet earth is just a result and the end of the story that happened over there..
Everything has a beginning, has an end!

The event is the reset of all circles in the universe, to have a new beginning..
The event is not happened as a result of what had happened here, it is a result of what had happened in the beginning of the creation; therefore it carries within it many levels,, it is not just for planet earth but for the whole universe..

B. Solara: How the people can prepare themselves for the event, and at any level?

EM. Ibrahim : If you like to know that you are  ready for the event, just ask yourself:

  • Are you the same person who was a month/ year ago?
  • Do you transcend your thoughts?
  • Do you have different perspective towards your daily life?
  • Do you change the way of your feelings?
  • Do you change the pattern of your psychological?
  • Do you move? Are you moving to be a new person?
If your answer is yes, you are ready and prepared for the event..
To be ready for the event:
If you don’t read, try to read
If you are on the internet, try to be on the ground..
If your mind is quiet, try to think..
If you think, try to do..
If you feel , try to love
If you see, try to live..
If you judge, try to experience...
If you sit, try to stand
If you stand, try to express yourself..
If you did not find love , Love yourself..
See yourself within your brothers..
Be one with your brothers , to be one with yourself..
Be one with yourself ,  to be one with the ONE “ the source”

B. Solara:  Finally where are we now of:

The plasma plane ?
EM. Ibrahim : the new timeline and its sub-timelines are ready now to solve this problem, and this happened just 10 days ago.. The good news are coming soon..

The Galactic Wave ?
EM. Ibrahim : it is in the third phase, in its peak now

The blue pulse ?
EM. Ibrahim : it is already active with the manifestation law through the collective consciousness now, and there is a final step that should happened on earth to let the pulse flow..

Ascension ?
EM. Ibrahim : uneven between the categories of people,, but in general , we are under decoding the light code within ourselves..

Ley-Line network ?
EM. Ibrahim: almost completed, but waiting for the light pillars to complete
The  Disclosure?
EM. Ibrahim : waiting for the completion of the conventions that happening now to be revealed as full disclosure..

Blue Solara : Ok Thank you  so much master Ibrahim for covering and explaining wonderfully the most important topics in this interview..

EM. Ibrahim : thank you blue Solara for this lovely moment ..

Blue Solara:  you are welcome master,, do you like to add anything before we end this interview?

EM. Ibrahim: I am sending all my love and respect to all my brothers and sisters specially those who are working and preparing themselves for the event .. and i will do my best to keep following with all on the internet despite the time constraints, and if not , I hope to meet with you all on the ground..
And here I send my love and appreciation to those whom I work with on the ground and worked hard to improve themselves and be align with the One..

Blue Solara with Enlightened Master/ Ibrahim Hassan

FULL ARTICLE - Benjamin Fulford - 2016-07-26: Rothschild game plan was to reverse the results of World War I

Below is the full version of the update from Benjamin Fulford for this week.

