Sunday, August 07, 2016

An interesting comment on Cobra's State of Mission report

There is a very interesting comment made by Hamourapi2012 on Cobra's State of Mission Report Jule 2016 that I would like to share here.

The comment can be found in the link below:

P.S. Here is the story of the patient Elephant

Hamourapi2012 August 5, 2016 at 6:24 PM

I started huge cleanings a few minutes ago. These are the biggest until now.

We increased the average individual cleaning speeds on global level for all people by the factor 25x times.
Before we had a cleaning speed of 12%, now it's going up to 300%, in individual cases can also be over this for short times.
I'm sure much more people will feel this now. Expect to get tired, dizzy, headaches and more.

And today we opened the option to request full Protoi Mission membership to all members of Protoi Alliance, like the nurses.
Until now the higher parts of about 2.1 billion people requested to join the Protoi Mission and we changed their status to active mission members.
This means, that many former L4 and L3 are now L2 or L1.

Also many non incarnated beings joined the active mission, like all parts of the human Odigos.

So in this moment about 4.1 billion people of the planet are active members of the Protoi Mission, even if most of them have no clue of it right now.
But this will change "soon". One main target is, to reconnect all 4.1 billion people to their higher cognitions and skills.
All of them have already full unlimited granted access to Sophia. Sophia is the collective knowledge of the planet.
All history is stored there. We did not clean manipulations and did not take fake infos away from it.
But we marked all of them and connected them to the real context.
Also all crimes and harms which were done on this planet are listed in all details.
And all the information about physics and full explanations of Reality Mechanics are included.
All connection kinds and kinds of higher levels are explained.

So after having access, the people will very fast see and learn what was done here by the darks.
They will know very fast, that all economy, countries, money, health things, religions, spiritual things and so on are lies and got constructed to harm mankind.

I think this knowledge will very fast bring down all current structures on the planet and will make the changes much easier. And faster.

I have no clue of the time frame, maybe weeks, maybe months. We will see, but I know from feedback and myself, that cognition topic is changing now much faster.
It is directly related to the cleanings, that's why we speeded them up.

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