Saturday, May 07, 2016

[Gaia Portal] 2016-05-07: Escarpments of Light impress from Gaia Higher forms

Below is the latest message from Gaia Portal published this morning.

'Escarpment' is a word originally from French. It is used to describe a steep slope or a long cliff. Here I would interpret "Escarpments of Light" as a sharp and clear light.

So I would interpret the whole message as follow:

- A sharp and clear light is shining from the higher non-physical planes of Earth.

- Different views of how to make a successful transformation of the Earth are accepted.

- Level of the beauty within is increasing (to meet the light emitted from the planet).

- Guidance is available for those who needed, while harmonies are being asked for earnestly.


Escarpments of Light impress from Gaia Higher forms.

Stereos of viewpoints are accepted and embraced.

Latitudes of Inner magnificence are traversed.

Monitors release.

Harmonies entreat.

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