Wednesday, April 27, 2016

[Cobra] 2016-04-27: SUBPHX attempt delay: contextual subfactions shift incomplete

Below is the latest message from Cobra for the Resistance Movement.

I am not in the position to explain what does it mean exactly, and we are not suppose to understand this. However, for people who are new to Cobra's blog, PHX is the short name for Phoenix.

According to a post from Cobra back in May 2012, there is an operation by Resistance Movement called "Operation Phoenix".

"It is interesting to watch how Operation Phoenix, which is a top secret Resistance Movement operation, gets reflected in the cyberspace. Those people may not be speaking about the same thing, but you may find reflected fragments of the truth here:

And even here:

This is as much as I can disclose now. Something beautiful is about to happen."

The links above in Cobra's original post have been deactivated. However an archive of the first one is available below:

SUBPHX attempt delay: contextual subfactions shift incomplete

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