Saturday, January 21, 2017

[Gaia Portal] 2017-01-21: Portals of determination clarify to all

Below is the Gaia Portal message published this morning.
"Portals of determination clarify to all.
Inner Visions guide the Heralds.

Deft parables are released.

The blind lead the blind, as the cliff approaches.

Eyes that see, share their views. "
I would interpret the message as follow:
  • Important energy vortices for Light workers to work on has been clarified by Cobra as seen in the latest interview.
  • Higher-selves of the most developed and advanced lightworkers are providing guidance on the next actions for these people as we approach the final phase of the planetary liberation.
  • This is done by the means of clever and yet short stories distributed to these people in various ways such as dreams or words from people closest to them.
  • The Cabal are losing control of the situation. Both the leaderships and their minions are not able to see the true situation they are getting into, and they are approaching the final defeat soon.
  • On the other hand, people who are seeing through the situation are sharing their views on alternative media.


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