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[Cobra] Notes from the Ascension Conference in Switzerland on 17th April 2016

Below is the notes from the Cobra's Ascension Conference in Switzerland on 17th April 2016.

The original version in Chinese can be found here:

Please note that this is the interpretation of the person who wrote this notes. They are NOT exact words from Cobra.

Japanese, French and Portuguese translations of this notes have also been created.





- We are now helping to achieve the final victory of the light. This conference is the first step towards The Event.

- We are now at the pre-Event stage.

- Now we are at what most people called the New Age. We are still at the stage of cleansing our negativity.

- The Light Forces always have plan to liberate the planet Earth.

-  There is a lot of disinformation on the internet. This conference aims to clarify many of these.

- The first thing we need to do now is to un-educate ourselves of the known learning process.

- We entered the quarantine Earth voluntarily, in order to help transforming the Earth and speeding up the planetary liberation.

- Before incarnation, everyone will be implanted (by the Archon) and as a result losing connection with The Divine Source. We also need to sign a contract with the Dark Forces.

- When we were born, we lost all of the memory of our past lives due to the implants. We also inherited the emotions and thoughts of our parents.

- We all come from different star systems. However, human can only see a very limited range of frequency.

- Cobra flew in a MiG-29 to cross the Veil boundary in February 2014, and embraced by a tachyon bath, a rain of rainbow colored superluminal particles that penetrate the body energy field. [See]

- We are all representatives of the Light Forces.

- One day, certain energy within everyone's body will suddenly be awaken, other hidden abilities will also be awakened after a short period of time.

- Some people will doubt about themselves. If we allow ourselves to fulfill our potentials, The Event could have happened as early as 1996.

- A lot of people have awaken recently, they are speeding up the progress towards The Event.

- A Galactic super wave is sent from the Galactic Central Sun every 26,000 years. This phenomenon is like the pulse of human heart.

- The timeframe for Earth transformation is between 1975 and 2025.

- This time we will not have to go through any global catastrophe event like the deluge of Atlantis.

- The energetic pulse from the Galactic Central Sun also has impact on our local sun.

- As a result, the weather on Earth is being affected as well. This is the reason for unusual weather in recent years.

- A lot of people feel that the sun has changed. When we go out, we can feel the difference in the sun.

- The Galactic Super Wave will dust off all darkness from our Solar System, peel it off from the surface of the planet and completely change our society.

- Everything will be purified. People will start to remember the existence of Divine Source.

- The Galactic Central Sun is sending Gamma wave directed at Earth.

- Voyager 2 spacecraft has detected this strong Gamma radiation.

- All the prophecies about massive catastrophes will NOT be happened. This is because a lot of massive motherships are protecting Earth.

- The length of these motherships exceeds 1,000 km.

[Then, Cobra showed the pictures of Cintamani stones in Antarctica, Greenland and South 

- Most of the surface population do not utilize the power of Free Will.

- Plasma is light with intelligence, it is a living being. It is the key to the liberation of the Earth, which can be found in anywhere and be used in healing.

- Asian medicine, especially Chinese medicine, focuses on healing of etheric body rather than physical body.

- So in Chinese medicine, there are therapies that make use of plasma. Western medicine only focus on the healing of physical body, so the effect is limited.

- Internet helps people to discern religious and other matters.

- The missing Malaysian flight MH370 is now on a certain island in the sea.

- German scientists started researching on vehicles for space travel since the beginning of the 20th century. In 1923, they invented the first prototype.

- They built the first base on the moon in 1942. After World War II, Nazi have built bases in Antarctica and Argentina. NASA was established as a front-end organisation to cover up the secret space programs.

- In 1945, German scientists already had the ability to travel to moon and other planets in the Solar system.

- There are lots of accidents or explosions of space rockets and space shuttles, due to the actions of the negative side within NASA.

- These people do not want the official space program to progress too quickly.

- If there are accidents in the official space program, things need to be stopped for investigations.

- They will need to investigate thoroughly before planning for the next step.

- The aim of many secret space programs is to go to other planets or asteroids for mining.

- Some asteriods are formed of diamond.

- The Russian's space program is more positive.

- The Light Forces have cleared all the bases of the negative groups.

- Their motherships have tachyon membrane, which can avoid detection from traditional technology.

- There is a Pleiadian base in Siberia. Putin has met with the Pleiadians.

