Saturday, July 29, 2017

[GaiaPortal] 2017-07-21: Streets of Gold are unveiled

Below is the GaiaPortal message published on Friday 21st July:
Ferrites embed within the soft matrix.

Separations are resolved.

Banners of Illumination are raised.

Streets of Gold are unveiled.
I would interpret the message as follows:

- The word 'Ferritess' in the first sentence is 'a common magnetic material for electromagnetic instrument pickups.' Also, ferrite bead is a component placed on the end of a data cable to reduce interference. Therefore, I would say the whole sentence means that interference in communications between the Light Forces (including Resistance Movement) and the general population within the internet have reduced.

- Separations between the surface population and Resistance Movement have also been reduced due to the new communication channels.

- Signs of victory and planetary liberation can be seen everywhere, such as the soft disclosure materials on internet.

- Paths of the Golden Age (i.e. ways to achieve The Event) are unveiled to the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors.



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  1. I've loosened some screws in my views on and perception of PFC info and the way it presents itself and PFC's development.
    This is my last comment for the time being. I'm leaving, chewing on a few things.

    Regarding the liberation of planet Earth, the arrival of the Golden Age, the Shift of the Ages, Ascension, you name it, there's this image within me, similar to the experience of sitting in the darkest hour before dawn in an unknown landscape.

    Slowly the objects begin to reveal themselves, leaving the observer in a puzzle, a bewilderment of some sort, for objects can be frightening, moving in and out of sight as if moving. Human eyes can be deceived by semi-darkness and semi-light.

    The stronger the light becomes, the more "real" the observer begins to experience him/herself, part of and present in that scenery. A sense of definition and orientation grows gradually, relating and becoming familiar with that "new world".

    That's what I see also in a gradual transition for mankind, in the process of the thinning of the veil. Which can be compared to an experience of a dawning, as eye-sight is uncovered.

    Due to the change of the rules in manifesting, towards and in the 5th dimension, we might have entered, unaware, a gigantic illusion with tentacles, assuming that we're held in a prison by an external force that warns humanity to not stand up at risk of being annihilated by bombs hidden in satellite-like objects in space and controlled by 4 implants, mini-black holes.

    What about the disappearance of that force's feeding grounds aka planet Earth in 3d conditions? Aren't we all in a checkmate sort of condition? The tentacle like presence, shown in a picture, representing what scientists have found as evidence of some sort of "energy presence" seems to me similar to the nature of the Akashic Records, which holds the memories of all sentient beings in its archives. A library, present as a grid surrounding planet Earth. Regarding the subject of writing letters to the RM, I don't buy it that the RM needs to hear from us how life on planet Earth is experienced, I'm wondering if there's another agenda behind the invitation to write letters to the RM.

    What to think of the RM representing advanced ET races who have gone through the same motions of liberation earlier, experiencing the same tribulations as humanity endures now? The invitation to write letters to the RM may well be a method of diagnosing, an inventarisation of the state PFC members are in, for whatever purpose unknown to us, though I have thoughts which I'll keep to myself.

    The RM should introduce themselves so that we know who's reading these letters of us. It's why my first letter to the RM started with "Have we been introduced?" Apart from copying the typical standoffish British style of making aquaintances, I live in the UK as a Dutch born resident, there's a genuine question mark in that inquiry.

    We might live with circumstances that include fantasy-mirages and reality as if in a process of blending. After all, as I perceive this liberation process, we're passing the threshold between the 3rd dimension and the 5th, with the 4th as stepping stone in between. Under conditions that what one believes is manifesting faster and faster. That's a huge nudge in the direction of how important it is to know what one's intention is and where one direct one's attention. We'll see where this journey ends, I'm sure that we'll be fine. I truly hope that one day we will have a good laugh about it and tell each other how we were master-minds in the whirring of windmills, complicating things, in the year 2017 and after.

    Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.