Saturday, April 16, 2016

Past reports from Cobra on progress of Resistance Movement against Chimera

Below is a collection of blog posts from Cobra on progress of Resistance Movement against Chimera.

It was complied by Irina Myers who is a member of Prepare for Change France and a number of Facebook groups associated with Cobra.

We can see that a lot of progress has been made and surely we can getting closer to the final breakthrough!

2015-06-02: Clearning of Implant Stations and Chimera Bases

2015-07-05: Plasma Accretion Vortex around Earth Full of Strangelet and Toplet bombs

2015-07-14: Sublunar Operations with Man-made Satellites and
Implant Stations

2015-08-06: Sublunar Operations Update

2015-8-26: Clearing the Chimera and Their Plasma Exotic Technologies from the Surface of the Planet (Cell phones, PC, wifi-routers)

2015-09-13 Hostages in Strongholds at Implant Stations throughout the Solar System

2015 12 13 Implants of the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors Connected to the Implants of the Cabal with Tunnels of Set

2015-12-20 Clearing of Chimera Bases of the Kuiper Ring
(beginning to disintegrate the main defense line of the Chimera)

2016-01-03 Last Remnants of the Chimera Fleet Scattered throughout the Solar System, Hiding Near Plasma Strangelet and Toplet Bombs

2016-02-18 Important Breakthroughs to Remove All Plasma Strangelet Bombs (using the new mechanism)

2016-3-25 Focusing on the Removal of Plasma Toplet Bombs with the Same Approach

2016-04-13 Beginning to Dismantle Chimera Barrier (the outer edge of Solar System)

Update: This list is originally from a comment in Cobra's post "A Short Situation Update"

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