Saturday, July 09, 2016

[Corey Goode] 2016-07-08: True Disclosure

As we have expected, Corey Goode launched a new website to promote Full Disclosure on the World Disclosure Day.

Below is the announcement on Facebook and the link to the new website.

There is not much on the site yet. However there are still some good articles such as an introduction to Gary McKinnon, who is probably the first person to expose the US secret space programs to the public.

There is also another good article about Illuminati.

The Full Disclosure Project is pleased to announce the launch of our public awareness/education Web and Social Media sites on July 8th (Disclosure Day). True Disclosure will soon begin an advertising campaign that targets the mainstream public. We will promote credentialed whistleblowers and the “nuts and bolts” disclosure data that is easy to digest and not too “far out” for this target audience. The site will be expanding and growing over the coming days and weeks to add many more articles and whistleblower testimonials. Please on a regular basis as well as share this announcement via Facebook and Twitter (All Social Media). Site:
Thank you,
Corey Goode
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