Sunday, May 14, 2017

[GaiaPortal] 2017-05-11: Assistance comes as dark hu-beings require

Below is a new GaiaPortal message published on 11th May:
Assistance comes as dark hu-beings require.

Fornications are cleared, as White Knights rejoice.

Marshalled are the troops of the Higher Dimensions.

Flessives advance to the greener pastures.

Restitutions are granted in full.
 I would interpret the message as follow. The message seems to indicate that the battle between the Light and the Dark Forces have intensified.

- The Cabal required help from non physical Archons and this has been granted.

- However, part of the pedophile rings have been stopped.

- The Galactic Light forces have re-organized for the next phase of the operation.

- The word "Flessive" in the fourth sentence seems to be coming from an Italian word "Flesso" which means inflection. Here I would say the whole sentence means that lightworkers who are preparing for the upcoming changes have take their understanding of the situation outside and within themselves to the next level. This opens new opportunities to them.

- Restoration of Atlantis on planet Earth are fully support by the Light Forces.



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