Sunday, January 15, 2017

David Wilcock update on Facebook + Coast to Coast Show

 David Wilcock on Facebook about the latest intel he got from Pete Peterson and what we can expect from his coming ENDGAME III update.
David has also been to the Coast to Coast AM radio show.The mp3 version of the show can be found here:

Note from the radio show has been written by Jonathan Carty and be found here:

And here is the link to the French translation of this notes:

KP has also located the YouTube radio of the show on C2C website which can be found here:


Ancient ruins in Antarctica were just announced, with new intel, on Coast to Coast AM last night with Jimmy Church as guest host.

The biggest new development is that Pete Peterson independently validated many very specific details of new intel that Corey Goode told me in private conversations after we published Endgame II.

In the middle of this call, three days ago now, he got interrupted by a call he "had to take," which became three while we were off the phone. I thought he had gotten in trouble for telling me all of this.

Instead, his own people were telling him that not only was it OK for him to tell me all of this, and for him to leak it, they wanted him to tell me the OTHER things that he was holding back.

This is a huge story and the radio show is just a teaser of all the new intel that will be released in ENDGAME III. Sadly, Corey's computer got hacked and it destroyed all his notes for the update.

He is now on a much-needed vacation and I will have to write the update based on all these new developments. You can go to the Coast page on our show and read more details about it for now.

We are going to transcribe this one for a later article, but if you are a Coast subscriber the audio is available for download. It is very exciting to see how all of this will play out!

Never before have I seen such intense correlation between multiple insider accounts and corresponding public media releases. That's what it will take an article to explain soon enough.

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