Friday, January 13, 2017

[Gaia Portal] 2017-01-11: New Beginnings commence throughout the Gaia-supporting Cosmos

Below is a new Gaia Portal message published on last Wednesday, which seems to be a very positive one that herald the eagerly anticipated events by Lightworkers and the true awakening of humanity.

Here is my interpretation of the message:

- Our solar system has entered an area of high energy environment, with more intense waves from the Galactic Central Sun. There is a magnificent change throughout the universe to transmute all the darkness. This change in energy level can also support the building of a new golden age (or New Atlantis) on Earth.

- Spacecrafts from the Galactic Light Forces are making themselves visible to the general population.

- The general population now also have enough awareness to accept the upcoming full disclosure.

- Clearing of the darkness from both the physical and non-physical plane of the planet Earth continues.

- The eagerly anticipated events, such as full disclosure and mass arrest, are about to manifest in real life.


New Beginnings commence throughout the Gaia-supporting Cosmos.

Heaven sents make themselves visible to all.

hu-being eyes become fully opened.

The Light cleanses the toxics.

REALizations bear fruit.

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  1. I pray that those who live in despair and illusion, once they wake up, maybe with a start, that these shadow-walkers will throw themselves into the Light as a long awaited but oh so feared state of radiance, in company of love, transforming their darkness once and for all. For all.