Friday, August 05, 2016

[Gaia Portal] 2016-08-03: From the Kingdoms of Light, Nova Gaia arises

Below is a new Gaia Portal message published on Wednesday 3rd August at 11:11 am GMT.

I would say this is a very encouraging message and it seems to be related to the Lion's Gateway Portal which opens every year between 26th July and 12th August, with its peak on 8th August.

Here is my interpretation of the message:

- Past, present and future are merging into a single moment of Now.

- We should focus on the Present moment, and look for our inner guidance.

- Various scenes of which people are demonstrating unconditional love can be observed.

- With the lights from above and below the surface, the transformation of the Earth begins.

Further reading about Lion's Gateway Portal:



Time presences are faded.

Essence of the moment are the raiment of now.

Scenes of enlightenment are viewed.

From the Kingdoms of Light, Nova Gaia arises.

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