Saturday, April 02, 2016

Prepare for Change - Japan

Prepare for Change (PFC) is a network that has been created as a reference point for the general population to make preparation of The Event. It has been requested by the Light Forces that as many PFC groups as possible are created so that the transition can be done as smooth as possible.

As Cobra mentioned in his post on 21 February 2014, " These Event Support Groups will serve as stabilization nodes of the energy grid around the planet that will help harmonizing the process of transition"
Since June 2013 a lot of PFC groups have been established throughout the world and meet regularly. 

In particular, PFC Japan is one of the key groups in Asia to help spreading the awareness of The Event in Japan. They have been doing a lot of works behind the scenes and making a huge contribution towards the liberation of this planet.

They are a very dedicated group of nice people and are actively seeking people to join them.

Below is the link to their website:

Preparing For The Event

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