Saturday, April 01, 2017

[Benjamin Fulford] Two short messages on his Typepad

Here are two short messages that Benjamin Fulford has posted on his Typepad blog in the last few days.

29th March 2017

The Center for Strategic and International Studies must dismantled immediately. This organization is responsible for the campaign to force Christians and Muslims to fight each other. They are also the main sponsors of world terrorism. Their headquarters must be raided and their staff taken in for questioning.

31st March 2017

Obama linked planed filled with Afghan Heroin and North Korean amphetamines impounded in Caribbean

By Benjamin Fulford
March 31st, 2017

Former US President Barack Obama, in custody of the US military police, has informed on his drug dealing bosses, according to sources in Japanese military intelligence. As a result of this, an airplane filled with Afghan Heroin and North Korean amphetamines was impounded at Argyle International Airport on St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean, the sources say. The money raised from this drug flight was intended to be used to finance the operations of Daesh (formerly known as ISIS), the sources say. This impoundment follows the capture of an Obama linked ship containing 4.2 tons of cocaine, the sources note.


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