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[Rob Potter] 2-16-04-02: Facebook post regarding Cobra's Interview and upcoming activities

Below is a Facebook post by Rob Potter regarding his Interview with Cobra and his upcoming activities.
Dear Promise, PFC and Cobra Family,
I wish to make a formal announcement that I am resigning from the monthly Cobra interviews. Please be aware there is no fracture between Cobra and I. There is no drama so please don't try to make any or to increase speculation. Please put your time to better use. It is true on certain subjects we have differing opinions but so what in the grand scheme of planetary liberation there are bigger concerns.
In fact I have confirmed with Corey Goode today that the long awaited Cobra and Corey joint interview will take place towards the end of April. I will be doing this to put an exclamation point on my support of Cobra. I have worked diligently and faithfully side by side in the mission with Cobra and I will continue to do so. I stand by my love for Cobra and his intentions as I have understood and shared them.
I personally have been a bit stressed trying to get all of the questions together every month. Many people have sent in their questions with loving care and I have appreciated to be in this position for gosh I think almost 2 years? The PFC team has done an excellent job and I think they are taking over the monthly position. Please forward all inquiries to them from now on.
I am very involved with my Summer Conference and I hope you will join me in Shasta at the end of July to meet the amazing Luis Maertens a very high brother working with many different groups off planet and on planet for planetary liberation.…
I will make some announcement soon of some other projects to be released about this summer later this month.
I have joined Corey’s full disclosure team and hope to contribute to the unification of Truth Seekers towards the push of full disclosure to release all hidden technologies and the history of breakaway groups and government NWO agendas for depopulation.
We are the disclosure program not the powers that were. Lets face it Chemtrails, vaccinations and the weaponization of food and hundred other crimes against humanity is nothing short of mass murder.
My heart is broken and my tears are many when I consider the condition of this world but my resolve is firm to remain steadfast in the awakening of the sleeping masses to engage and be responsible to not only prepare for, but to be the change. The almighty knows every word deed and action and justice will come one day.
The Corey Goode information is providing many new perspectives and we are getting a clearer picture of what is going on out there as far as the ICC the Cabal and a portion of the good guys and the super federation groups and the inner earth alliances.
There are many questions that are being answered and there are many questions being generated. We are just beginning the real disclosure process and the peeling back the layers of the onion are just beginning. Remain calm and keep your hands inside the space ship at all times it get bumpy ahead.
Many years ago to Steven Greer called me in 1999 and explained his idea to release Govt. employees with evidence of the reality of ET presence. Steven wanted Fred Bell to share his space program experience.
I spoke to him about our contacts and I made it very clear that his efforts were admirable but that the Govt. would never release the whole truth about what was going on. The reason is that even they don't know everything and to do so would incriminate them big time.
As Dr. Frank Stranges told me in 2008 and as Corey has confirmed the bad guys are hunkering down for the long haul and are desperate to create havoc and destruction to continue the abomination until the bitter end. Cobra and I have spoken privately in the past and he has indicated he felt this would be the case.
There may be defectors from the Cabal who are realizing the jig is up. We may get some evidence and grudging admissions form certain quarters but I will be very suspect if there is an official acknowledgement of ET presence prior to the arrests of these criminals. The hostile ET’s often run a dog and pony show where the bad guys attack a planet and destroy some infrastructure in what would be a catastrophic loss of life and the biggest false flag of all time.
Then the perpetrators will present themselves and come in to announce their benevolence. They will offer to protect earth from the Confederation who they will blame for the attacks. The earth govt. shills will accept the offer on our behalf and the artificial intelligence technology /scalar plasma implant matrix will be forced on the sheeple 1000 fold. Then guess what? We are effectively conquered, as genetic manipulation will attempt to further enslave us. This is what has been the Motus Operandi on other worlds in the past.
This usually takes place on worlds not under the jurisdiction of the confederation or the alliance. This is their test case here on earth smack dab under the confederations noses. I have felt and seen so much progress in light and love that it is amazing that the façade of the matrix still controls the masses.
Bust a move people now is the time to quit your slave jobs and reach for something better. What are you afraid of no money? Get real our world and our souls are on the line now.
I declare now that this EVIL will not succeed. It will not happen on Terra earth by the love of all that is we shall not fail. We will overcome the ignorance the lies the superstition and fear and grow in the truth or our own god Presence.
We will move forward until victory of The Light is achieved. It may not happen in my lifetime but we will liberate ourselves and rise up our consciousness and awareness towards the living word within.
Goode News
I just Wrapped my first Corey Goode interview and you can listen to its release live on April 7th at 8pm Eastern Time and 5pm Los Angeles Time here The second show will air on the 14th and following that as soon as possible we will do the joint interview with Corey and Cobra.
I want to make several updates now as well. First I am so VERY VERY proud of you all who donated to the Children’s orphanage in Tanzania. All govt. fees are paid and the food supply for the children has been easier. However there is still great need. We are hoping on getting up a website with pictures and stories for each child and to provide an insight into the orphanage itself.
We hope this website will provide a donation page so we do not need the go fund me program for this. If you are a website developer to donate your time to make a basic website for free please contact me. You may continue to donate temporarily to help the children here.
I wish to apologize to all of those who have been waiting so long for the Cintamani rings the manufacturer has had major difficulty to get these finished but they are coming soon. 
Thank you for your patience.
Warm Regards 
Victory To The Light
Rob Potter

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