Wednesday, July 13, 2016

[Gaia Portal] 2016-07-11: Increasing vibrational components find their home

Below is the Gaia Portal message published on Monday.

I know it may sound strange but I feel that this message is describing the return of those human beings who were living as hostages in slavery in various locations throughout the Solar System, after they have been set free by the Light Forces as described by Cobra last year.

I would interpret the message as follow:

- Human hostages, who were working as slaves throughout the Solar System, have been healed by the Light Forces and returned to their home on Earth.

- Now, they are revealing what it was like to be living in civilisation of advanced spirituality, which is a world of pure Light.

- Those human beings are not in the state of depression any more.

- They are now rejoining our communities and spreading the Light among us.



Increasing vibrational components find their home.

Standards of Higher energetic life are unveiled.

Melancholies subside as hu-beings release.

Flashes of brilliance coalesce into Illuminative streams.

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