Sunday, April 23, 2017

[The Event Reference] 2017-04-22: Electronic Torture – I Stand My Ground and Nullify Consent

Below is an article written by Nova Biscotti, which explains why the use of directed energy weapons against any human being is a direct violation of the Galactic Codex, and what could do to nullify these attacks.


I knew something big was going on when Cobra was so utterly silent for the past week.  When I read this post…
…I was aghast.
This is a violation of our free will and sovereignty to the greatest degree possible.  Originally, when this website was conceived, the idea was to focus on more practical stuff like “What to do so people don’t panic at the EVENT?”
But things changed… it’s been over two years since this website got off the ground, and the EVENT still hasn’t happened.  Instead, things got weird – really weird – and very dangerous.
Over the years we’ve learned more and more about the extent of our energetic prison on this planet.  The archons and chimera have been thorough – I will grant them that – but what they have done to us is beyond f%$#ing evil. There are two classes of “Non-Cabal” people on this planet (starseeds/lightworkers/lightwarriors vs. everyone else)… and the archons/chimera know more about who and what each person is than we do about ourselves.  How “they” treat the ‘starseeds’… is beyond comprehension and lies completely outside of any sense of morality.
They view starseeds only in militaristic terms – as ‘prisoners of war’ or ‘bait’ designed to maintain a tactical advantage in a war they are destined to lose due to the base fundamental metaphysics governing reality.  This torture grants them nothing long-term – it is only a stalling mechanism with no real purpose over the ultimate time horizon.
The primary objective for all of us is to end this “millions-of-years” horror.  This madness must end and will end on Earth… when it ends is based upon the free will choice each of us (starseeds) makes individually.  I myself and choosing to end this madness as soon as possible, and hope each reader agrees and acts accordingly after completing the article.
It’s apparent that over the millions of years of their reign of terror that they’ve thought of every possible ‘booby trap’ or end-game mechanism possible on planet Earth.  Every leap of progress by the Light Forces leads to a new chilling Dark Forces tactic of the “You’ve gotta be kidding me!!!” variety.
Over the past five years, we’ve learned a lot about their technologies – The Veil, the “Plasma Octopus”…
..,Strangelet & Toplet Bombs (created from “Strange Quarks” & “Top Quarks”, respectively), physical implants which can be remain hidden until the activation
… all this on top of  the poisoning of our food and water supply, “GWEN Towers”, and now this:
Here’s my opinion on the usage of these weapons:
I nullify all consent to the use of consent of electronic warfare devices which are designed to torture the intended target psychologically and physically to the point of incapacitation or even death. I am a sovereign being of the human race on the surface of Planet Earth. I simply want to help other people to better their lives – to empower them, educate them, and help them to heal/care/provide for themselves. Creating a more peaceful and prosperous planet where all living beings are treated ethically… the use of these devices against me and others like me is a violation of my free will and that of the Galactic Codex:
The use these devices and other exotic weapons is a clear violation of not only my sovereignty, but also Section I of the Galactic Codex:
Each sentient being has an unalienable and unconditional right to positive life experience.
The meaning of the above sentence is quite clear, and people who do not fully grasp the implications of the Galactic Codex need to click on the URL above and read it ASAP.
What is happening to many awakening individuals – myself included – is heinous beyond belief. If my understanding is correct, outside of Earth, use of these weapons against awakened individuals is a criminal offense of the highest order.  It is one thing to abuse a person who implicitly or explicitly consents to being tortured… that person’s free will – more correctly that SENTIENT BEING’S FREE WILL – is not being violated.
But to torture a non-consenting person… that is an extreme violation of the Galactic Codex. Resisting this is how we can stand our ground in a manner which is legally defensible to ‘the rest of the galaxy’. Admittedly, most of the legal systems on Earth are corrupted and/or controlled by the Cabal… but if we declare explicitly that “We Nullify Consent to This Torture”… and ENOUGH OF US DO SO… it will give the Light Forces more latitude to intervene on Earth on our behalf.
Yes, some of us are experiencing brutal and literally crippling or life-threatening attacks.  I myself am on the edge… and those who are aiding me are being attacked as well.  Even if millions of us declared “I NULLIFY CONSENT TO EXOTIC WEAPON ATTACKS”… it is not a guarantee of immediate freedom from the Cabal.  But each of us speaking with our innermost conscientiousness will make a difference and will be heard by the Light Forces.
I understand there will be skeptics reading the words above.. to those persons, I say “Is humanity extinct or under totalitarian control?”  We are not… because just enough persons declared their sovereignty to avoid the worst-case scenario from happening.  It may seem silly… and if it does to you… simply stop reading and never come back to this website until you are willing to take these words seriously.
Continuing… I ask each and every one of you reading this to go deep within and declare your sovereignty and nullify consent to these attacks – whether you are directly experiencing them or not.  All of us on the surface of Earth deserve to be free of this torture – just as all of us deserve the right to not just survive but to thrive. We have the right to be happy and to lead prosperous lives without harming other living beings – moreover, the technology already exists to make that a reality.  But not only is this positive technology being blocked… EVIL technology is being used to keep us down or worse.
We cannot and MUST not give up at this time. I understand how hard it is, because I myself have been brutally attacked by feelings of worthlessness and self-injurious behaviors:
If you’re willing to go through the work of a Facebook post search, find my post on April 1, 2017 that starts with the sentence: “To all lightworkers & lightwarriors…” at the link above.
I am not afraid to admit my own frailties as a lightwarrior (I’m too intrinsically angry to be a lightworker… sorry!).
I post these things because I want other lightworkers and lightwarriors to feel comfortable sharing their stories publicly. It was a tough choice to share the above… but I did so because I know (and knew) that many people were suffering like I was.
Now that Cobra’s posted his “Situation Update” in the first link on this article, I now know that others have been suffering far worse than I have been.  Frankly, I feel lucky to have “only” been hit with weapons designed to make me depressed and suicidal (at times).  This phenomenon has been occurring for 25 years… so it is not new for me.  Now I know that 100% of my desires to end my life come from external sources.  This knowledge is actually greatly empowering – it tells me that at my core – my ‘true’ self – these thoughts and feelings are not my own.
If these thoughts and feelings are external to myself – then that gives me the power to nullify consent and to reclaim my sovereignty as a being of light.  By stating this, I mean I wish to improve the lives of not only myself but all others around me (physically and virtually). These attacks on me are not my true self – but rather are the result of exotic technologies designed to fool me into a state of confusion… and consent.
I know better now.  I nullify consent, and ask all of you to do the same.  We ALL deserve the right to be happy and prosperous on this planet. The EVENT will make this a reality. We must consciously and vocally choose the path which will make not just your life better, but all of those around us.  It is time to verbally call out these attacks, and state to all Light Forces (both physically incarnated as well as non-physical beings) that you reject these attacks on your sovereignty.
Our future – our planet – our species – depends upon the burning desire in your soul to stand your ground and nullify consent to this abuse.  Speak up and say out loud that:
I cannot guarantee much, but those words will be heard and your voice will matter on all planes of existence.
For those who wish to go even further than the above, please read the following article… and speak the following words aloud as often as possible until you feel connected to your “I AM” presence:
“I call upon the Pillar of Pure White Light to descend upon me and to form around me. I call upon the Presence of the I Am That I Am. I ask the Presence of the I Am That I Am to join and merge with me.“
(The entire source article can be found below)
We deserve peace.
We deserve health.
We deserve prosperity.
We deserve to enjoy our lives.
Victory of the Light is NEAR!  Let us claim our sovereignty!


