Wednesday, August 10, 2016

[Cobra] 2016-08-10: A Short Message to the General Population

Cobra just released a short and very encouraging message today. Hopefully there will be more good news soon.

Clearing of the Chimera group continues with moderate success. After mid-August, more intel will be gradually released to the general population. Victory of the Light!


  1. Come on! Humans have ability to dissolve primary anomaly. We can accelerate dissolving of primary anomaly by connecting with our own higher self and by connecting with Light beings which are dimensionally higher. Every our positive act clears one aspect of primary anomaly and strengthen the Light side. The Dark side is an anomaly which needs to be corrected. Finally, Light absorbs darkness and dissolves it. We have plenty of possibilities to contribute to the victory of the Light: exit the matrix game, open heart, looking for the truth, spiritual awakening, spreading information among humans, personal connection with nature, meditations, looking inward, touch with our innocent soul presence, keep quiet center of stillness, invocations of Light, columns of Light, personal connection with the Galactic Heart, hold the vision for the liberation…In the center of macrocosmos and in the center of microcosmos, there is Light ecstasy of Love. Own star gate is in the center, too (which in our body the heart is located). May the Amor rise…What is the role of Buddha twin flame – her purpose is to awaken the Divine Sea of Love within the human hearts. What is the role of light mystery schools¬ – Amor vincit omnia…Waves of Cosmic Love are returnig to Earth – we are entering the breakthrough phase, end of suppresion of the feminine principle and then the Event. These incoming Galactic Sun Pulse loving energies straight from the Goddess Heart will start to flow through energy field and heart of all humans. We are not alone on Earth. We are here with sacred Whales and Dolphins which in time came from Sirius to stabilize and anchor light to the planetary energy grid. They actually receive Light from Sirius directly. Sacred connection between Earth and Sirius – Ocean of Love guarantee. Light Forces from plenty of places wanted to come here and wanted to resolve the anomaly. There is an old galactic prophecy of the time when the whole galaxy will be light. Now Earth and the Solar system is the last point to be cleared. Dark forces are trying to delay and it is going to be more and more difficult for them. Light Forces with greater understanding of the situation including our beloved galactic families clear darkness, heal the anomaly which exists here and expand pure Light, Life and Love. They can not do victory without us and we can not do it without them. As Cobra said: Earth is not an useless experience, as it will transform the deepest aspects of primary anomaly for the whole universe.