The final game plan of the Rothschilds was to reverse the results of World War I by reinstating the German, Austro-Hungarian and Russian monarchies, sources in Germany and the US agree. The plan that is now unfolding in Europe calls for a civil war against a “Muslim” enemy. The so-called “Muslim” terrorists are being financed with money supposed to be spent on fighting so-called carbon induced global warming, the sources ad. This is why we are seeing daily “Muslim” terror attacks that seem to always involve “lone wolves” who die in the attack. That way there is no need to have a messy trial where facts might have a chance of intruding into the public mind.
In any case the sources say that after a summer of increasingly severe terrorist attacks, European bank ATMs will be shut down, possibly in August or September. It is at this point where the royal families will present themselves as “saviors” and provide the people with huge amounts of fiat money and “security,” in exchange for the reinstatement of their monarchies.
The reinstated European royalty will be headed by a German “Kaiser” (Caesar) who will have four kings will be appointed under him, they say. The candidate for Kaiser will probably come from either the Habsburg or Hohenzollern royal families, they note. That means Karl Habsburg or the Hohenzollern Georg Friedrich Prince of Prussia. Another candidate they mention is Ferdinand Zvonimir Habsburg-Lothringen.
The Tsar of Russia would be most likely Prince Michael of Kent
because he has the most Romanov blood of all the European royals.
This fits in with what Russian sources have long told us and that is that Vladimir Putin was put in power by a faction in the KGB that was loyal to the Russian royal family.
This move combined with the push by Turkey’s Recep Erdogan to restore the Ottoman Turkish Empire would, if successful, restore the German, Austro-Hungarian and Turkish empires; essentially bringing Europe and the Near-East back to the situation that existed before World War I.
So, a hundred year plot to reverse the Anglo-American victory in World War I has now been un-masked.
The Brexit vote in this context means the British Royal Family will not have to fall under the rule of the restored monarchies of Europe.
The question of course is, will the European people passively agree to be terrorized and financially blackmailed into restoring these bloodlines to formal power? We may well find out this summer and autumn. In the meantime expect a Gladio frenzy of increasingly lurid false flag attacks and well-financed, violent demonstrations. It is also a good bet that German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande will lose power later this year.
Meanwhile a serious power struggle is also coming to a head in the United States. CIA sources say that “China has given the secret codes for a large amount of gold (thousands of metric tons)…to be given as a loan to the US Treasury so that the dollar will not implode.” The catch though is that
“the boys in DC must indict Killary.”
Since the Democratic Party Presidential Convention started this week with a big “Russian” e-mail leak about how Democratic Party brass rigged things for Hillary Clinton, there can be no doubt a serious power struggle is underway in Washington DC. Democratic Party National Committee head Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was fingered in the e-mail leak, has said she will resign “after the convention.” CIA sources say it is very likely she will be killed soon to stop her from testifying about how she stole the election for Clinton.
The Pentagon and agencies have already forced both the Democratic and Republican parties to promise they will restore the Glass-Steagall act. This means a forced end to the crooked casino that the Bush/Clinton faction of the Khazarian mafia had turned the US financial system into.
The P2 Freemason lodge also forced Hillary to accept Tim Kaine, a Jesuit, as her candidate for Vice President, CIA sources say. Since Trump is also supported by the Jesuits and P2, this means they have both side covered in the US now. So, as the Soviets used to say during the cold war, the Americans can choose between Pepsi Cola or Coca Cola, but you can be certain wine, tea, coffee etc. will never be on the ballot.
A clear indication of how corrupt and decadent the US system has become can be seen in Secretary of State John “Skull and Bones” Kerry acting as a shill for Satanic chemical corporations like Dupont. Kerry was in Vienna last Friday saying “air-conditioners were as big a threat to life as terrorism.” What is happening is that 17 years have elapsed since the Dupont Corporation and its crime partners got fluorine gas to be banned just as their patent on it was expiring. Their BS fluorine caused ozone hole story fooled just about everybody at the time. Now, the patent on their replacement for fluorine, hydroflourocarbons (CFCs) is expiring too, so their moronic slave Kerry is being paraded out in front of world dignitaries to argue that banning CFCs will “literally save life on the planet itself.”
What he really means is that it will save his chemical buddies annual $20 billion or so in revenue on selling patented refrigerants for the worlds air-conditioners, refrigerators etc. What sort of degenerate political system is it that gets the foreign minister of what used to be the world’s greatest country to tell outright lies on behalf of corporations so that they can swindle money out of people in poor countries who desperately need air-conditioning? It is a system so corrupt it must be overthrown.
Speaking about which, there has been response to the one ton gold bounty placed on many of the top bosses of the Khazarian mafia by the White Dragon Society. The US special forces command has contacted the WDS to ask for written bounty notices that can be presented to persons on the list. They want this because they do not want to start a “sheepdog on sheepdog” situation where special forces fight each other as some try to protect the people on the list and others try to arrest them.
These documents are being prepared and the special forces will operate in harmony to carry out the anti-Khazarian mafia mission. The bounties will be issued by the Planetary Liberation Army general command in conjunction with the WDS.
The WDS also knows it will lose face if some action is not taken after the deadline given to the Rothschilds expires at midnight Hawaii time on July 25th. Since the Rothschilds are now hiding in Switzerland, there may be a delay before action is taken but it will be taken.
Nathan Rothschild, who originally agreed to meet with the WDS, has publicly announced he is not inviting his father to his wedding to make it clear the blockage of a deal is the responsibility of his father and uncles, not him.
For this reason, the one ton gold bounty on Nathan has been suspended. Also, Asian secret societies, even though they suffered destruction of irreplaceable cultural treasures like the Summer Palace, do not want to destroy priceless artworks, the heritage of all humanity, to get a few old men. That means the complex in Zug, Switzerland will not be hit with a missile. Instead, expect “precision surgery,” they say.
The Rothschilds may be thinking the recent ruling against China in the South China Sea can be used to manipulate the US military and its allies into war with China. Certainly Pentagon sources feel they have right on their side now that a court ruling has been made. So there is definitely going to be some heavy brinkmanship ahead as the US is threating to send a multinational naval task force to the South China Sea to enforce the ruling, Pentagon sources say.
The Chinese meanwhile argue the tribunal was a “political farce,” and noted that none of its 5 members was Asian or knew much about Asian history or culture.
Nonetheless, the Chinese have agreed to let Singapore arbitrate on the South China Sea issue with ASEAN. Since Singapore is regional CIA and MI6 headquarters, it is clear the Chinese are looking for a compromise.
Of course this whole South China Sea thing is just a pretext for the Rothschilds to play their US military might card in the ongoing bankruptcy negotiations of the Rockefeller and Rothschilds’ UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and UNITED NATIONS corporations. The Republic of the United States is not bankrupt and must not let itself be manipulated in this manner by owners of a corporation based in Washington DC.
Meanwhile in the Middle East, repercussions from the failed coup attempt in Turkey are continuing to be felt in many ways. Pentagon sources say Turkish President Recep Erdogan “may have signed his own death warrant since 90 US nukes and 1500 US airmen are potential hostages at Incirlik” airbase. The Pentagon sources also say Turkey may have turned East but it was “still under the watchful eyes of Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria because nobody trusts Erdogan.”
However, the Pentagon sources also say the Bush cabal is “reeling from the loss of CIA drug flights to and from Incirlik.”
The other thing that has happened in the Middle East is that Russia sent a drone over Israel to systematically gather intelligence about Israeli military deployment. Furthermore the drone was able to disable 3 Israeli missiles, making it clear they have total air superiority and that the Israel Defense Forces are “sitting ducks.” Israel is now expected to become a Jewish autonomous zone within the restored Caliphate. Their attempt to malign moderate Islam by creating a fake radical Islamic ISIS boogey-man has failed.