Wednesday, August 24, 2016

[Cobra] 2016-08-24: U96/21127 timeline integration complete

Here is another new message from Cobra for the Resistance Movement.

It seems to be a follow up message of "Evaluate U96" from last Saturday.

U96/21127 timeline integration complete


  1. Gnóthi seauton! Know thyself! Planet Earth is the focal point of the resolution of the cosmic anomaly. Support network of the Light and Light resolution. Hold the vision for the Victory. It is good to support it by positive visualisation, by turning on heart light, by connecting with own centre and higher self, by going within. Let us get inside. Visualize light turning on everywhere. Openhearted hold own inner power. When Light of I AM is clearly anchored and declared, it generates an powerful energy field that supports its manifestation and help to transmute and dissolve darkness. Every consciousness has influence on every other consciousness. Every heart light has influence on every other heart light and joint heart light shinings count and prevail. If we hold awakening to the truth in the people collective, we are together going to create a resonance field to manifest it and to speed spiritual evolution of the galaxy, too. As somebody said: As you shift your consciousness, you shift that of the planet. And this is not by chance that the Earth was chosen to be the focal point, the melting pot of various races could interact, help to lift us higher, to be the Divine meeting and celebration place including twin flames solemn meeting and sacred uniting. As Desiderius Erasmus wrote: Give light and the darkness will disappear of itself. As Cobra wrote: Now the final cleaning process is going. Darkness has a certain time slot in the history and this time is almost over. Darkness side have no purpose in spiritual revolution. It is an anomaly which needs to be corrected. Darkness time is short. The Light Forces including our galactic families have brought more and more light. The Light penetrates all life. The Lights grow and grow and getting stronger and stronger. All of the Lights go together. Expanding, spreading, healing, merging together. Shine your Light, too! A quote from Gnostic Library (from On the Origin of the World): The light will overcome darkness and banish it. The darkness will be like something that never was and the source of darkness will be dissolved.

  2. Shoooo.... that was a bit of a crawl through a mountain of rice.
    I'm glad I found the exit, I felt squeezed so tight that all my cells were contracting instinctively when I forgot to the expansion mode, ha ha..... feeling much better now, end of the day.

  3. thank you for update may peace be with you God Bless