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[Prepare for Change] 2016-08-02: The Inferior Is Going ~ The Superior Is Coming

Here is the text-only version of a new article from Therese Zumi on Prepare for Change.

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I don’t know about you but I find the latest Cobra update to be very encouraging. We needed to have these details provided by Cobra now about the different cabal factions and the probability of them agreeing to surrender or not. Along with all of the earlier information that he has provided us with about these various factions, this information brings much greater clarity about the days and months ahead before it’s safe enough for the Event Flash signal to go out and allow humanity to transition out of duality and experience The Event and the beginning of a new golden age on Gaia.
He has clearly explained in this update that there will not be any witch hunts allowed. They/the cabal will have to come ‘face to face’ with people’s anger during the reconciliation process and they will have to come clean completely about their past actions. However, there will be no question of them being treated violently or being punished. There is no judgement other than one’s own in the end.
In November of 2014 I wrote the following words in a longer introduction to the ‘Dark Cabal Rulers’ page on Veritas.
“There is going to be so much revealed in the coming months, and yet it is my firm belief that whatever we read will still only be a portion of what will be revealed after The Event. This is indeed lucky because there will then be NO risk of people being lynched etc. as it will simply NOT be tolerated by the Light Forces. There will be justice and we will all have our chance to say what we believe to be the correct ‘punishment’ for those who are guilty of crimes towards humanity.
We will not fall into the trap of becoming the very people that we despise. This will not turn into the French Revolution or any other for that matter. Cobra has explained how, that some souls who have no desire whatsoever to be ‘healed’ and change their evil way of existing will have to return to Source and quite simply start the whole process again as a completely new soul. We need not be too concerned of there being justice throughout these times ahead because there will be.”
I think that anyone who takes the time to truly read and take in the information that Cobra provided here can understand that this is the way it will have to be in a 5th dimensional society.
We are moving beyond solving problems of violence with more violence but of course people will need to vent their anger and disgust when the truth is known to everyone. It will be a catharsis and a time of healing for mankind. The amazing loving energy that will be surrounding all of us when the Event Flash goes out will create a much calmer situation than anyone can imagine.
Right now for whatever reasons you may not agree with these points of views regarding the terms of surrender for the cabal. You may feel that they are getting off too easy. However, I dare to guess that in the end you too will see that these terms for surrender are well thought out and based upon the values that we will all hold to in the Nova Gaia 5th dimensional society that we are soon to become a part of. We need to be the wayshowers now in this process. Everything we do to bring more harmony to our own lives and relationships now will benefit the whole.
Moving Towards Peace on Earth
Guides that I trust implicitly have advice for all light warriors at this time. The demands on us are high and that could be best described as that there is no room at all for that which is not kindness, consideration, honor and truth.
We so now need to focus our attention upon remaining at all times in a state of balance. If we are expressing our truth in some way that hurts the feelings of another then we will be reminded of this behavior continually until we stop that behavior.  When people choose hatred regardless of the words they use they get hatred back. When they choose dishonesty or violence they get dishonesty or violence in return.

Achieving Balance Now
The importance of achieving balance, tranquility and unity right now in our own personal lives cannot be overly exaggerated. Our most innocent actions will benefit ourselves and others. Achieving balance right now in our private personal relationships is paramount. We will absolutely need that foundation of stability to stand on when Compression Breakthrough ~ The Event is on our doorstep.
Here are some simple tools that we might utilize now for more loving exchange between couples, family members, close friends etc.
* learn to be the observer ~ to see ~ to feel the other.
* inhale deeply and gather the love in your heart and send it to those around you.
* smile more often and more lovingly.
* send humor ~ visualize you and friends/loved ones laughing more together ~ laughter shifts the energy quicker than anything else.
* KNOW within yourself that despite surface ripples that ALL IS IN DIVINE ORDER
Prospering Times Ahead
Despite how things might look on the surface of our world right now there are humongous amazing changes and developments taking place silently behind the mainstream picture / illusion of reality that is shoved in our faces through the controlled media. We have come further than anyone can imagine and the ground has truly been laid for quick development into a new and harmonic existence worldwide when the Day of Compression Breakthrough is here. The inferior is weakening by the hour as the superior is growing at an ever increasing speed.
Right now whether it is something that we believe in or not the Co. of Heaven including Loving Spiritual Beings of all kinds on all dimensions are so close to us at all times supporting our development on the path of Love. They will provide any support that you ask for now. Ask and you shall receive.
Therese Zumi
2nd August 2016 at 1044  AM CEST

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