Saturday, April 01, 2017

[Corey Goode] Secret Space Programs, Aliens, Inner Earth Civilizations & Atlantis - CLE 2017 Corey Goode

Here is the full video of Corey Goode's full presentation at the 2017 Conscious Life Expo in LA. 

He speaks of his time in the MILAB & SSP Programs as well as interactions with Non-Terrestrial and Inner Earth Beings.

Again, personally I don't think Atlantis is in Antarctica.

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  1. Thank you for this update, the pace of change is accellarating, or so I perceive. Also on the inside of my skin.... old stories popping up... beep beep boop :)

    My take on Atlantis' location, a part of it, is West of Ireland. I've had a vision/memory of an Atlantic lifetime, standing on the South West seaside in 1989. I think Atlantis was more or less a mix of vast landmasses and clusters of islands/peninsulas, where the Atlantic Ocean flows now and where once solid land was present. I think Atlantis was pretty much widespread over a large part of the planet.

    The location of the Bermuda Triangle has been scanned unto the bottom of the Ocean and there's a large star-tedrahedron structure, sticking out of the ocean floor with the upper point.
    According to Drunvalo Melchizedek, it's where an experiment with the creation of a MerKaBa field went awry, due to manipulation of natural laws with this physical geometric form involved, in an activation attempt, or some form of magical practice, who knows, leading towards the sinking of the part of Atlantis where this object was constructed.

    Isn't it prophesized that Atlantis will rise again? We're on the bandwagon for a pretty rowdy ride, I think, not that I'm afraid, mind you, we just need to have the right boots and helmets on and luminous vests lol