Monday, July 04, 2016

[Gaia Portal] 2016-07-03: The Rose of Gaia blossoms

There are lots of messages from Gaia Portal recently, with a new message being released every couple of days. This is a very good sign as it means that a lot of progress has been made towards the final liberation.

Below is a new one released yesterday, when Cobra and Isis are holding another Ascension Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Here is my interpretation of the message.

Also note that the last sentence is used as the title of this message, rather than the first sentence as usual.

- Questionings of the Inner Earth groups that are service-to-self have begun.

The second and third sentences seem to be describing a meeting between different Inner Earth groups as mentioned by Corey Goode before.

- Different light forces below the surface of the planet are meeting each other.

- The contact between those parties is made with a good intention, which aims to re-unite different positive groups and heal the consequence of past conflicts.

- The last sentence seems to be a very beautiful description of activation of an important portal to allow more feminine energy to spread across the Earth.



Arraignments of misguideds commence in full.

Forces of Inner Light greet.

Softness of contact releases the Healing Intention.

The Rose of Gaia blossoms.

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