- Ashtar Command has tried different strategies to awake the 99%, who have been suffering heavily from the 1%.

-  There is a defense ring around the Earth formed by a fleet of spaceships. The second defense ring is called Jupiter Command.

- There is a huge Galactic Confederation underground base on Ganymede, which is a central hub for all intelligent positive races working upon the liberation of our Solar system and planet Earth especially.

 - The length of the motherships in the second defense ring is between 1,000 and 2,000 km.

- Central civilization is the most advanced race in the universe. Their motherships can be as long as 5,000 to 10,000 km.

- Ganymede has never been influenced by the Archon.

- Pleiadian looks like human.

- The length of the mothership from Sirius star system is about 500 km.

- 70% of living beings in this galaxy is humanoid.

- The Light Forces have bases in the underground of the Earth and the moon. It is a completely different world below the ground.

- Only a few people know about this. There are lakes in the underground, one of them is so huge that it can provide water supply to the whole Europe.

- Below the surface of this planet, Resistance Movement have beautiful architecture, crystals and residential areas.

- To go to these bases, people will need to go through sterilization chamber to remove all the bacteria and viruses from the surface.

- Everyone is the catalyst of The Event. Everyone is the light of the Earth. We have entered a critical moment of choice.

- Humanity needs to make a decision now. From March 2016, we have entered the final stage.

- During this period, our lives, the planetary situation and even the whole universe would be affected.

- This period will determine the destination of the universe. We are now at the final stage of transforming darkness.

- Earth is the last planet to join the galactic network of Light.

- Ascended Masters (such as Jesus, Buddha and St. Germain) still need to stay in this universe, until we are liberated from the control of the Dark Forces.

- Currently there are thousands of motherships staying in the Oort cloud, and waiting for the liberation of this planet.
- They are sending positive energy towards the Earth continuously.

- We need to understand Free Will and use this power effectively.

- If we can do so, nothing is impossible to resolve.

- The quarantine of Earth will be removed.

- The Dark Forces need to spend trillions of dollars, and on average 1 billion dollars to stop the positive ET races to contact the surface population.

- We are now very close to the final breakthrough.

- Space tourism has entered a period of renaissance.

- There are many bases on moon and Mars which belongs to the positive ET races.

- In the near future before The Event, people can see their ships at different places.

- Within 10 years, general population can visit other planets.

- Base on the current technology, people can travel from Earth to Mars in 15 minutes.

- Plans to revive space exploration will open the channel of full communication between positive ET races and humanity.

- As a result, the Cabal will lose all of their controls.

- Hilary has already been forced to talk about Area 51. Bush is behind all the lies about UFO and ET.

- Most of the people is pure and tend to follow others.

- The aim of the Panama paper is to attack President Putin.

- As a result, Putin discloses the truth about the Cabal and the Rothschild family.

- This attack will only bring us closer to The Event.

- Once the Dark Forces have disappeared, The Event will unfold in full.

- Everyone within the secret space programs do not know the secret of the Chimera group.

- Lightships is emitting lots of positive energies, but not a lot of people can receive them.

- In order to use telepathic ability, one needs to train for a number of years. We will learn it if we practise seriously.

- Chimera comes from the negative group of the Andromeda galaxy.

- They came to Earth in humanoid bodies, in which most of them are fallen angels.

- They have physical bodies. After they have been removed, The Event will be fully activated.

- Central banks are in panic now. A few of them have adopted negative interest rates because of this.

- They are worried that China will release all the gold.

- The Cabal will be in big trouble if the gold that China hold exceeds their expectation.

-  The Cabal do not know the amount of gold that China have. China can cause the financial reset.

- After the Event, unconditional love will spread across the planet. Duality will end. People can live a happy life.

- Plasma will become a tool for healing all sort of diseases.

- All the religious will disappear, because humanity will not be controlled by dogma anymore.

- The Cabal planned to use the refugee crisis to transport their mercenaries to Europe to create tension.

- To prevent more suffering, the Light Forces continue to monitor refugees entering Europe.

-  Just before The Event is about to start, many people will have contact with positive ET.

- Actually this kind of contact has already started. Channel of telepathic communication has been established.

- After The Event, a lot of people will have direct face to face contact with the positive ET.

- Ships will be landed on private area around the world, and communicate with general population.

- Lots of people who have the ability of telepathic communication will start receiving messages.

- In future, ships will also be landed on public area.

