Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A very nice picture to help visualising the White Fire of AN

Below is a very nice picture to help visualising the White Fire of AN. Many thanks to Mimi Hambas who share this with me.

More information about the White Fire of AN can be found here:

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  1. May,17: It is a blessing day. Is is day of Pleiadian Alignment.
    About Ascension Column – Pillar of Light from Cobra:
    "Since the recent clearing in the solar system of the Yaldaboath body, the negative anomaly within the plasma fields, the Pleiadian mother ships have been able to station themselves in areas just outside of a 12,000 km range from the surface of the earth, which is just beyond the head of the Yaldaboath which still cloaks the earth..We can make a conscious connection to the Mother Ships at any time by visualizing a pillar of Light connecting our body, through the primary anomaly that still surrounds the earth, and up to the ship. They welcome our connecting and the more we connect to them, the more active they will become in engaging with us. Connecting with our Galactic brothers and sisters as well as with our terrestrial Lightworker brothers and sisters, is helping to manifest the Event. Every time this veil is pierced, either psychically or physically, the primary anomaly dissolves more. Every time we connect our hearts and Light to the hearts and Light of others on the planet, we grow and ground the Light."