Monday, May 22, 2017

[Kauilapele] Notes from David Wilcock’s 5-20-17 talk, by Joan Wheaton

Below is another short notes from David Wilcock's talk, FULL DISCLOSURE: THE DOWNFALL OF THE CABAL, at 'Contact in the Desert' on 20th May, written by Joan Wheaton and published by KP on his blog.

Once again, thx to Joan for her excellent notes. This set complements the (much shorter) list I placed here yesterday.
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HIGHLIGHTS from my Notes - David Wilcock presented:
"FULL DISCLOSURE: THE DOWNFALL OF THE CABAL", this afternoon, at 'Contact in the Desert', Joshua Tree, CA 🌿
Henry the Eighth was the first Cabal king.
The majority of the DOD is involved in a civil war right now. Films made under it's influence are exposing the cabal.
A small saucer appeared on President Reagan's desk, and tiny people came out of it! They told Reagan to stop nuclear weapons.
86% of Congress are members of MAMBLA [NAMBLA] (North American Man/Boy Love Association).
NRA white-hats created Bitcoin as an alternative to The Federal Reserve.
Snowden was the "face man" for many others behind the scenes in the NSA.
During a period when the Illuminati was trying to recruit David, they wanted him to portray Lucifer as a benevolent angel.
The people behind Trump are not Cabal. Trump is the "battering ram" that smashes the castle so everyone else can rush in.
David is hearing from insiders that Trump fired Comey because Comey supports Pizzagate.
We are co-creating all of this. You guys are my ground-crew. It is a battle that we are all in together. We are transforming what life is like on Earth.
- David
The cabal cannot win this. All we have to do is to not provide "loosh" (fear-energy) for them. The battlefield is your own mind and heart. Become a blessing. Become someone who creates good thoughts every second, not just during 'Global Meditations' and other isolated events.
Trolling is a drug addiction. Trolls get high off peoples reactions to their comments. This actually produces brain chemicals that are addictive. These trolls love to put people in categories, giving them 'labels' for their 'files'.
The entire system can change due to the actions of just one person (one guy created Craigslist and virtually wiped out the mainstream classifieds, one person started The Drudge Report).
I love you because you ARE me. - David
...honoring yourself is honoring others...
Just because the big event didn't happen in 2012 doesn't mean it's not going to happen.
When you ascend, you'll be given a golden light body and you can make it look however you want it to look.
The next few years will determine whether we get full disclosure. Will we be sheep, or will we share our truth?
I am up here praying that you love yourself, as that is what will change the world. 🌿

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