Friday, May 12, 2017

[Cobra] 2017-05-12: Cobra Interview by Rob Potter

Below is a post from Cobra about his latest interview by Rob Potter.

I am yet to go through the whole interview but it looks like there are some very important information in it as there was certain interest groups trying to stop the publication of this interview.

It seems that there are some difficulties to access to this interview on Rob's website at the moment. Therefore I have copied the transcript to my blog in case the page is being taken down again, which can be found here:



There was immense opposition to this interview being posted. Two engineered emergencies during the recording and two computer hacks during the editing and publishing process were not enough to stop this, but the posting was delayed nevertheless. Make note that the first 35 minutes of the interview were recorded in early April, the second half in early May. Obviously certain interest groups mentioned in this interview did not wish this information to be released, but here it is, in audio format and as a transcript:

Monthly Cobra interview by Prepare for Change has been delayed also and we expect to publish it by the end of the month. 

Victory of the Light!

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