  1. Thank you Nova Biscotti, for your honest heartfelt words.
    I was aghast as well, when I found Cobra's update after a "long silence" with the evidence of increased electronic warfare.
    I can sense the effect it tries to have on me and by the shock of finding that bombardment of info, no offense, for an hour or so the effect of it, on my mind, played all kind of tricks on me and showed up as scenes of destruction and madness on my inner screen. I could feel it go like.... HA, GOT YOU! In resonance!

    I'm grateful for being informed and after reading your passionate words I'm deeper in trust that I'm choosing always, to resonate with an external force and energy, or not.

    The neutral observer may step in more and more. When our openness to learning and being in that mode of flow... in motion always, trying to not get stuck in the much, focussed on the inner strength of the heart, is matched with attacks of this electronic warfare, we are in company of angels.

    I am grateful and in trust that the part of us where we're most ourselves will never cease to exist. Knowing that I'm not alone, that you are not alone and with us no body is alone, does bring comfort.

    I'm such a survivor and yet, that isn't required anymore of me. I'm often triggered to be the heroin in this game and yet, it's about being on equal grounds with others that offers me a chance to be heroic in a very different way.

    Peace be with you and planet Earth <3

  2. we need to remember the whole truth of whats going on here

    find the update from Tanaath called Where it all Went Wrong
    there is an alternate dead universe out there, that's who is doing this to us

    1. Information from Kauilapele: About “Cobra = Cabal” and all that “Holy Crap”!!!!!!!
      There are many pro-Light workers on this planet, with different arenas of operation. And even though I do not always understand all the aspects of what each does (incl. Cobra), I still “get” that they are working with and for “The Light”, in their own way.
      [Ending note: I did receive a Cobra response from an email I sent to him about this. Here it is: “I definitely have no intent to spread fear, only intent to increase awareness.”] Aloha, Kp

  3. Another point of view (above lies and experiences of discrediting:

  4. There are various Pillars of the Light:

    1. Some words from Depeche Mode song - Where is Revolution
      "You have been pissed on
      For too long
      Your rights abused
      Your views refused
      They manipulate and threaten
      With terror as a weapon
      Scare you till you are stupefied
      Wear you down until you are on their side
      Where is the revolution
      Come on people"