Sunday, May 29, 2016

[Gaia Portal] 2016-05-29: Stealth movements are no more

Below is a new message from Gaia Portal this morning.

My interpretation is that:

- Spaceships of the Light Forces are not required to act in secrecy anymore.

- The Dark Forces are being defeated by the Light Forces from the Inner Earth.

- Inadequate actions are discarded, as the entire Light Forces come to help.

- Stories of the battle between the Light and Dark Forces is being shared.

As I was writing this, I saw a new update from KP about an article from David Wilcock. Although I have not finish reading it yet, but I think that is what the last sentence of this Gaia Portal message is about.




Stealth movements are no more.

Darkness faded by the Inner Light.

Half measures are discarded, as fullness of Light incorporates.

Stories are told for all to enjoy.

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