Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cintamani stone in Antarctica

Below is a short post about the success that we as a general poulation has put a Cintamani stone in Antarctica.

It has been requested by the Light Forces as per Cobra's post on 15 December 2015.

Now I have also received confirmation from PFC Japan that the mission is completed successfully.

It involved a lot of efforts and determination to reach Antarctica as the tourist season is almost finish. The availability of the flight was also depend on the weather condition.

At the end, PFC Japan has co-ordinated a small meditation to ensure that the weather would be perfect to make the trip.

It is a very good example that how we can work together to make The Event happens as soon as possible!

Update: Below is the further information about this mission from Terry Miyata from PFC Japan, which was originally a comment for my post at COEO and a blog post on PFC Japan.

"The Antarctica mission has completed successfully. A Japanese woman decided to take an action and visited there on her own. The season to visit Antarctica was over, and no more commercial flight was available. After arriving the flight departure location, she moved to other country to find a boat route. Then miraculously, we found someone outside Japan was trying to seek for the same mission around there. With this additional 2 passengers, the airline decided to offer a commercial flight to Antarctica. Due to the bad weather, the flight was then cancelled. With the powerful meditations by the group of Biscotti and Untwine, and also by Taiwanese group by Anthem and certainly by Japanese PFC-JAPAN group, the weather all of sudden turned clear suitable for the flight. Without writing further details as they are confidential, two of them successfully completed the operation. Due to the very stressful mission, she is exhausted and now staying at the hotel. But, she want to express her sincere gratitude to all of you who meditated for the better weather conditions and the success of the mission. She said she really felt the energy and support from all of you."


Amy Lai‎ to Cobra Etheric Liberation

"According to the Japanese PFC group, the cintamani stone that Cobra requested has reached its destination in Antarctica"

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