Wednesday, July 12, 2017

[Benjamin Fulford] 2017-07-10: New Payment System

Since Benjamin Fulford's PayPal account has been suspended, he got help from his reader to establish a new payment system using cryptocurrency.

Here is a message on his website about this.

Message from IT expert who has volunteered to help
Dear Readers,
As you know, Benjamin’s PayPal account was suspended due to an on-going struggle with the Japanese authorities. He has decided to switch over to a cryptocurrency donation-based system for payment. It is a spiritual honor system in which users pledge to donate an amount greater than or equivalent to the previous subscription cost ($8 per month or $96 dollars per year). Well off readers are asked to help with larger donations to help us through the transition. Users who cannot afford this are permitted to donate a smaller amount until such time in the future when their personal finances improve.
1. Every user should cancel the previous subscription within their PayPal account. This will not impact your ability to log in to Benjamin’s website but will stop PayPal from attempting to make the monthly payments to Benjamin’s account, which are failing anyway.
2. If you do not already have some cryptocurrency then you will need to acquire some. Donations are currently being accepted in Bitcoin and Ether. If you are new to the cryptocurrency world there will be a little learning curve and you will first need to figure out the best way to acquire some, which depends on your country of residence. Bitcoins can either be purchased on a cryptocurrency trading exchange (e.g. or on other specialty sites which, for example, allow you to buy Bitcoin with a credit card. Coinbase and CoinMama are two such sites, as outlined in the following article.
3. Visit the new donation page on Benjamin’s website to make a Bitcoin/Ether donation. That page contains a link to the CoinPayments website where the donation can be made.
4. If you have any suggestions or comments or if you encounter any problems, please comment on this post. The feedback will be collected and efforts will be made to ensure a smooth transition to the new payment system.

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