Sunday, April 10, 2016

Facebook post by Nova Biscotti

Below is a Facebook post written by Nova Biscottiin the Cobra Etheric Liberation group.

I totally agree with his view that we need to be united to defeat the Cabal.


(I made the following comment in a thread about Thomas, Drake, & Corey. I may be wrong - anyone can be fooled. But I would rather give people the benefit of the doubt instead of sowing seeds of discontent which ultimately serve to keep the Cabal and their archon overlords in a position of power.)
I used to have suspicions about all of these individuals. However, I have personal communications and information which have changed my mind - which includes emails from Cobra himself This applies not only to Drake & Thomas, but to Corey as well.
Please consider all of these men as good guys who have been trained via life experiences to mistrust each other due to the high level of Cabal infiltration amongst those who are Whistleblowers or White Hats.
It is always a risk to do so, but please take the approach of taking these individuals at their word, and meditating and visualizing them achieving the highest good for the planet. By doing this, the true infiltrators and double-agents will expose themselves via their own mistakes, and those who are left standing after any shakedown will recognize each other not as enemies, but as allies in the fight to create a better world.
Sending these people positive thoughts and energies instead of negative suspicions - especially via public forums such as Facebook, blogs, or alternative media websites - will do much to change the debate from "Who are the bad people?" to "Which good people have the most effective ideas for creating a better reality?"
I personally have to thank Cobra for helping me to see the good in people who do not always agree and in fact may have been spreading disinformation which is personally hurtful. This divide-and-conquer tactic of sowing mistrust has been so effective historically that it represents one of our biggest hurdles toward planetary liberation. But these barriers are dissolving along with the veil and associated plasma scalar grid... when all of this is gone, then we will truly have peace and abundance.
Please try to see the positive in these people. Cobra does - even those who have attacked him personally. It is one of the toughest tasks for any lightworker and light warrior to simply get back up every time you get knocked down. It takes real courage and strength to face your tormentors again and again and again and repeatedly say "I forgive you, because you are not my enemy but my friend. Let us stop fighting and work together so we may be stronger as a team."

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