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[Recreating Balance] 2017-01-13: Expressing Our Will

Below is an excellent post from Untwine, talking about the importance of express our Free Will even the Dark Forces are trying as hard as possible to suppress it.

I also really like the declaration of Free Will and hope everyone will join me to do it regularly.

At the end of the article, Untwine also mentioned the truth meaning of Friday (Venus day) the 13th (the 12 main rays/aspects of source plus one central point of synthesis.)
As the paradigm in prison Earth has largely been about suppressing free will, through all the contracts we signed, implants, energetic and technological attacks, and brainwashing by family, school, job environment and media, there is a great need for us to learn again to regularly practice the use of our Free Will.

The tendency that has been programmed in humanity, that most people tend to operate from, is to simply let themselves be swayed by a little pressure. That pressure may be coming from family or friends or teacher or boss, who are 'guilt tripping' people to do something, or from a certain frequency of energy that is sent your way, or other ways. So when we get involved in a situation in a certain way, it is important to make sure that this is really aligned with your purpose.

One way to help us to come alive again is to simply follow our passion, do the things and see the people that make us feel alive, that awaken our life force, without over-calculating things with the mind. Take whatever time is needed to pause, slow down, and feel with our heart, what it is that really attracts us genuinely.

And then it is important to practice Free Will every day, every moment, as much as you can. Prison Earth limits our uses of free will in various ways, but no matter the situation, we always have a certain percentage left of free will that we can use, and the more we use it, the more that percentage grows, and the more we will have possibilities to use it.

If we feel constricted in any way, or if we feel there is interference in our reality, the very first thing to do, and the most important thing to do, is to express our Will. Speak out loud if you feel like, say what you allow and don't allow in your reality, and be very clear and precise on your terms and conditions. If you're not sure what to do, then take some time to find a resolution within yourself so that your Will is clear, because your manifestation will only be clear when your Will is clear. And then align all of your actions with that Will.

Here is one example of how I express my Will regularly. You can use it if you want, or adapt it with your own words, or create your own.

'I Here and Now Invoke the Source, My Highest Self, The Galactic Center, The Galactic Confederation, Planet Gaia, and all Ascended Beings of Light, and in their name declare and command that all evil and out of tune energies are fully removed cancelled transmuted and healed from my whole being and reality, and that the true Light of Source is fully anchored and coming through my whole being and reality, on all time space dimensions and planes, and in full totality, this is my Will and the Will of Source and therefore it is law, and so it is, and so it is, and so it is'

It's important to be creative and present with this, feel the situation moment by moment, and remember to also always respect others Free Will in every situation. The only case where it is okay to limit somebody's Free Will is to stop them from infringing on others Free Will, and this is something that should be done carefully with full consideration of all factors involved.

In regular daily life it is very important to constantly practice only doing things because this is our true inner purpose and desire, and to leave all necessary space for others to do the same.

Mastering the use of Free Will in each moment is key to our liberation and ascension.

Liberation now !

PS : Happy Friday the 13th to everybody ! The origin of this symbol is sacred, Friday is Venus day, and 13 is a sacred number relating to the 12 main rays/aspects of source plus one central point of synthesis. This manifests as Metatron's cube, the 12 zodiac rays, or our 12 soul mates for example. Positive templars had connection to some Goddess mysteries and celebrated this day. In 1307 the church murdered many of them on a friday the 13th to pollute this symbol. However there are still some secret positive Templar groups out there who often trigger actions against the cabal on Friday the 13th, and still celebrate the day. So as always be aware of how you connect with symbols :)

Victory of the Light

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  1. Thank you Untwine, for a beautiful presentation about free will.
    As always, I love to combine affirmations with the practice of daily life, so that the fruit of excersizes is actually present and has become part of our experiences, felt as results.

    If there's one thing I'm pretty clear about, than it's the practice of free will, in the last 20 years. With a mind of my own and learning the difference between control and an unfolding in trust.

    Gradually its meaning dawned on me and of course, as a child I had no idea about it and not even the concept of free will was known to me. I had to obey to God and watch my steps, for I was born in a strict minister's family. How I've learned!

    There's an excersize in practicing free will, which I find helpful and valuable and that's choosing one little action each day that needs to be done and which brings wellbeing to oneself and possbily also another.

    Be it putting flowers or placing a plant in the living room and care for their wellbeing and beauty each day, or repairing a doorlock, or finishing a sleeve when knitting a sweater for oneself. Or bake the bread one longs for for days on end.

    All this is addressing the practice of disciplin as well. These activities should be done consciously, with what's called "mindfulness" now.

    Also, changing ruts are valuable to bring agility to one's attitude in moving about in daily life and the practice of free will in true freedom, so that a fresh approach reveals an improvement, including tangible objects, so that it's not only a mental excersize of free will.

    For example, instead of throwing the keys on the table in the hall,every day, one can choose to store them in a drawer in the kitchen, out of sight.

    By consciously doing this and making a mental picture of the keys in the drawer, a training of disciplin is tried without turning it into a harsh experience as if in need of hardship.

    Humanity has suffered tremendously under severe rules and rulers who want to be obeyed in submission. That's where the damage is done and it's the opposite of free will.

    It's one's own choice, the excersize of one's own free will in this, that builds up confidence and the practice of one's free will, including taking notice of its success and feeling good about it. It's supposed to be a rewarding experience that motivates and inspires further attempts. Failure is okay.

    That's a gentle training of our free will in company of love for ourselves and others. These small excersizes, once they have become natural parts of our daily life, can expand into larger excersizes that are testing our moral fiber.

    The excersize with the keys, changing the place of storage for them, is one that is suggested by Rudolph Steiner, the visionaire who introduced his view on the nature of life, called "antroposophy" in the end of the 19th century.

    He recommended parents to raise their children with reverence and allow them to spread their wings in freedom of will and expression.