Monday, May 08, 2017

[Kauilapele] 2017-05-07: French Elections… The Macron (“Diacritical Mark”) wins… Illuminati Symbolisms (“Marks”) abound!!

Below is an excellent post from KP summarising who the newly elected French president Emmanuel Macron really is. The number of Illuminati symbolisms in his victory speech is enormous. However as KP mentioned, hopefully this will wake up even more people to what’s happening on this planet.
[Update: I added a clearer image of Macron below the pyramid with eye (from 09:04).]
Apparently the Macron DM (Diacritical Mark) won (was “appointed”?) by a large margin. So along the way today I saw this video (“All seeing eye” symbolism at Emmanuel Macron victory speech #NWO #LouvrePyramid) which pointed out Illuminati symbolism present in Macron’s speech at the Louvre. So I viewed that video, then found the original he used, here (REPLAY. Discours intégral d’Emmanuel Macron au Louvre). It appears the camera shots were chosen carefully so that much of the time, Macron himself was located directly under the eye of the Louvre Pyramid. According to my count, in that video, it occurred 17 times.
I also noted the following:
  • 00:07 Eiffel Tower appears illuminated red (red-orange?)
  • 00:28 Macron hands up, head under eye of pyramid (first of 17 appearances of this camera shot)
  • 09:35 Spotlights on the stage appear (in this view) to form a pyramid (several views of this)
  • 15:29 Crowd appears to be illuminated in red (this view also occurs several times)
In my view, this greatly supports the idea that Macron is the RIP (Rothschild Illuminati Puppet) President. Perhaps at some point the French people will wake up even more to what’s happening on this planet and eventually, like the US, elect a president that is not so “Illuminati-ated”.
I place the videos below, so please feel free to view for yourself, and below those I place the screenshots I captured of those things.

Reddish Eiffel Tower

Macron hands up, directly under “Eye of Pyramid”

Macron hands up, directly under “Eye of Pyramid” (enhanced)

Macron directly under “Eye of Pyramid” (better view of eye of pyramid)

Spotlights on stage forming pyramid

Crowd illuminated in what appears to be red

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