- There are lots of false information about extra-terrestrial beings on the Internet. However, lots of positive ET also looking forward to The Event.

- After The Event, universal love will be part of many people's life. There will not be any more issues.

- We need to remember one thing: Positive ET races have difficulties to understand human's method of thinking and current living experience.
- On the other hand, a lot of people do think that they cannot adapt to the life on the surface of this planet.

-  Also, positive ET races believe that it is very difficult for them to get along with human, because they cannot understand why human can act aggressively sometimes.

- Dr. Steven Greer has established a detailed protocol for CE-5.

- We can use his method to invite ET races to show up and communicate with us.

- 2 - 3 weeks after The Event, a lot of people around the world will appear on TV program to talk about their contact experiences.

- Each nation will also form an official interplanetary diplomatic ambassador.

- Many Light Forces in the United Nation are working towards the official First Contact.

- First contact is an official diplomatic meeting

- Since Pleiadians look very much like human, they will be the first positive ET race to land on the surface.

- At that time, official diplomatic documents will be signed and diplomatic negotiation will begin.

- Beings from Sirius will be landed after a short while.

- After another period of time, humanoid beings from Andromeda and other star systems wall also be landed.

- Non-humanoid beings will be the last to show up, so that they will not be scared by human.

-  Human must go through a transitional period after being accepted to join Galactic Confederation. All non-physical planes will be changed significantly.

- There will not be any more intervention of the energetic planes of the Earth by the Dark Forces.

- Humanity will be able to understand spiritual teaching easily.

- Many Ascended Masters will present themselves in the real world.

- After the First Contact, they will appear more frequently.

- In future, we can use Star Gate to go to the Galactic Central Sun, and enter Creator's heaven eventually.

- We will be able to meet lots of beings at the higher plasma plane.

- Switzerland has already completed preparation for the First Contact.

- Communications with the Light Forces will spread out to the general public eventually.

- Our brothers and sisters in the galactic family will be integrated into our daily lives.

- Each of the BRICS countries has their own plan for the First Contact.

 - Many secret caves for holding the Goddess energy will be re-opened.

- After we have ascended, we don't need to travel in spacecraft, we can use our own body to travel in the whole universe instead.

- After ascension, our body can do superluminal travel.

- Teleportation technology will be open for public use.

- This kind of technology is very common in the universe.

- Replicators can be used to fulfill various physical needs.

- Replicators can also produce delicious foods in a short period of time.

- Future life will be very much like the advanced society shown in the movie "Elysium".

- Although foods produced by replicators may not be absolutely delicious, we can still choose to cook with fresh and organic ingredients.

- Free energy device that make use of magnetic field will be released to the public.

- Everyone will have chance to travel on a flying car.
- People will just need to enter the coordinates of the destination, then the flying car will travel to the destination automatically.

- China already has flying car.

- Highly advanced music technology will also be released to the public.

- Once the Earth has joined the Galactic family, then the Grand Galactic Reunion will also occur.

- We are the Light Mandalas.

- We are in the positive timeline.

- Please use social media and blog wisely to help speeding up the progress towards The Event.

- One who use free will effectively is stronger than one million people without free will.

- Currently 88% of the general population would accept intervention of ET races, but most people do not believe that it would happen.

Isis Antara:

[Since the person who wrote up this notes has joined the learning activity of Isis, so not many notes had been taken.]

- Female's body is a portal to another dimension. Female is a chalice for carrying and nurture of life.

- Female can direct lights from different dimensions to their bodies. They are chalice of life, child and love.

- Goddess energy and Divine energy have been growing on Earth.

- Female is leading humanity to enter a new age. They are now bringing energy of love back to the Earth.

- In the new age, human will no longer suffer from self-inflicted life of bitterness.

- People need to understand that "We are not the victim of life".

- We must say "NO!". Saying "No" is our divine right.

- When we make a decision, we must ask ourselves sincerely that "Is this really what we want?"



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    2. No, what Cobra said was "The timeframe for Earth transformation is between 1975 and 2025"

      So if the Earth collective does not transform by then we'll be stuck in a lower vibration/timeline until the next window comes around, which may be hundreds or thousands of years from now.

      So let's all choose the higher timeline NOW! :)

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  17. Please note that many of the above statements misrepresent Cobras information or are imprecise or even false. A comprehensive report of the conference, which will be approved by Cobra is in process and will be published as soon as possible.

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