Friday, May 06, 2016

[Community Leader Brief] A Post-Event Action Plan

Below is a high-level action plan for the first few weeks after The Event, prepared by PFC Portugal.

A pdf version of the plan is also available here in case internet is down temporarily during The Event.


Enhance and adapt these action steps according to your community’s needs while adapting to the flow of what is required moment by moment as reality evolves. Be mindful that a calm, loving, & flexible presence will be a major attribute and necessity for a successful implementation of the Plan and of great benefit to serving the needs of your community members.
Immediately After The Event Commences (0-3 Hours In)
  • Contact ESG members to initiate distribution of the Community Leaders Brief(CLB).
  • Ask around for friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, or acquaintances that may be willing to help.
  • If it is night time, deliver the CLB and explain the situation to the Police and Fire chiefs and ask them to immediately call in off-duty staff along with The Mayor/City Council members.
  • Establish contact with various levels of media; mainstream or alternative, local, national, or international to initiate the Action Plan for the Event.
Day 1
  • As soon as practical and for those that feel guided and capable, please share the general facts with the Media as highlighted in bold type face in the linked article link “Action Plan for the Event” above.
  • Deliver the CLB document – firstly to the Mayor, City Council, Police & Fire Chiefs; then follow-up with those deemed most responsible for informing the populace, directing community resources for maintenance of continued stability of needed supplies via the distribution system, and also keeping public areas safe for assembly.
  • Utilize knowledgeable and balanced ESG members to provide additional verbal details as a group to the community’s leaders (Mayor, Police/Fire Chiefs).
  • If the community’s leaders can’t be reached promptly enough, consider approaching others who have probable communication access to them such as a locally elected City Council member and/or a Deputy/2nd-in-command to the Police or Fire Chief.
  • Reach out immediately to any contacts, friends, friends of friends, etc., who can provide an inside track to reach the “movers and shakers”.
  • Deliver copies of the CLB to management of Utility companies, Grocery Stores, Hospitals, Schools, and local Businesses.
  • In cooperation with local authorities, Chamber of Commerce (utilizing a mass CLB email to businesses), media, and ESG members, inform as many local residents as possible about the Event.
  • Determine information sharing and community gathering suitability of pre-existing Public Address systems in school/community auditoriums, music/theater halls, movie cinemas, sports complexes, hotel conference centers, etc.
  • If needed, set up Public Address systems at central locations to share info.
  • Ask all informed residents to “spread the word” via friends, family, coworkers, and social media contacts by any and all means available.
Overnight (Day 1)
  • Finalize public announcements content and determine the local authority/community members who will share the updates for residents.
  • Organize plans for needed volunteer groups.
  • Select individuals to interface with Military contacts for any potentially required resupply of food, water, and basic subsides along with obtaining information updates.
Day 2
  • If not begun on day 1, initiate public announcements at designated locations and if possible through local TV and Radio stations utilizing the Media Action Plan for the Event info, CLB, and any situational updates available.
  • Announce Meet and Greet locations for discussion and community pot luck meals.
  • In conjunction with local authorities determine necessary short and mid/long range needs.
  • Contact and ask for assistance from all known local emergency response teams, along with environmental, political, and social activist type groups.
  • Publicly state the immediate need for various volunteer committee members, begin registering new members, and provide needed direction, education, and support.
A possible selection of Volunteer Committee focus groups to form:
  • Current food and water supplies along with alternative sourcing methods and production (e.g. local spring water)
  • Alternative housing and shelters (e.g. Churches, foreclosed/empty houses or warehouses) for the homeless.
  • Meet & Greet gatherings and pot luck meals (go to National Night Out for ideas & resources; these are annual community gatherings which are often ‘pot-lucks’ where everyone shares food and can socialize with neighbors)
  • Food banks, Food Shelves, & Delivery Services such as Meals On Wheels
  • Critical basic subsidies, supply line maintenance, or acquisition of new alternative ones.
  • Swap meets for needed supplies.
  • Maintaining staff at critical infrastructure utilities, hospitals, and grocery stores.
  • Coordination and mobilization of all pre-existing local volunteer, charity, and activist groups.
  • Emergency response and conflict resolution teams.
  • Local militia groups to aid local law enforcement in maintaining order.
  • Emotional trauma, crisis counseling centers, energetic and body healing centers.
  • Multi-purpose/capability roving student groups.
  • Social media outreach for education and assistance planning for nearby cities and towns.
  • Support for the elderly, disabled, and homeless.
  • Stress reduction, community artistic (free music/theatre/dance performance) events, inspirational moral boosting.
  • Spiritual wisdom and guidance.
  • Think tanks for current and future planning and needed projects.
Day 3 and afterward
  • Announce access to chosen locations and/or phone numbers for trauma centers and information updates.
  • Be creative in inspiring local businesses to remain open.
  • Report and limit price gouging and hoarding of essential goods.
  • Ask local businesses to accept cheques, Gold and Silver, and alternate forms of payment.
  • Ascertain if the local or state/province Chamber of Commerce can set up a Scrip currency with local businesses.
  • Announce swap meets for needed goods.
  • Invite any local preppers to step forward to share extra supplies and help educate others.
  • Encourage residents to share what they have with others.
In closing, the greater the level of preparation we can bring to the Event followed by moving into Right Action, the faster useful info & guidance may be shared with community members.  This will lead to a greater level of order, understanding, civility, and cooperation crucial for the optimal peace-of-mind and well-being of our fellow brothers and sisters.
This text is based upon the A Plan To Maintain Safety During The Event article by Nova Biscotti ( and the Event Support Group (ESG) guidelines.
Compiled by David Gane:


  1. Living in France, the information structures here are a bit different. One of the more efficient actions to take would be to use the local media (not national), written press, TV and radio, to explain the details and reasons behind "The Event". For those that are already active on the local level, we have already established a relationship of confidence with these media. For sure, we would be taking it to a new level, but then in the information vacuum, we would be providing the only logical explanation available.

    It would probably be best to start with the financial/banking side, as most people can relate to this and already have a certain level of understanding of the manipulation of derivatives and the general transfer of wealth to the top 1%. Hammer this aspect until it sinks in - there is enough info available to keep you busy for several days. Then you can start filling in the other blanks. This is stealing a page from the Cabal playbook, where they would keep it simple and stick to one main topic, until it sticks in the mind of the general public. Treating many subjects superficially would lead to general confusion, as this is new for the majority and they will need time to assimilate the new reality. Create a solid foundation one block at a time and the structure will stand strong.

  2. Totally agree with your approach. Keep it up!