Sunday, July 30, 2017

Update on the joint interview between Cobra and Corey Goode from Justin Deschamps

As you may be aware that Cobra and Corey Goode were going to do a joint special interview with Lynn and Justin Deschamps.

The interview was done yesterday according to Justin. Hopefully the transcript will be released on this coming Friday.

French translation of this update can be found here:

We just finished the Joint Cobra and Corey interview. It was an excellent recording with a lot of great content and answers given. I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised by the cooperation and collective energy that was built between all who participated. I hope that this energy of love and cooperation spreads like wild fire in the hearts and minds of the people. The interview recording and transcript will be released after postproduction, hopefully by this Friday (but no promises!) Stay tuned and much love!
- Justin

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  1. Hi Hoshino, thank you so much for these updates. Victory of the Light!