Wednesday, August 31, 2016

[History in the making series] Collection of Cobra's codes for the Resistance Movement (Part 1)

Here is a little collection of Cobra's codes for operations of the Resistance Movement, along with what they stand for. This is for people who are new to information from Cobra and would like to gain more understanding of what the codes mean.

Disclaimer: The explanations below are NOT my interpretations. All the information shown below is available from Cobra's blog.

MOSS - Multidimensional Operations Solar System
Operations to clear this Solar System from the last vestiges of darkness.

Operation Cobra - Compression Breakthrough
"Light forces of the Galactic Confederation are advancing from the sky downwards toward the surface of the planet. Light forces of the Resistance Movement are advancing from the underground up towards the surface of the planet."

Operation Pandora - an operation on the etheric and lower astral plane during which dark entities are being removed by the non-physical light warriors.

Operation Dreamland
"Operation Dreamland is an operation of the Light forces to start a new Renaissance on the surface of this planet." According to Cobra, "the purpose of Operation Dreamland is twofold." First, to restore abundance to the Lightworkers. The second purpose of the Operation Dreamland is to start disseminating true occult teachings of the mystery schools of the Ascended Masters.

Operation Omega Phoenix

"The First part of Operation Omega Phoenix has just been declassified and I can speak a little bit about it. At the time of the Event, a certain number of Resistance operatives will emerge from their subterranean bases to the surface. They will be wearing plain civilian clothes and not military uniforms. They will closely monitor the mass arrest process and will help the Positive Military and civil authority in the arrests themselves when necessary. Members of the Cabal that will be arrested by the Resistance operatives will be taken to undisclosed locations and later released into the hands of Positive Military / civil authority. The only exception for this are a few members of the Cabal that have committed crimes beyond this planet in their past and must appear before the Galactic Court. Most of those will be later returned to Earth for humanity to determine their destiny, but a fraction of them will be taken to Galactic Central Sun immediately.

Top people inside the Positive Military have been notified about Operation Omega Phoenix and they fully agree with it."


  1. thankyou COBRA in the victory of the LIGHT God BLESS

  2. Thank you, hoshino, for sharing these explanations of some of Cobra's codes. Only today I sort of stumbled on this post and it's helpful! Blessings to the Resistance Movement and Cobra, standing strong in the light of truth and love.

    1. Thanks very much for your continuous support, Marian! Hopefully there will be more good news from Cobra and the RM soon.

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