Sunday, October 27, 2019

[GaiaPortal] 2019-10-26: Flashes of the white sceneries are viewed in awe

Flashes of the white sceneries are viewed in awe.

Castle highlands present and are glorified in the emerald Light.

Fortifications dissolve.

Highest peaks are viewed.

Climbers are engaged.

Friday, October 25, 2019

[GaiaPortal] 2019-10-21: The Airs of the Higher Dimensionals are cleared

The Airs of the Higher Dimensionals are cleared.

Cleansing of all prehistorics occurs in the now moment.

Abundance presents to all who recognize True Values.

Spelorifics present the Guidance.

Snowflakes decorate the horizons.

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

[GaiaPortal] 2019-10-09: Preliminaries finish

Preliminaries finish.

Intermediaries are incorporated into the reception of the Higher Cosmics at this time.

hu=manity begins the full surrender process.

Hue-manity rises to assist all.

The Light crystallizes the solution.

[GaiaPortal] 2019-10-04: Waters of fulfillment are ingested by the hu-manity collective

Waters of fulfillment are ingested by the hu-manity collective.

Gatherings of Light increase.

Accelerations of Illumination are experienced throughout the Galaxy.

Many awake to Jesus' laughter.

Missions are completed.

Wednesday, October 02, 2019

How Quickly Would You Like the Event to Happen?

Below is a post from Imaginary Kryptonite.

In this post provides some very good advices on how we can make the Event happen sooner, with the 13 virtues which help us to be more loving. In particular, I like the ending of this post really much.

"We are the vessels that must anchor the Superwave into the planetary grid. It cannot be done successfully if we are not holding a high percentage of light, and do not have our feet firmly grounded on Mother Earth. It will only delay even longer. We must do this with a strong commitment, a heart filled with love, bliss, compassion, gratitude, wisdom, freedom, beauty, hope, joy, laughter, courage, honesty, trust, and the abundance of Source.
May every step together forge the True Earth Timeline."

Only first part of this article is shared here. To read the rest of it, please go to the following link:


Everyone in the Awakened community can most likely agree the road to the Event, or Galactic Superwave is taking entirely too long. If there was a way for each of you to assist to move it forward, would you set aside your daily tasks to genuinely help the process make the jump to light speed? Lightworkers/Lightwarriors are constantly asking ‘what is my mission?’…what if we told you, this is it!

Since everything we do, feel and exude goes directly into the planetary Light grid, we must be extremely aware, disciplined, and responsible with our actions, emotions and thoughts if we want the Light grid to be fueled with the proper frequency needed to continue to assist the Breakthrough to manifest the Event. This is the point in which responsibility falls directly into our laps…our emotions and heart-felt vibrations of pure, unconditional love energy are the fuel to infuse the light grid and speed up the process! It cannot be a mix of anger, hatred and fear, along with brief moments of love. It must be a pure frequency free from lower vibrational emotions. It must be at least 90 percent pure, held in place for a consistent amount of time, in order to create a critical mass and turning point. When we fester in anger, or hatred, it neutralizes positive emotions already in the grid! Nothing is compartmentalized. You cannot choose what you wish to infuse into the grid. Everything is included! Consistency of high vibrating, loving, heartfelt joy, love, laughter, and care for each other, is key. We are sending a clarion call to all Lightworkers to buckle down, clear your blockages, do your forgiving, and your inner work now! Make a commitment to radiate as much pure light as possible to accelerate the Breakthrough process. Dedicate yourself to assisting with the most important mission of your life, planetary freedom.

13 Virtues, and Advanced Technologies as Powerful Tools to Assist the Breakthrough

The ÆNA Group, based in Japan, has created a powerful and critical list of 13 Virtues necessary to practice, and ‘embody’, in order to activate our individual Ascension process, and assist with planetary Ascension. They are a very advanced group of individuals helping immensely with the Planetary Liberation and Ascension. Although only in Japanese, here is a link to the ÆNA Group website for more information about their work and mission.

The ÆNA Group has partnered with Light Mandalas Company to create a fantastic tool to accelerate the personal and planetary ascension process called the ‘ÆNA Stellar Wand’. It has both a highly advanced laser-cut crystal sphere designed by the ÆNA Group that connects us to extremely high multidimensional frequencies (into higher dimensions) through sacred geometry which is used together with the Stellar Wand created by Light Mandalas. Combined, it is extremely effective and highly advanced, and affordable technology which is helping to accelerate the Breakthrough.

The ÆNA sphere contains the laser cut images shown below in the diagram that represent the true earth system and the 10 star system creating a zero point field.

The technology has helped many people elevate their personal spiritual growth, and vibration. It assists to expand the positive and high frequencies we exude into the grid, among many other powerful attributes. Reference the Light Mandalas website to learn more about how the ÆNA Stellar Wand can help clear blockages and allow you to access higher knowledge/guidance for your mission. Other products and devices are also available on the the Light Mandalas website that can assist you with your ascension process and jump to light speed!

ÆNA Stellar Wand

This is the ÆNA Group’s list of 13 Virtues which are all aspects of Love:
  1. BLISS
  7. HOPE
  8. JOY
  12. TRUST
The object here is to genuinely practice the wisdom/action of these virtues when relating to yourself and others is critical at this point to continue to assist with the True Earth Ascension Timeline for Humanity. For many people it will require an honest look at how one thinks, speaks and acts while relating to people in daily life. It will require letting go of all situations and people that do not serve the highest good of the planet and Humanity’s path. It may require an overhaul or complete change in attitude and decisions for many to create a kinder and more loving personality, a new way of being. In essence, it will require each of us to release all negative ‘Matrix’ programming, and do a complete ‘reboot’ to the entire system, on an emotional and spiritual level.

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