Friday, April 14, 2017

[Recreating Balance] New Sound Healing CD - Shaktipat

Below is a post from Recreating Balance about a new sound healing CD created by Untwine. It is a very good music for meditation and maintain positive frequency.

There are also some extracts from the CD in the Sound Cloud below.


These are extracts from my new sound healing CD - Shaktipat, all in 432hz and Pythagorean tuning.

The word Shaktipat describes a contact with Goddess energy that creates a state of grace and revelation.
You can click below to get the full CD, instant download of mp3 files :
You can learn about the many synchronicities and benefits of these frequencies here :
 Positive frequencies can help to clear and transmute aspects of darkness and anomaly into the Light, in our surrounding space, in our bodies, etc
Pythagoras, who emerged from ancient Egyptian and Greek mystery school, described these sacred frequencies to be at the basis of how celestial bodies and creation in general is organized.
You can follow all my music here :

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Enjoy !

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