Saturday, May 13, 2017

New banner images for Violet Flame for Long Island and Yaldabaoth

Below are new banner images for promoting the Violet Flame for Long Island and Yaldabaoth, created by fellow lightworker Bruno Ilustrações.

Please feel free to share it out if you feel so guided.

Information about this meditation can be found here:

And here is the event created on Facebook for this daily meditation.


  1. Beautiful images, thank you! Specially the last one is lovely. The images of the ascended masters are a bit sterile to me, but I've seen them so often that they've become stale. I'm not meaning to be disrespectful but in a way I'd like to see us all make our own versions of them. Of course not everybody can make paintings, but I prefer it simply for the sake of embodiment of those aspects. Usually I'm not placing images of holy men and women on an altar with candles. I'd rather sit with them under Eve's apple tree and enjoy a glass of cider lol

  2. hey there, Hoshino
    i like that you added all the elements, archangels, symbols, etc

    unfortunately i also strongly dislike the sternness and staleness of the faces, and i understand it's hard to find good images that work in a composition like this

    also, the violet flame around long island (in the first image) really needs some work! :)
    here are some examples that i used in my own violet flame video, which i feel captures the intensity of the violet flame better:

    for the rest everything is good to perfect :)

    more about the faces ...
    i've seen quite a few images with ascended masters where the intense power of love is radiating so much that it instantly touches your heart ...

    Archangel Michael:

    Jeshua (Iasu):

    Saint Germain:

    maybe this will give you an impression of what i mean :)

    thank you for your divine efforts and working on lighting the earth up! :D

    1. Thanks very much for your suggestions, Teasy :) They are all very helpful.In particular, I really like your images of Saint Germain. Just to clarify that these are not my images. They are created by Bruno Ilustrações, who is a very active lightworker in South America :D

    2. ah, excellent, hoshino ...
      we're now using these images also in our livestream for Long Island on Sunday:
      and thank you, Bruno <3