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Human consciousness and The Law of Manifestation

Human Consciousness is a very simple concept that most people will have at least some understanding of it. However it is also an area that we have not utilising in full for the benefit of humanity.

As Cobra explained during the interview with Prepare for Change in August 2015, consciousness is a "dynamic interaction between spirit and matter. It is the spirit which decided to be project itself into matter and consciousness is born as a result of that."

From being consciousness, we have our free will, which is the first distortion of Law of One.

Use of free will is one of the basic rights as a sentient being in the universe, and this right is being protected by the Galatic Codex. In particular, Section I, subsection 5 of the codex states very clearly that

"Each sentient being has an inalienable and unconditional right to freedom."

Although free will of the surface population have been violated by the Dark Forces in many ways, we still have a certain degree of it and can determine what we want to do in our current lifetime.

With free will, one can start creating. This includes creating a reality that we would like to experience.That's why the Cabal have been so successful in the past to create a reality that they want, and to keep controlling our free will with a large number of means. Even Cobra did praised the dedication of the Cabal:

"we are working against the Cabal and their free will. They have a very strong dedication. They have worked and waited for generations and generations for their plans."

However, it doesn't mean that we cannot create what we want.

According to "Conversations with God", universe is like a replicator. It simply produces multiple copies of our thoughts. Therefore by focusing on what we want to create, eventually we will make it a reality.

During the Taiwan Conference in January 2015, Cobra shared a very simple and effective way to make use of Law of Manifestation. The method can be summarised in 3 steps.
  1. Make your decision
  2. Dedication to your decision
  3. Physical Action
The first step is to decide what you want to manifest. For example, I need to decide what I want to have for dinner, and I decide to order a pizza.

Then the next step is to make sure we dedicate to our decision. In our example, I need to think about what kind of pizza I would like, and visualise it in my mind.

Finally, we need to take physical action to make it happens. If I just sit on the sofa and do nothing, then the pizza I have in mind may never deliver to me! So I need to pick up the phone (or go on the internet) to make an order.

As Cobra mentioned, "Small things are easier to manifest. They manifest quickly. Larger decisions or items may take longer. The person with the strongest free will ~ will win. The person needs to be informed to make better decisions."

That's why we need to seriously dedicate to our decisions that we want The Event to happen as soon as possible, and also taking appropriate actions such as:

  • do the Weekly Event Meditation to give "green light" to the Light Forces to perform more action
  • spread the truth and the information out as much as we can.

Victory of the Light!


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