Monday, July 24, 2017

Meditation to celebrate Mayan Day Out Of Time 25th July 1:20 pm EDT

With the connection to sirius we all cultivate through the use of cintamani stone ,
Let's gather a momentum on this day out of time where the energy of Sirius are palpable.

Time being a tool of manipulation and control on this planet, the freedom and joy we might feel in giving respect to our mayan ancestors, can be use for the good of all..

Day out of time..

Let's send a big wave of energy to the Resistance Movement in their attempt to get rid of the Black Stone in Long Island .

A Facebook event has been created for this meditation

Meditation instructions:

~Meditation to Assist With the Removal of the Black Stone~

Please make yourself comfortable. Hold your Cintamani stone while doing the meditation.

Take a few deep breaths to calm your mind & focus within.

Align yourself to the highest Love vibration in your heart.

Use this Love to connect with the Galactic Central Sun (GCS), Source, and the Blue Light of Sirius.

Let it saturate your entire being with Divine Love & protection.

Call upon the Angels, Guides, Light Beings, Light Forces, Ascended Masters, Ancient Mayan Elders, Soul Families,

Goddesses & Gods, and the Great White Brotherhoods to join & imbibe our sacred circle with Divine protection & support.

Use the Violet Flame & the White Fire of AN to blaze away unwanted thoughts & energies... creating balance & a peaceful bubble of Light around you.

Now breathe in the luminous Light of the Galactic Central Sun, the Blue Light of Sirius & Source as together they create a Divine Trinity.

Visualize these energies forming a pillar of light going through all points of Light inside our Solar System, then through your body to the center of the Earth.

Visualize another pillar of Light rising from the center of Earth, then up through your body & upwards into the sky towards all beings of Light in our Solar System & Galaxy.

You are now sitting in two pillars of Light flowing both upwards & downwards simultaneously. Keep this cycle of Light flowing for a few minutes....

Feel it filling your entire being with Divine transformative energies removing all shadow & darkness from every level of your being.

Bask in these interdimensional frequencies of Cosmic consciousness allowing them to energize you until you become One with them. Now visualize them filling up your Soul Star Chakra (about eight inches above your head). See them creating a brilliant Sun inside your Soul Star Chakra. Feel the unwavering strength of the Blue energies of Sirius, the GCS & Source as they now imbibe their power directly into the New Atlantis Cintamani grid on Earth activating all sacred points of Light including the underwater Atlantean Pyramids by Long Island, New York. Now connect with the Motherships of the Ashtar Command & the Light Forces over Long Island, NY diligently working to remove the Black Stone. Let our Brothers & Sisters know we are here to graciously assist them. Express gratitude for their help & determination to Liberate Earth.

Visualize a beam of Light coming from your Soul Star Chakra and intertwining the triad of energies from the Galactic Central Sun, Source & the Blue Light of Sirius.

Project this beam directly to the Motherships to help amplify & support the removal of the Black Stone. You can see the beams of Light from others participating in the meditation. Your beam is powerful & focused with Cosmic energies & the consciousness of the 144,000 Starseeds of Earth demanding Planetary Liberation from the Dark. Send your intentions through this beam for immediate & safe removal of the Black Stone by the Light Forces & for the immediate trigger of the Event thereafter. Hold this intent strongly for a few minutes....

Now visualize the Goddess Vortex forming around your Light beam in a beautiful rainbow spiral. Direct & wield this rainbow vortex downward toward the entire Long Island area purifying all darkness & plasma anomaly. Removing negative thoughtforms, mind-control patterns, entities, veil technologies,etc. Visualize all Lightworkers & Lightwarriors peacefully interacting & supporting each other & fully focused on the goal of Planetary Liberation with Love in all hearts. Allow the Goddess Vortex frequencies to purify all of Long Island & surrounding waters. Then visualize it purifying all of Earth & Her inhabitants. As the Goddess vortex is purifying the planet it activates & energizes the Cintamani Grid with the transformative triad of Cosmic energies working in unison with us. It fully activates all sacred points of Light including the Atlantean Pyramids in the nearby water. Bright beams of Light shoot upward from the apexes of the multiple pyramids blazing & pulsing energies that join in support of the entire operation. Also, the pyramids permanently anchor the Blue Energies of Sirius into the Planetary New Atlantis grid. Dolphins & whales are swimming around reveling in the energies & amplifying the sparkling Blue Sirian Light.

Now visualize the Light Forces successfully removing the Black Stone from the Collider on Long Island, NY. It is taken to a safe place & dealt with properly. Visualize the celebrating by the Light Forces & Ground Crew for the success of this auspicious event. Feel the happiness & bliss permeate your heart & soul. Feel the excitement of the success of this operation as it now allows for the sudden & unexpected breakthroughs that will cascade into the Event! See Planet Earth finally liberated from Darkness. Keep the visualization & intense feelings active for a few minutes until you feel the manifestation take place & your intention is perfectly set to your satisfaction. When you are ready you can send your gratitude & appreciation to the Light Forces, our beautiful Brothers & Sisters of the Light, Then, as you are still fully energized & exhilarated, find your way back to your physical body where you are sitting or laying down. Listen to the sounds around you & ground yourself back through your feet into Mother Earth. Your heart filled with the incredible experience in which you just participated. Take a few deep breaths, and open your eyes when ready. Give thanks to Spirit & all Beings who participated for their assistance in the meditation.


  1. Hi Hoshino, thank you so much for posting this meditation.

  2. Wonderful, the Mayas are honoured! Thank you for sharing this, hoshino. Today I was in the river all day, so I've found this post on 21.21 pm after preparing my dinner. In Holland, since 1995, we've formed a group of Maya-nuts and created workshops, events, creative tools, illustrations, Maya-agendas. Some of this group now have practices where clients find clarity on their life-path through figuring out what their Maya-scope is(horoscope based on the Tzolkin-cycle).

    The Day out of Time is celebrated with a gathering each year, each visitor dressed in the colors of his/her Solar Seal. Red, white, blue or yellow. That day, July 25th, is chosen as a day of forgiveness,leaving bygones to bygones.

    July 26th is the New year with the Crystal Seed as energy-imprint, the 64th KIN (or day)of the 260 KIN Tzolkin cycle.
    I dedicate in order to target
    Universalizing Awareness
    I seal the input of Flowering
    With the Crystal Tone of Cooperation
    I am guided by the Power of Intelligence
    I am a Galactic Activation Portal, Enter Me.

    Source of affirmation and more about the Maya-wisdom: