Friday, April 15, 2016

[Recreating balance] 2016-04-14: 5 Elements Practice

A nice short article from untwine about how to connect with the 5 elements to maintain a balanced and spiritual life.

Connecting with the 5 elements is a very efficient and powerful practice that can help us to stay healthy, balanced and centered, especially as the Galactic waves arrive to us. The idea here is to connect at least a little bit to each of the 5 elements, ideally on a daily basis.

Here are a few examples of how you can connect to each of them :

- Making a fire (using natural materials)
- Sun gazing
- Burning holy smoke (palo santo, sage, incense, etc)

- Touch the earth with your bare skin, especially bare feet or bare hands
- Lie down on the earth
- Take a walk in nature, hug a tree

- Breathing exercises
Most people on this planet are actually not breathing properly, not getting a good oxygen flow into their system. This is due to not getting in touch with it, and to trauma and unresolved energy blocking the flow, and also to negative interference (implants, etc).
Breathing well means to breathe in and breathe out fully, without short moments of apnea that many people do unconsciously. We can train to consciously breathe like this and it will quickly become automatic again.

There are many other breathing exercises out there, here is one that I like and with which I see very clear results :
Breathe in fully and breathe out less air than what you breathe in for 5-10 breaths (or as many as you want), and then breathe out fully. Repeat for as long as you feel. You will likely feel some tingling in your body, which is a good sign that good amounts of oxygen is flowing into your body.

Getting a good oxygen flow increases prana flow and this in itself can help heal a lot, physically mentally and emotionally.

- Drink clean water (spring or filtered), ideally without plastic bottles, and drink enough of it every day
- Start your day by drinking between 300ml and a liter of water as soon as you wake up (we usually get a bit dehydrated during sleep)
- Bathe in clean water, ideally in unpolluted streams, lakes and oceans, and/or in shower or bath. Use clean soap (industrial ones contain chemicals as dangerous as fluoride)
- Mineral/salt bath, hot springs, etc

There are various definitions of what the 5th element is, each of them describing a sort of synthesis of the whole. Divinity and symbolism is both structured and fluid, therefore the use of divinity and symbolism is also both structured and fluid. We can rely on the 5 pointed star structure, and yet we can use it in a fluid way with variations in its meaning.

The 5th element can be described as either Divine Love or Divine Will, depending on how the pentagram is used and in which direction (pointing up or down)
Therefore in this 5 elements practice, we can connect with Divine Will and/or Divine Love on a daily basis.

To connect with Divine Will means to use our own will and decision power. As incarnations of the Source, we are also incarnations of Divine Will. Get in touch with yourself to see what you really want, and make a strong decision for it. State it out loud and/or write it down if you want, using precise and complete wording. Getting in touch with Divine Will can also mean surrendering to your guidance about the Divine Plan.

To connect with Divine Love simply means to feel and experience Love, to give it, receive it, share it.

Liberation now !

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