Sunday, July 24, 2016

[White Hat Dark Hat] Intel Update 7-19-16 "Syria"

Here is another post from White Hat Dark Hat that I would like to share, which is an intel update about situation in Sryia.


The war in Syria had its beginnings in 2011 as a protest against the regime. It then quickly turned into a proxy war with ISIS as the funded proxy army. After the Russian intervention in 2014 it turned into something much different, an exopolitical affair.

There are negative ET factions that have existed in bases underneath Syria since the time of Atlantis. These factions had a lot of influence in the actions and the decisions made by all of the groups involved with the conflict.

The goddess vortex underneath Syria is actually a crystal-technology that was placed there during early Atlantis. It makes the region unusually purified which causes psychic ability to be magnified. The area is not a chakra node of the planet.

There are many Atlantean and Roman tunnels underneath Syria. The main tunnel runs underground from Europe, though Syria and the Middle East, to the Giza pyramid in Libya. Its orignal use during Atlantean times was for different groups to mingle and experience the energies. It was mainly charged by the pyramid of Giza but also experienced energetic influences from the crystal technology that is located underneath Syria. It's other use was for different groups to experience and show-off each others technology.

For these reasons, Syria has always been an energetic node of the planet that has drawn interest from negative factions.

The war in Syria quickly became a feast for the Dracos because they feasted off of the atrocities that were being committed. They were also dissociating people into committing horrific actions against the population of Syria.

The war in Syria was a lot worst than anyone can really imagine and the consequences are still being felt from it.

The war was originally being supported by the Illuminati but it spun out of control and backfired in their face. It didn't really serve much of a purpose for the Illuminati other than to disrupt the evolution of the collective consciousness that was emerging due to the galactic central sun.

Think about the wars that are going on at this very moment.

Many people thought that the conflict was simply a civil war between two political factions but it nearly escalated into a widespread regional war that could have engulfed the Middle East.

Besides the Dracos, Ashtar also had a hand in Syria. He put many of the casualties in Syria back including some of the original ISIS members. 

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