Thursday, April 14, 2016

[Gaia Portal] 2016-04-13: Harbingers of planetary change are recognized

Below is the latest update from Gaia Portal, which was published on yesterday in its new home at Wordpress (!)

I would interpret it as follow:

The upcoming event or liberation of the planet is expected by the general population.

The people who are going to help doing this (such as those who are reading this blog), are required at this time and their participations in the process are really appreciated.

At the same time, the higher positive beings are finishing their mission. (The word "frequencis" is neither French nor English, however given that there is no "e" in the word, I guess it means positive frequency.)

Victory of the Light is coming to us at full speed!
Harbingers of planetary change are recognized.

Electives are sought, and selected.

Frequencis of Hue-Being mastery complete their functions.

Full motion forward.

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