Saturday, January 21, 2017

[Cobra] 2017-01-20: Two Cobra Interviews by our Asian Team

Here is a blog post from Cobra about two new interviews with the Asian Prepare for Change groups.

The Japanese translation of these two interviews can be found below:

Interview by the Chinese PFC group:

Interview by the Taiwanese team:


You might want to read the transcript of this Cobra interview by Chinese Prepare for Change group:

Or the second interview that was conducted by the Taiwanese team a few days later:


The Light comes from the East.

Victory of the Light!


  1. Thank you very much and what a great picture!
    When I open this link in a new window, my protection system in the computer blocks the opening, saying it's unsafe. Anyone noticed this too?

    1. Yes, I notice this as well, Marian. If you ignore the warning and proceed then you should be able to view the transcript. Unfortunately this is one of the methods used by the Cabal to steer people away from the truth.

  2. Thank you, hoshino. That's a new view on protection programs for me. In a way I'm a veteran, but it's funny, how I keep finding layers of naivety, or innocense, not suspecting that protection programs, like my Bullguard, are tools to hide the truth from us as well. I trust now to ignore the warning and find the transcript. If my laptop starts smoking in shades of green and purple, I won't blame you :)